Monday, 9 July 2012

First Swim Of The Season....

You might think that with all of this hot, humid weather....that we would have been swimming in the Lake already.

And the temp of the water has been 5-10 degrees above normal...

It was usually too rough for me...I like it calm...and warm....

This past weekend did not disappoint...

The water was 75 degrees...practically unheard of, for this time of year...

I went in the next time...but I realaxed on the deck and took photos of the Mr's dip...he was sweaty from cutting the grass...but I did make it in...

Twice more that day...and about 3 other times during the weekend...

I would never subject any of you to pictures of me in my suit!!!!  But you can see one of them hanging on the line...with my cute little water shoes...just for the stones right near the beach...there is a huge sandbar just a bit out....

That looks very refreshing......

Our suits even kinda cute is that....:o)

The Peddle Boat was moved into ready position...but it was just too darn hot...we would have melted out again...I decided to put my tired feet up...and relax...  :o)
And spend some more time gazing at the beautiful white Cosmos in one of my baskets on the deck...........glorious.........:o)

                 Kind of another funny day least
                 we turned the air off for a day....feeling too cooped up with it on  
                 all the time........hope you all enjoyed your day...

                          Cheers!        :o)


  1. Looks glorious and the sea sounds like the perfect temp, I love to swim in the sea.


  2. Hey Paul: hate to burst your bubble...but this is one of Canada's 5 Great Lakes...our summer cottage is on Lake Erie..the smallest of the great Lakes...but I do understand about the Sea...sometimes, when the Lake is really rough, and gets a good surf going, you close your eyes, and imagine that you are by the Sea doesn't get any better than that!!!

  3. You are brave swimming in the lake. I'm just content with a paddle. But the lake temperature was warm. Love your photos with the cosmos in the foreground and the scenery in the background, and then that cute ladybug peeking at us.

    1. Lake Erie is the cleanest and the shallowest of the Great Lakes...lovely sandy bottom...I love Cosmos...especially the white ones..

  4. Hello

    Now we'r talking! I have been waiting for the water action! The health benefits of "wild Swimming" are shall I say second to none. It gives us the feel good factor and I can't wait to take the plunge. We usually swim in rivers and lochs and the results are you feel euphoric. It is soooo great to see you using this wonderful natural area for your recreation, I am sure that's where you gain all that energy for your creative pass times! The lake looks stunning, I can't take my eyes off it!

    1. thanks Lisa....we do love it there...the swimming is an added bonus to everything else!!

  5. The lake looks so inviting! Love that ladybug peeking out from the photos!

    1. when are you coming out for a swim???

  6. Your bathing suit is tiny. Mine takes up about 7 of yours. lol

  7. A little slice of heaven - living at the lake.
    We live closer to Lake Ontario than Erie but a "great lake" none the less.

    1. Thanks for visiting...I will pay you a visit as well!!!
      We love the cottage on Lake Erie...nothing better..


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