Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Few Bird Houses.......

Took these last trip to the cottage....

I actually get birds living in these small houses♥


It is always fun to see if anybody moves in...and sets up house!


Had a much more productive day today...

Got out to the grocery store early, and picked up some Salmon for dinner....

Miss V came before lunch..and had a MUCH needed nap♥

Her Mom picked her up around go and see the Dr...

She got "bit" at daycare on Monday morning...

And the skin was broken, and it is quite red and sore looking....:o(

Better safe then sorry.....


She helped and watched while I put together 3 cakes...

Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast cake...

Lemon Banana Raspberry Loaf...

Lemon Banana apple-cinnamon loaf...

             They all turned out beautifully♥

And the house smells divine......

And...I made a big pan of Fried go with our Salmon....


Hope you all had a great day....

Dreary today...damp...chilly...cold!

Got out to the backyard, and put a few more lights out there....

Things are starting to look a bit more festive♥

So.......on the menu tonight...

             Roasted Jerk Salmon...Fried Rice{loaded with mushrooms,celery,green onions}

                              Homemade Dill sauce for the Salmon... 
                                 Broccoli spears....
lovely fresh tulips last Winter in my living room♥

Enjoy the rest of your day.....

                           Cheers!   :o)


  1. Your birdhouses are so cute. I'm glad you had a nice time with your girlie, I hope the bite is nothing serious.

    1. Thanks Jennifer....seems the Dr thought it was!
      On oral and topical antibiotic!

  2. Such sweet birdhouses, I love the white one with the chimney!

    1. Yes.....very rustic! Perhaps some paint next year! hahaha!

  3. I love all the little birdhouses and your K stone - that is beautiful. You must get loads of birds with all of those houses for them to occupy - are you running a real estate agency!! Hope that Miss V's bite is OK, I can't imagine how one child would bite another one!! Glad that you are feeling perkier again today. We often have salmon and rice and people think it is an odd combination, but we love it. Such a lot to say..... xx

    1. My son-in-law gave us that "K" stone....we love it!
      She is on antibiotic...the Dr said that the other child must have been really"mad"!!!
      And...the funny part is...the teacher said that it was unprovoked and no retaliation from Miss V!!!
      I love any fish with rice....I like to mix it onto the rice on my plate♥
      Don't ever worry about having too much to day, Amy....I am all ears!

  4. Lovely collection of birdhouses ... watching the residents is so much fun.
    Hope that Miss V is fine ... grandson in BC had a nasty fall yesterday, got a cut on his head, went to clinic and it was fine, but sad to see him with a big gash in head and steri strips holding it together .. daughter said it didn't slow him down though
    Ice rain this morning but cleared a few hours later. Added a new white Christmas cactus to my inside garden today ... couldn't resist the under $3 price tag.

    1. So sad when wee ones hurt themselves...or others hurt them♥
      Nothing happened here weatherwise today...just plain dull!!
      Love Christmas cactus...what a great price!!! I would have bought more! haha!

  5. I love bird houses. I`ve actually asked Santa for one this year. I remember years back when my youngest got bit and then she started to bite. It was not a fun time. Poor V, I hope she gets over it quickly. I hate to see a little one get hurt. Deb

    1. I hope you get your bird house!
      She is resting comfortably♥

  6. Bit? I know she's sweet, but...geesh! :)

    Hope it heals well....

  7. So far I have not been a collector of birdhouses. I'm not sure why not, I like them well enough. Perhaps it is the felines I keep that make me reluctant to attract birds. ... or maybe not. I do have a bird feeder and I did leave several halves out just this morning... and the bluejays were very interested in that block of suet too.

    1. A lot of those came with the cottage....they are very old...
      I think you are wise not to have them...especially with the cats!
      There is a cat at the cottage...I call him Mr Jingles...and he is constantly under the Finch feeders :o(
      Never actually saw him CATCH anything....but....he is lurking...

  8. good grief charlie brown! now biting bullies in day care ??? what is the world coming to? a bite HURTS!
    poor beautifulest little baby.
    you know . . . it crossed my mind . . .
    yet another wonderful career for you would be as the hostess of your own elegant very upscale inn . . .
    one that held weddings in the garden . . . and served delicious food to appreciative guests . . .
    i know. i know. just way too much work. but . . . you would be wonderful at it!
    I swear I could smell all the heavenly smells wafting right off this post! XXOO ♥

    1. I will get cracking on that....tomorrow!!!!
      You kill me, Tammy!

  9. You have quite the sub-division around your cottage. lol I need to buy some nice bird houses and encourage them to set up housekeeping. Poor Miss V. Baby teeth are really sharp, just like a puppy. Rain and mild weather coming for us tonight and tomorrow. Blah. Take care.

    1. She is better has a scab crossed!

  10. I am catching up here . Lovely bird houses . This winter hubs and I will hopefully be making some in his wood shop ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !


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