Sunday, 29 December 2013

Friday Drive .....So Tranquil......

Visited the cottage last Friday afternoon....
There were a few branches down...but...other than that...all is well♥

The Ice Storm did not reach that far South, so we were pleased about that....
Nothing worse than old trees, covered in Ice!!

I see we just missed the Rabbit!
We saw him hopping off...and behind the shed♥ 

My boyfriend dragged the branches down to the beach....

Sporting his fabulous new "Paper Boy" hat I got him for Christmas!

Looking very dapper...


The ice reached out over the Lakes open water....

There are ice flows floating by...

Quite a spectacle....

Just for us! ha!

It was bright and sunny....

And then dark and cloudy....

Not too cold...3*c....


A chilly West wind.... 

As the Sun went in and out...

It kept changing the color of the landscape...

It was so refreshing to be outside...

Walking in the crisp snow....

Thoroughly enjoyed it!

On our drive home....

We picked up Miss V....

She is still here with us...

Her Mom has pnuemonia, so we are taking care of her....

She will go home this afternoon...


We will...

Miss her like crazy♥

Hope you all are having a relaxing time...

Not too too much shopping!

I haven't done any...perhaps this week...

Oh yeah....New Year's....a highly overrated my mind...

What are your plans???

Parties????   Guests????  Nothing! Share with me......

Will be back to check out your latest posts....

And....see....what you have all been up to!!!!

                   Enjoy your day....

                    Cloudy...dreary....damp here...

                                 Cheers!  :o)


  1. Pneumonia! Gosh, I hope she's better soon. :( It looks so cold there but really calm and quiet too. I love seeing the two of you in your winter finery, you look nice and warm and you both look really well. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    1. She is definitely on the mend....thanks Jen!
      We don't look too bad...for a couple of old farts, eh???hahaha!

  2. BRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! does not being to cover how cold that looks Linda!! Beautiful though, especially where the lake has frozen. Hope that your family are recovering from their ills and you too, and that you have a great 2014 - New Year celebrations or not! (I will watch TV and then go to bed!!). xx

    1. Thanks Amy....
      I am sure that whatever we decide to do....will be perfect!
      Happy New years to you...but...we will talk before then!♥

  3. Lovely photos once again. It is such a pretty place and must bring calmness to you both. Sorry to hear your daughter is not well. She is lucky to have you to take little V home for awhile. I'm pooped after a very busy week and Christmas celebrations. I'm putting the house back to order but keeping the tree up 'til after New Years. Tradition here. I got two gorgeous bird feeders from Santa and hung them today as it is going to get colder this week. Right now the weather is mild for this time of year. Then I will sample one of my new teas in a new tea-cup. :) Wishing you a very Happy New Year, Linda. I look forward to many more of your interesting and photo-filled posts in the new year. Deb

    1. My tree also stays up til New Years....if it doesn't self combust before that!
      Take some pics of your new feeders.....would love to see them!
      Enjoy your tea!

  4. FINALLY!!! some WONDERFUL pictures of the two of you!
    i love his paper boy cap. my uncle penny from new york always wore one. and he was so handsome.
    it's also an english country gentleman's cap. whichever floats your boat!
    these are beautiful pictures as always my cc girl.
    it looks very very cold. especially the water! it will be 15 tonight here. that's extremely cold. with high wind.
    of course. always with the wind.
    but up to 45 tomorrow. the roller coaster of winter in oklahoma continues. lol.

    1. Me too, handsome!
      We are in for more nasty weather...
      Take care!

  5. It looks wild out there.. I guess the lake is too big to freeze over?
    Best wishes to your daughter, I hope she feels much better soon.

    1. It is one of the 5 Great Lakes....but relatively small....we have seen it frozen across...and people ice skating...
      Has to be really cold for a long time...who knows what 2014 will bring?
      Hopefully you are safe from the floods over there...

  6. What beautiful pictures, all bright and crisp. I hope your daughter is soon recovered, best wishes.

    1. Hi Jay....hope you had a lovely Christmas....will visit soon!
      Thanks for your well wishes....

  7. love, love, love all the wintery cottage photos
    hoping everyone is on the mend now and you've all got rid of those cold germs
    been cooking today ... soup, turkey pie and stocking up the freezer
    tree came down ... only winter decorations up now ...
    no shopping at all in the past few days, been avoiding the shops
    nothing in the plans for new years, except putting up new calendars :)

    1. Thanks Linda....
      We have been busy here with Miss V....Went to Swiss Chalet tonight♥
      Soup and pot pie to be made tomorrow...
      Tree on New Years Day.....what a mess that will be.....

  8. Pretty pictures.
    The cottage is just as pretty in the snow.
    Not sure what's going on here for New Year's. We're exhausted already.
    Hope Miss V's momma is feeling better soon.

    1. It is....isn't it Martha!
      We are pretty darn exhausted as plans yet...
      She is feeling better....we took Miss V home late this afternoon...
      We will miss her♥

  9. Oh Linda, felt like I was thumbing through a National Geographic magazine. Your pictures are spectacular. I love getting to see you and your boyfriend. Very handsome couple. The ones are you are downright fashion statements.
    So Glad Miss V's mom is doing better. Living in Southern CA, we just don't get the beautiful winter scenes.
    New plans just relax with my honey and Football games.

    1. Well....aren't you the sweetest thing, Wanda!
      Not sure I could do football on New Years...NOT my favorite game!

    2. It wasn't mine until I married my dearest. He loves all sports, but especially football. I made a decision...I was either going to be a nag...wishing he wasn't watching it all the time, or pop some corn...jump up next to him and snuggle, and learn to love the game. Done that for 52 years I guess it worked..HaHa.

    3. Guess it worked! ha!
      While he is watching football....I usually putz around...or crochet....
      He also loves baseball and have also learned to "go with the flow"!!!
      Congrats on 52 years!

  10. Interesting pictures of your cottage from some other angles. And I love that picture of the grasses in front of the lake.

    1. Thanks Furry...
      Hope you had a great Christmas...

  11. Hello my friend! We have been up at the lake for a few days. Such busy, busy times that I am way behind on visiting all of my bloggy friends. You included! I had meant to catch up at the cabin, but our wifi was misbehaving, and I could only go online for short while. I read your Christmas recap. So sorry to hear about so many of you feeling poorly. And your poor daughter, she must really have caught the worst of it. Your photos of the cottage never disappoint, but these, oh my, they are glorious. Isn't it interesting how the seasons change the landscape so much. How I love that! Oh, and Greg's it. My husband wears them all the time. I think they are both dapper looking fellows!!!
    PS New Years is spent home, quietly.

    1. Everyone on the boyfriend has the flu now!
      Hopefully short lived as we had our shots!
      I love his hat, too!!♥

  12. Hope Ms. V's mom is on the mend and Boyfriend is better, too! Sub zero temps here today (Northern Michigan) with dusting of snow. Perfect weather to stay inside and read, nap, quilt and make soup ... all of which I'm doing ;-) Our NYE will be quiet ... my mom and sister will be over for an early dinner, a few hours of card games and everyone plans to be home and in bed long before the "ball drops". Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Went to a neighbor's place for a little Holiday celebration last night and she served a "Jalapeno Popper Dip" that was REALLY wonderful. Glad to share if you want it ... a little spicy but you can control that if you want. BTW ... loved Boyfriend's hat ... you have great taste in dressing him ;-) Linda


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