Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Who Are All Those Guys, Nana?


 There has been a lot of activity in our small backyard oasis lately...

A few weeks back we had some of our deck replaced...   

Then we took the cover off the pool, and opened for the season...

Soon after...we discovered...we were losing water...but...only when the pump was running...


Call the Pool Guy...

Bad news...the leak is UNDER the deck!!!

Usually...the leaks occur under the concrete pad around the deck...

And...believe me...over the past 25 years...we have had our share....


Call the Deck Guy...

Take up some of the new well as some old ones...saw apart part of the base...and sure enough...

There was the pipe...water gushing out...

SO......Miss V was quite entranced watching all the goings on in the backyard...keeps pointing at the pool..."Wawa"...."Ball"...

Yes my dear...soon enough! it got fixed....finally....water is nearly green....full of "keys" from the Maple tree...


love those tootsies!!!

                               Last nights Moon....and a solar light....awwww!

       Hope you all had a great day....

                    Still kinda muggy here....but no sunshine...and windy!

                         Gonna slice up some grape tomatoes... 

                                Mince up some garlic...chop up some zuchinni..

                       Throw in some fresh basil....stir in some spaghetti...toast up a bun...

                               And eat some Ceasar Salad....

                                   Wednesday dinner.......DONE!

              Enjoy your evening....

                     Cheers!  :o)


  1. So, Miss V is eyeing up the tradesmen already is she!! She looks so grown up in these pictures, it is amazing how much she has changed since I started following your blog. Hope that this is the last of the work that you need in the garden and that you can just get out there and enjoy it now! xx

    1. Hi Amy.....
      Yup...just like her old Nana!
      She will be 2 in July.....unbelievable....
      Hoping this is the end of the construction....

  2. What a big fat bummer!!! Glad it is fixed now!!!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Well put Kris!
      I guess you never have to close your pool....

  3. Hope you are swimming in your pool soon ... after the leak, the green water and floating keys are remedied. Too bad about lifting some of the new deck, but it had to be done. Miss V will be splashing around in it soon :)

  4. Hope you have a good heater!! lol It's turned so cold. If it's not one thing it's another.....Our son had a new liner put in his salt water pool and they made a mistake and had to come back and fix it. Then they didn't even open the pool properly.... Gesh!! where do you get good help......

    1. Yup....we do!
      Pools are a lot of work...but well worth the effort....

  5. Great that you got the pool leak fixed.
    Are you both good swimmers?
    Is it too cold to swim in Lake Erie or are there dangerous predators there? lol

    Glad you enjoy you delightful grand daughter V. Maria was looking forward to the grand children and she knew her first was coming.

    Love the shot of the moon but there is a UFO there named Isk. lol

    Enjoy your dinner and the evening.
    Speak soon ~ Eddie :)

    1. Thanks Eddie...yes, we are both good swimmers!
      More Lake Erie trivia coming up....
      It is the smallest and the shallowest of the 5 Great Lakes....
      Lots of sandbars...last year it got up to 76*f...lovely and toasty....
      Do you see your wee grandson very often?

    2. Yes I see Peter two or three times a week but ilater in the year I shall be looking after him for 2 fays a week and his grand mother on Lisa's side 3 days a ekk while Lisa goes back to Uni to finish her teacher's degree. I shall have to remember all my nursery rhymes and baby stories won't I? lol

      Interesting about Lake Erie - after all that info I would have got a first in Geography! lol
      Saw you signed up . . . . thank you! . . . so I passed ll the tests then! ROFL

    3. And Ohio is on the other end of Lake Erie! :)

    4. Hey......when did you sneak in? Ha!

    5. Hey! Don't fight girls!! ROFL

  6. aww that beauty of a baby has a great sunny bonnet on!!
    Suns' out here finally after a day of rain. May have to enjoy the porch tonight after all

    1. Ha! Last years hat...loves to wear hats...even in the house!
      Hope you get out to the porch....

  7. I love how children become so entranced when watching how things are done...especially involving strangers. I am sure Miss V is anxiously awaiting the official opening of the pool! She is a doll in hats!

    Your dinner sounds lovely...tonight I stared at a package of chicken breasts and a near empty refrigerator (haven't been to the grocer since we came back from our trip...bad me!). So I have sauteed spiced up chicken fillets and placed them over thinly sliced rounds of potatoes in a casserole with a light sauce made with the drippings, butter, wine and chives and they are baking. We'll see what the circus thinks about it! ;-)


    1. Oh that sounds delicious did it turn out?

  8. Replies
    1. I knew you would say that Gloria♥️

  9. You really captured Miss V in all those darling shots. Love her outfit. Looks like grandma liked to accessorize Miss V. Glad you got your leak fixed and will be ready for summer. Sending smiles and hugs

    1. I can't take credit for the outfit...her Mom provided that!
      I want to try on those ones I bought in Florida!
      Perhaps tomorrow.....

  10. What a mess! Glad you noticed and got it fixed! We had rain and cooler weather today, too! Had a sweater on in an open barn at the auction all day. But our airconditioning died so I'm glad it's cooler. ha.

    dinner sounds wonderful...yummy!

    1. I took pictures...didn't have the heart to post them!
      Your garden will love the rain...and the Ducks!
      Oh nooooo....get that a/c fixed......ASAP!
      Dinner was delish....can't beat that summer fresh pasta!

  11. Awww, she is just so cute!! Oh dear on the leak. Always something but glad they found the problem. Now you can enjoy the wahwa. :) Hugs. Pam

  12. Ha!
    Hopefully we'll be in next week.....

  13. She's completely adorable Linda. Nice to catch up after my break. xx

    1. Hope you had a great trip!
      Will look for a post....

  14. those round little cheeks looking out...
    those tiny feet peeking about...
    that wee hat...
    i LOVE that she loves hats!
    she's got your style cc girl. but then... why wouldn't she!
    no more bad stuff. no more breaks and leaks.
    i'm willing it so. right along with you!
    have fun!
    cheers XXOO ♥

    1. I love those toes!
      Her mom is responsible for her style....although I do enjoy fussing with her!
      Picking her up at day ahead!
      Have a great weekend Tammy♥️

  15. That baby is so precious....oh how she watch with such great attention; she's adorable! Hope you everything is fixed.

    :) Marisa

    1. Hi Marisa.....everything is fixed!


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