Monday, 6 May 2013

Continuing Along......Fabulous Fun Friday...

As you can see...

We had a great Friday...

Erika and Vivian came for a visit...


I marched over to my 2 neighbours to show off our cutie pie...

They fed the Seagulls...

We lounged on the deck..under the umbrella of course!!!

Those first toes are Erika's ...not mine!!!

And those hot pink sandles are Vivian's!!!! 

We ate dinner on the sunporch...

Vivian amused herself on an old afghan that I had...she had already had her dinner... 

A big old fat raccoon slept in the tree ALLLL day.....

After they left...

My boyfriend and I retired back to the beach deck...

These are my toes!!! hahaha!! With the old feet to match!!!

Watched different ducks go by...

Listened to the Baltimore Orioles calling to each other...

Another fire was ready....with leaves etc from the beach...

We will save that for another weekend.... 

One more day to am I doing????

Hope you all are having a great day...isn't this weather unbelievable???

On the menu tonight...

    BBQ'D Cajun Tilapia ...Rice and Fresh Green Beans

Going to try a new recipe later this evening...Tomato Rice Soup...

       Will let you all know how it tastes!!! 

                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Looks like another wonderful day at the cottage.
    Great that Vivian and mom stopped by too.

  2. Another perfect day for you all. So nice that Vivian brought her mommy to visit too. :) Day 11 of sunniness for us and it's going up to 27 tomorrow. I'm afraid the rain will come later in the week and Saturday will be normal at 13. Brrrr. We've been spoiled here.

    1. I think we are supposed to cool down as's been a good run!

  3. Any day at the lake is a great day! Hey, little Viv is getting so big! And cuter every day! AND....WHERE did you get the fabulous affie? Did you make it? I have a rose granny square on my list of things to make!
    You and your feet look Mahvelous dear! I spied a leapard bra strap! I have one too!!
    ; ) XO Kris

    1. HA!...Another of my thrifty buys!!!! It is huge, and really too big for any of the beds at the Lake....but just perfect for wee Vivian to set her butt down on!!!
      Yes....a leopard bra...I guess I should have cropped that out!!!
      Nothing gets past you, eh Kris!!!
      Cheers my friend!

  4. You had such a fun weekend! Everyone looks so happy and relaxed. Vivian is really changing, she's looking older all the time. Such a sweetie. She looks like a very calm bubba.

    1. She sure is...not sure what a "bubba" is...hopefully something wonderful, right Jennifer!!!

  5. Gorgeous gramma and baby girl! Love that photo of the two of you! Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day to me!

    1. Blushing here again...
      Thanks Betsy...Erika took that shot...except for my many chins...not too bad!!

  6. I love that you enjoy the lake so much. Living so close it's easy to forget what a great thing it is. I have endeavored to enjoy my lake too, even if it's taking in the view as I head out to run errands.

    Do you visit the other lake too? The one I can see from here?

    1. One of my verification words was "Grammaire". Sounds like a fancy name for Grandma. :)

    2. Do you mean Lake Ontario??
      Absolutely...we live quite close...
      I think Grammaire is an excellent name!!

  7. Ahhh Vivian arriving at the lake, this is what I have been watching and waiting for Linda, this is what dreams are made of, I just love the way you get together it makes my heart sing! Enjoy your wonderful cottage by the lake, is is wonderful to see you sharing it.

    1. You certainly have a way with words Lisa...
      Your comments are always heart felt...for sure!

  8. I's so cute how Erika and Vivian have the same little up-do on the top of their heads! How nice for them to be able to enjoy the cottage too.

    1. noticed that!!! Erika's is contrived...Vivian's is all "au naturel"!!!

  9. OMG!!!
    your thick eyelashes and her little belly! how adorable are those two girls!
    and i'm getting a kick out of vivian's hair looking just like her mommie's! LOL
    these are wonderful pictures!
    i oohed and ahhhed my way down to this post. had missed two of em'!!! shame!!!!

    1. Me and Vivian??? Oh go on Tammy!!!
      They look alike as well!!!

  10. Love all your pictures!! Little behind on my visiting..
    Great picture of you and Vivian!! Who hoo gramma a leopard strap.......


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