Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Lovely Lilacs.....

This past weekend...

The Lilacs were still blooming at the cottage...

This paler Mauve colour, is so sweetly scented...

Much nicer than the deeper purple ones...

I made an arrangement for the kitchen porch...

And one for inside...


It was...

Too chilly...

To enjoy...

The sunporch this past weekend...


On the drive home on Monday...

We passed these chickens...

I had taken photos of them a couple of years ago...

And this day...

She had her chicks following her around...

Crazy chickens!!!!

And look at that!!!

A backdrop of Lilacs!!!

How lucky is that!!


Hope you all had a great day...

Pretty crappy here...on and off rain all day...and kind of chilly!!

We babysat sweet cheeks today...we are pooped!!! hahaha!

Nothing like following around a crawling going concern for 6 hours!!!

I better get used to it...as we will be watching her one day a week...

When her Mom goes back to work early July...

I am sure we will do just fine...and love every minute of it!!!

On the menu tonight...

      Roast Ham...Scalloped Potatoes....Fresh peas...

Enjoy the rest of your evening...

                             Cheers!   :o)


  1. Gorgeous lilacs! They look perfect in that vase. I love to watch chickens, they're funny! Thanks for the freezer jam tips; I wanted to try that kind but my freezer is too full right now. Next time. :)

    1. Chickens are funny!! You should try the freezer jam...easy peasy!! and delicious!!

  2. LOVE the chickens! I want some! ha.

    1. I know...aren't they hilarious!!!
      Nice new profile pic!!

  3. Wonderful photos. I love your cottage and the field stone fireplace! It looks really cozy there and the bouquets of lilacs are gorgeous. I bet they smell good. Cute chickens too! Sunny and 21 here today. Finally!!

    1. It is very cosy in there....with the fire going!!
      Glad you are having good weather!

  4. The lilacs in the vases are lovely. Did you know you are not supposed to bring lilacs indoors? Apparently it is very bad luck, if you believe that sort of thing.

    1. Well, thanks for telling me now!!! Just what I need!!! BAD LUCK!!
      But...they are lovely, aren't they!?

    2. Lilacs are beautiful and so aromatic it's hard not to bring them indoors so the scent can go float through the house. I don't though, just to be safe!! Now you know!

    3. NOW I KNOW...'cause I looked it up!!!
      Lilacs...preferably white lilacs...where brought into the house in the Victorian days...to mask the smell of a dead person...before embalming!!! SO...this is purely an old wives tale...and I will continue to bring them in...when they are available to me!!
      Is this what you meant???!!!

  5. The lilacs have been amazing this year, blooms are still very fragrant and just starting to drop now. Lovely to see an inside photo of the cottage.
    Cute chicken family.
    Rainy now for the evening, won't have to water the veggies in the morning.

    1. No watering needed here either!!!
      Hopefully the cottage got some as well!!

  6. As usual, your pictures are just beautiful...BUT not as beautiful as little Vivian! Oh goodness...she is so lovely. You must be tickled pink to get to watch her and have her close by. It was so good to hear from you. Things are very busy here but I did want to pop in and say hello! Hugs!!!

    1. Yes...she is precious...and a handful...sometimes I wonder how my daughter does it!!! Glad you are back...don't be a stranger!!

  7. the lilacs almost brought a tear. they took me straight back to my beloved gram.
    it's too hot to grow them here. i grew up seeing them in upstate new york where she lived. they're so beautiful.
    your cottage is charming. homey and light. plenty of things for vivian to grab for when she's pulling up!

    1. Glad that it brought back memories...good ones I hope!!
      Yes...Vivian already enjoys crawling around in there!! hahaha!

  8. Did you think I had left the country? Actually, I have thought about it!!!
    I am back from my little vacay in Palm Springs. I am playing catch up all over blogland. Your post with views from the upper level were stunning. And the Orioles...ahhh...one of my all time favorite birds! I have them nesting in one of my palm trees in the back yard. I always feed them, and oh how they love the oranges and grape jelly I put out for them.
    The flowers....so gorgeous! We get lilacs up in the mountains, just coming up wild all over the place. I have a plant here, but it doesn't flower. Too hot!!
    Hope all is well in your world??
    xo Kris

    1. How nice!! Palm Springs!! very fancy!!
      I knew you would like the Oriole post...I thought of you, when I heard their calls!! Everything going well here....thanks!


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