Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Weekend Vase Arrangement & Awesome Anemone

Last weekends cut flower arrangement consisted of mostly the Baby's Breath....

How coincidental is that??  :o)

I also included some pink phlox, double day lilies, hydrangeas and a couple of Plume Poppy plumes...

I guess it will get harder every week find something new in bloom...

 Next biggie will be the Tiger Lilies, Obedient Plants... and another batch
of GIANT white phlox!!

Do you ever make garden arrangements??

I have had my eye on these Anemones for a few weeks now....

And.....they are finally blooming....   :o)
How sweet is that????

I have had an awesome week....Hope you have too...

Babysat sweet Vivian for a while today....slept like an angel...

                 I will have some more pics adorable        :o)

                             Cheers!       :o)


  1. I don't have many cutting flowers but love to make up little tiny bouquets with what I have. My big tiger lilies are blooming now. They are 6 feet tall! You bouquet is beautiful. Do you grow your own baby's breath?

    1. was already at the cottage when we bought it...kind of an unruly plant, so , best to cut it..

  2. I love how your flower garden seems to me in sync with what's happening in your life! Very cool!

  3. When my mom married my step-dad I got to wear baby's breath in my hair. I thought it was the most beautiful flower ever!

    How many hours a week do you spend in your garden? My guess is a lot! Your pictures are beautiful.

    1. Hey Birdie....thanks...I haven't spent as much lately due to the extreme heat we have been having...TONS of time in the fall and spring, so I guess that is when it pays off in the bloom times...there is a lot of clean-up already that I have been unable to get at...kind of a mess right now!!


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