Sunday, 15 July 2012

From Start To Finish.....Awesome...

Finally the weekend arrived, that I got to enjoy the opening of not one....but two Daturas, at the lake.

They are also called Thornapple or Nightshade...but i just call them Daturas....and I love them...

The picture below is how the bud first looks....

Then it becomes a ripply one that grows out of this one....and then the big "TA DA" moment arrives..

I captured all of these last evening on the deck...after we returned from the local restaurant with my daughter and son-in-law for a lovely fish dinner....Lola came out for the day as well...but she stayed behind at the cottage, and had a nice nap on the sunporch....such a good girl!!

                   The whole process of opening up....took about 1 1/2 hours...we
                                  stayed on the deck for the entire process...our neighbour
                                  Gus joined us for a beer!!! or two...tee hee hee...

I got this shot this morning...we had a bit of rain from about Dawn onwards...after being awoken at 3am, by a huge crash...we both jumped out of bed...went into the hallway....looked around  [very attractive in the middle of the night!] an old painting had fallen and hit the croquet set!!!! What a lot of noise for that!!!!

Aren't they breathtaking with the water droplets on them???

Here they are taking  Lola for a short
walk....before heading home...

We certainly had a lovely visit...
and a delicious dinner..and best of all...nobody had  to cook or clean up....tee hee hee....just down 
to the deck to watch the Datura....lovely...

Hope you all had a great weekend...
Raining a bit right now...

Enjoy the rest of your evening...   

                                               Cheers!             :o)


  1. I love photos taken after rain. Datura are also called Angel's Trumpet. Wish we had some rain here, just a very short sprinkle about mid morning and that was it.

    1. they look so glamorous when wet!!!
      we had rain for about 1/2hr here...
      not enough to do any good at all...
      have to get the old hose out again tomorrow!!!

  2. That's wonderful. I especially love that photo of the Datura in that swirl before it's completely open! Gorgeous photo!

    Fun with the that.

    1. thanks Betsy...I do love when they come out to the cottage...and Lola too!!!

  3. Absolutely gorgeous flowers!! Bet you are glad you were there to watch the entire unfolding and catch it with the camera! Awesome!

    1. Thanks Devon....there are tons of new buds, yet to come...this time I will give you a seed pod for your will love watching it, as well...

  4. Wow, these Datura photos are beautiful. I've never seen this plant and it must be amazing to watch a bloom open. Have a great week!

    1. Hi Pamela....none down East???? You should start a new trend...I could mail you some seeds in the Fall...they like to have a cold spell before germinating...let me know if you are interested...

  5. Ahh the suspense! such a delicate flower. I do enjoy your photography Linda and how you share things with others in such a wonderful way..

  6. Thanks Lisa...that is a lovely compliment :o)

  7. The shots of the flower are so nice! Keep the pictures coming because my garden sucks.

  8. Awesome pictures Mom ..... you did get to see the flower open after all!
    Love ya,


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