Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Bits & Bobs.....

added a sumptuous planter behind the ferns....

filled a pot with bright orange Portulaca...haven't bought this for years!!! It will thrive down by the beach deck, and provide a bright spot...

beach deck in late afternoon...hopefully painted when we go back this weekend...remember? Painted for my Mothers day gift...after all...it is Fathers day this weekend!

Saw this flowering Chestnut tree...2 doors west...had to get a few shots...aren't they incredible blooms?  And the colour....♥️

Could there be any more Ants on this Peony???

Glorious Geraniums springing up everywhere...

Sweet Peas are up...won't be long!!

Here is the beach deck, as we were leaving Sunday afternoon....my boyfriend cleared it all off, in anticipation of the painting being done! Can you believe how cloudy it was??? And hot!!

Another shot of the deck....from my newly created walkway last Summer....love the way this turned out!

Surprise...Surprise...my white Peonies were open on Sunday!!! Well...a few...the first round...had to cut  a dozen or so...and find them suitable homes...

And....last but not least...Mr Moon last night...mesmerizing....    

            Hope you all had a great day...

                         The deck guy finished up today....YAY!!!

                                Let the pool parties begin!! hahaha!

          It was sunny earlier...clouds have rolled in...still quite humid...

                   Hopefully some rain tomorrow...

                       The gardens could use some refreshment!

               Gonna go with Pepper Steak this evening...

                    Over no yolk noodles...delish!!

                        Opening with a loaded spinach salad....

                             Enjoy your evening...

                                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Whst amazing peonies Linda!

    1. Thanks GLoria...still have pale pink and deep pink to open!

  2. haha...I see your fresh pink toes!

    That flowering chestnut looks like it's having a party! Amazing the way it blooms! It's better than sparklers or streamers or anything! lol....

    I love the ferns in the first photo. We just don't put them in the ground like that around here but I did get the idea from you and bought two for my blue garden. It's nice and shady there and I hope they do well. Seems like we always opt for hostas but I like the idea of ferns. So, a little Canada in my garden! ha.

    1. yes...did those myself!! hahaha!
      Isn't that an amazing flower! I have seen them from afar, but this was quite a surprise to see how beautiful they really are!
      My ferns are perennials...and they SPREAD like crazy...had to dig 5 or 6 out of the lawn this year!
      Good luck with them...

  3. and glamorous toes springing up with the glorious geraniums!
    just when i think it can't get more beautiful there . . . IT DOES.
    thank you so much for sharing it.
    some days i need it more than others.
    today is an other day.

    1. Ha! yes...my glam toes are back...and freshly painted!
      Everything ok???
      I will pop an email to you♥️

  4. Oh you are daring, showing three toes!
    Loved the ferns, the orange portulaca and thje flowering chestnut tree.
    And Mr Moon has revealed a little more of himself.- great detail of the craters.
    If you shoot any sharper you mught see the little green men. lol

    Hey and that menu looks good! Lay another place! lol

    1. No problem Eddie...plenty for you!

  5. oh my, it all looks wonderful and makes me miss our house on the lake, so much it hurts,

    1. Oh Laurie...I sure didn't mean to make anybody sad...
      Think about your new adventures you will have this summer....
      Are you feeling better from your flu?

  6. All lovely lovely lovely! So, the bird on the ball with the crown. Linda? xx

    1. Yup....Queen Linda....that's me! hahaha!

  7. Hope that deck is painted when you return to the cottage this weekend. Allergies today as all that white fluffy stuff from the trees is floating through the air. I've waters the planters but hoping some rain comes tomorrow and the next day to soak the gardens.

    1. You and me both Linda...enough already!!
      I am hoping for some rain as well....

  8. Wow, never seen a chestnut quite like that one!

  9. Those chestnut blossoms are really quite spectacular. When you see a tree in bloom from a distance it's quite amazing. You have lots of beauties coming up. I bought portulaca a couple years ago and they love the sun. Your peonies are gorgeous! Have a great week.

    1. Aren't they, Pam?
      I never knew they were so colourful!
      You too Pam...

  10. The lakes change every day. This afternoon ours was hidden behind a cloud of fog. No matter how she's dressed she's always intriguing.
    Sweet peas are one of my favorites. Don't know why mine never grew. Too sad.
    Love the chestnut blooms. I'd trade them for my cottonwood.

    1. That's what our neighbour at the cottage says...
      If you don't like the weather......wait 5 minutes! Ha!
      Mine are perennial...perhaps you should get yourself a plant...
      You had great luck with the other peas....
      The chestnut blooms are awesome!

  11. Great photos, Linda! That moon is fabulous. And I LOVE the view from your beach deck. WOW! How do you ever leave from there? I'd have to be dragged away...LOL...

  12. I just love those Portulaca. The colour is amazing. On my evening walk with Kane I pass by a garden full of poppies of the same colour. Gorgeous! I see a hammock on your trees and love those flowers hanging to the left. It's would be a great little spot to meditate.

  13. Lovely pictures Linda, they make me feel all Summery! The beach deck and view of the sea is like the place in my mind where I will, one day, spend a lot of time!

  14. My mom always grew portulaca, so I have a soft spot for them. The deck will look amazing when done. Bet you can hardly wait to get out there and see it!

  15. All looks inviting and lovely, Linda! The chestnut blooms are so gorgeous! And I love portulaca, too: relentlessly cheerful, in a good way. :) Look forward to photos of the painted deck. Gentle peace and happy days.

  16. dinner sounds great! i am happy about the fact that you enjoy your life linda. thats fantastic. i love all the pics, but my fave is of the chestnut tree. thanx for sharing. enjoy your dinner! cheers!!


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