Thursday, 12 December 2013

Deck The Halls......Fa La La La La La La La La ♥

my son painted this 100 years ago....he stays up all year....gets his hat at this time every year!

snapped this last night.....awesome!!

Hope you all had a great day.....
Another really cold one here today....
It was sunny that is good!

Had Miss V for the afternoon.....
She is a joy♥

On the menu this frosty Thursday...

Rice,Filet of Sole,baby carrots...tomato and avacado..


Hope things are going well for all of you...
Getting all your homes ready for family and friends♥
I am getting there...slowly but surely!
Having dinner guests tomorrow evening...
Always excited about that!!!
Perhaps I will have a chance to take a few photos of my I don't have decorating to do this week!


Thanks for all your kind thoughts on my silly Hernia...
Still bugging me...guess it will take a few days   :o(


My flower for this none other than.....the beautiful Miss V♥♥♥♥ you can see...she is in a very festive mood!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                                      Cheers!  :o)


  1. where have I been? what have I been doing?
    i come back and find that you are a little crocheting factory. handmade gifts are the BEST!
    and the picture of baby v in her little orange hat. doesn't get any better. those cheeks and that hat.
    and to top it all off . . . . LOLOL! i heard an orchestra when i read this post! i did !!!
    do you know the moment in an orchestra when it reaches a crescendo and the cymbals crash and the music all comes together?
    that's THIS POST! it is cc girl! I SWEAR I heard cymbals. LOL.
    no. i'm not drinking.
    what's in this water? !!!! LOL.
    no. it's just the new header! the vibrant color! then one picture after another outdoing the last!!!
    SO beautiful. i mean it.
    the little old elf lady with the red hair might have to grow on me. she's just a little tiny bit scary.
    but i'm sure she will. LOL.
    i'm thinking she's a leprechaun? or a christmas elf?
    but then i used to think that mannequins came alive at night. they scared me. always. i was weird.
    take care of you.
    in all this hustle and bustle.
    take care of YOU. ♥

    1. Tammy.....Tammy.......Tammy
      I LOVE when you endearing!
      And...for the elf is a BOY...and he sits there all year...'cause...I LOVE HIM!!!
      And...Miss V likes to giggle when she looks st him! are the best peep ever!!!

  2. Well it's beginning to look alot like Christmas!! Lovely!!
    Oh V is so cute!! What hernia?? Where have I been...

    1. You have been MIA Linda !hahaha!
      Had this darn Hernia for a few months....awful!

  3. I just love all your ornaments (Up close and Personal) So beautiful and festive. Hope you're feeling better now. Your red haired lady looks almost exactly like a watercolor I have. A friend did the sketch, and I did the watercolor. I don't think scary...just unique and interesting expression. Perhaps I'll find my watercolor and post it some day.

    1.'s a guy....he is going to be very upset when I tell him everyone thought he was a girl!!! hahaha!
      Seriously......I would love to see your water colour!

  4. BTW Miss V is just too cute for words.

    1. I KNOW!!! ha!
      I am one proud Gramma♥♥

  5. Your decorations are so lovely Linda! I like the way that the little bird family are admiring the bowl of decorations! I hope that you have fun with your dinner and that the hernia gets back on course soon. Keep taking care of yourself. xx

    1. Thanks so much, are too kind♥
      I have drank a 1/2 bottle of gaviscon today! YIKES!!!

    2. Better too kind!! Hope that you are feeling better today - over here the gaviscon ads show a fireman spraying the stuff all over the place out of his hose, you don't want to end up like that!! Oh, no, I just re read what I wrote - it sounds awful, oh well, might make you laugh - but not too much!!! xx

    3. I could have used a firehose.....let me tell you!
      Much better today♥

  6. Beautiful shots, Linda. I'm not sure about that red-haired elf either. But I think she would grow on me.

    Isn't Miss V a beauty! She's precious.

    1. HE would grow on you, Kathy! hahaha!
      I had no idea everyone would think he was a girl!!!
      Let's hope "HE" doesn't get mad at me!
      Miss V is precious♥

  7. Is wee Ms. V into all your decorations?

    1. Nope...
      Doesn't touch a thing...
      Nothing...nada...she is an excellent wee lass!♥
      And...she LIKES the creepy old elf!!!!

  8. Just lovin' all the decorations and ornaments in blogland. You have some beauties. Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Hope it gets better each day. No time for that at Christmas. Love Miss V. I had my little grandittle over today, too and she loves Nan's tree. It's all fun. Hugs, Deb

    1. Oh Deb....I love your term of"Grandittle"♥ Sweet!
      Enjoy your season with the new granddaughter!

  9. I like your sparkly ornaments. We need more sparkle in our lives.

    1. Absolutely Debra....we do need more sparkle....I'll get right on that! ha!
      Have a great holiday season!

  10. A hernia? Oh...that's no fun!

    Love the decorations...all so festive and cute! I am slow, slow in completing anything like that around here! I have just a few things I still want to do but have been crazy busy with my businesses. Can't wait to slow down and relax in another week.

    Miss V is changing so much lately! She's loosing that baby look!

    1. You forgot about my hernia, Betsy?
      tsk,tsk! hahaha!
      Much better today...hopefully this bout is done!
      You have been out galavanting...doing your is ok if you are a bit behind!
      You will pull everything know you will!

      Miss V is adorable♥

  11. Oh, I hope you're feeling better soon. Everything looks so pretty and festive at your house. I loved seeing that happy little girl! She has such a pretty smile.

    1. Thanks Jennifer...and I do love your new photo♥
      She does have a pretty smile♥

  12. It's looking very glittery, sparkly and shiny around your house :)

    1. Yes....and that is just me! hahaha!
      Enjoy your weekend, Linda

  13. Linda, your tree and decorations look so pretty. I'm thinking you might like green a lot. :) I'm sorry your hernia is still bothering you so much. Not fun I'm sure. We're waiting for the big snowstorm coming on the weekend. Not with excitement though. Ugh! C'est la vie. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

    1. Yes....I like the lime green
      Hernia better today...
      We had snow this am...more on the way for tomorrow!
      Stay safe!


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