Monday, 2 December 2013

A Rainy Walk With The Umbrella.......

We took a drive on Sunday.....

Dodging the raindrops...

All is well...

At the cottage....

Snow melting....

Rain falling....




Euphorbia greening up for Spring♥
Pachysandra still green♥
Bright green moss on the driveway♥

Hope you are all having a great day....

Dull....dull....dull here....

Cold and damp again......

Spent the day cleaning...and decorating a wee bit...

Miss V napping♥

What were you all up to today??

Enjoy the rest of your day....

Hope these Day Lilies will brighten your day♥

Cheers!   :o)


  1. You don't have near as much snow as we do, Linda. And, it's wet and damp here, too. I had a very busy weekend so tonight I'm staying in and decorating the tree. Deb

  2. There might not be lots of snow, but it looks very chillsome there Linda! Hope that you had a nice visit though checking up on things even though you can't do sleepovers. Lovely new header photo too. Haven't seen you at mine for a little bit, so I guess that you have been busy with your decorating!! xx

    1. was chilly....and damp!
      Glad you like the header....
      Will head over to yours!

  3. your headers just keep getting better and better.
    rain and mist and cold . . .
    and yet you still manage to let us see the magic that you do.
    my day was spent casually. LOL. as it always is.
    i went to the market to stock up on some food. we're expecting another ice storm for a few hours and then possibly snow. later this week. maybe wednesday night. for sure on thursday they say.
    am hoping as always for the snow!

    ps... i love the little ghostlike figure of yourself with your camera. i think it's from an old movie you were in.
    i'm not sure. but i think you're holding out. i think you did some work in hollywood once upon a time.

    1. Another ice storm??? I thought Oklahoma was warm in the winter months!
      We are supposed to warm up again...and then drop on Friday...
      Yes...Tammy...I am really a movie star...pretending to be a housewife in Southern Ontario!!!
      Pretty good acting,eh?? hahaha! ♥♥♥

  4. I can feel the damp chill in my bones! I love the way things look in the rain, though; you got some good shots of the raindrops on plants.

    1. Thanks Jennifer....I do love taking pictures in the rain!

  5. hardly any snow at the cottage ... it is disappearing here to ... very foggy day with lots of misty rain ... did go out on a search for some books for grandson but ended up ordering them online for a better price and selection ... and free shipping ... a bit more decorating and tweaking after a walk around Homesence for some inspiration :)

    1. I think there was more.....but it also melted...
      We have nothing left here at home...made the decorations look pretty!
      Ahhhhhh...Homesense....perhaps tomorrow...'cause I am getting out of here!

  6. It's looking rather bleak and cold at the cottage, Linda. You need some snow there. :) I went to town and got some important shopping done today.

    1. Yes....I was hoping for snow....makes for better pictures!
      Important shopping!!!!! Sounds intriguing!!

  7. Looks cold and wet! A good day to stay inside and putter around! I put out tree up and a wreath on the front door. A little more to come as the week goes by.

    1. That's exactly what I did!!!!
      Bet your tree looks nice♥

  8. Oh this damp chilly weather makes me ache but I am having fun figuring out what colours to paint a few rooms this month . Lovely photos and that header is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

    1. Oh....I love picking paint colours!
      Glad you like the header.....

  9. It was mostly dry here today, and quiet.
    Tomorrow and Wednesday will be the noisy ones.
    I should have taken a nap today, but we went out shopping instead.
    I didn't buy anything.

    1. What were you looking for???
      Have fun with the kids!

  10. Hi Linda. I missed your previous post, I see. Loved the snow on the pumpkins!!!! And the cottage, oh my, it looks SO different this time of year.
    I have not put any decorations up yet, but I will begin tomorrow. Not doing to go all out this year. Simple, simple, simple!
    xo kris


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