Saturday, 30 November 2013

Short Stroll Thru The Backyard........

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend so far...

We had a rather lazy day....

Housecoat 'til noon....nice hot shower....leggings and big sweater....

Put the lights and a few ornaments on the tree....

Definitely  "Charlie Brown" tree this year...kinda skimpy!!

Oh tee is only a tree....the spirit is here♥


On the menu this chilly Saturday night...

      Grilled Lamb Chops....Smashed garlic potatoes....bok choy...

I think a fire will be in order this evening....

Warm up these old bones♥

Enjoy the rest of your day.......

                              Cheers!   :o)


  1. Brrrr! It does look cold. A quiet, stay indoors day is just the ticket! Sunny though...

    1. Not too rear yard faces it is always warm if the sun is shining!
      What is your weather doing???
      Probably nice and balmy♥

  2. Very chillsome looking Linda, but the sun is shining so that has to be a good thing. Love the snow covered pumpkins - are they trying to hide in the hopes of staying there till spring!! I did my front door containers today, so I will show them tomorrow or Monday once I get the wreath fixed up. Looking forward to seeing the Charlie B tree - I bet that it is beautiful. xx

    1. Ha! They will be shrivelled soon...and my crazy red squirrel will eat the seeds!
      It is pretty pitiful :o( is what it is....

  3. I can just imagine the temperatures. Brrr! And that is why I have elected to stay inside.
    I had a fun morning of playing trains with two small boys.
    My son and his girl friend picked out a nice little Christmas tree for our house this afternoon.
    We had to move a couch to make room for it.

    1. I hear you Martha!
      I have to move two small tables...a floor lamp...and a few get my tree in!
      Perhaps a false tree is the answer....I just love a real tree♥ Don't you?

  4. Pretty stroll through the yard. You need to fill that feeder! haha.

    lamp chops sound wonderful. I haven't made those in ages!

    1. I was thinking that as soon as I put the pics up!!!!
      They were just brought out for the winter...and I was too damn lazy today!
      I actually took these pics on Friday....
      Tomorrow...for sure....thanks Bird Lady!♥

  5. Love the photo of the pumpkin with the three baby pumpkins on top!

  6. At least you made it outside for a little while, I stayed in all day. But this morning we've been to swimming lessons with the grandkids and did our morning walk. There is misty rain so I'll spend the afternoon inside ... perhaps some more decorating.

    1. We drove to the cottage today....
      What a damp wet miserable day...for the first of December :o(

  7. awoke here at the wren house to fog. i have my tree lights on. . . . no snow. not even a hint of it. sigh.
    so. i just enjoy YOURS.
    the little balls across under your header. so lovely. sweet.
    then the walk through your garden. gorgeous! even in winter. the bright red berries. I love them. so cheerful.
    now i'm ready for coffee and a piece of that cake you keep over there to the right . . . on the side bar.
    I WANT SOME!!!! xoxo well.
    i've tried to make a ctrl alt heart ever since you showed me. after those I did. NOTHING. don't EVEN.
    so here's a *
    that's a * star.
    you're a star in my book anyway. xoxo ***

    1. Glad you like the festive balls!!
      The garden is always a nice place to be.....even in the winter ♥
      Try again with the ♥'s...geeesh!

  8. Your pictures always make everything look so lovely, even if there are no leaves on the trees and it's chilly outside. Love the pumpkin with the pumpkin trio 'hat' on top!

    1. Why...what a lovely thing to say Devon...thank you♥
      Yes...the wee pumpkins are cute....still lovely and firm...not mushy at all!!!
      But...I had to make room for some festive decorating...:o)

  9. A nice tour of your back yard. Love the bright orange of the pumpkins! The deer ate my pumpkins. :)


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