Thursday, 19 December 2013

Santa Asked Me......How Is Your Indoor Garden Doing???? I Said....♥

Mini White Double Kalanchoe♥

Waxy Dark Leafed Begonia From Outside♥

Hens & Chicks from outside♥

Burgundy Spike & Green Leafed Waxy Begonia from outside♥
So.....I said.....Santa.....My indoor outdoor garden is awesome!!!
Enough with the snowy pictures.....lights.....moon shots....
Gimme some garden are a few I took yesterday♥

I will have some more snowy shots for you tomorrow....
We drove to the cottage♥ today....
It was 4*c.....gonna be an ice storm out there tomorrow.....
Fingers crossed that no trees come down....
The lake was only frozen at the edge...but otherwise...wide open!


Hope you all had a great day....
We had a nice drive...except for some unexpected traffic!!!
Had a delicious club sandwich for lunch♥
Talked with one of our neighbours....
Took some awesome pictures....even a few of my boyfriend!


Attempted to wrap a few gifts earlier....guess what????

                             NO GIFT TAGS!!!!

LOSER!!!! have to get some tomorrow!!!!


Had a light dinner of Greek Salad and Homemade Pea Soup....DELISH!!!

Enjoy the rest of your evening........

                             Cheers!  :o)


  1. Santa must be pleased with your gardens, inside and out. I love your capture of Santa. He's adorable. This was a huge busy day for me as I tied up all the loose ends of Christmas shopping, baking, visiting my friend in the Rest Home, and got caught in a "DOWN POUR"....My windshield wipers could hard move and a truck had slide sideways and blocked a lane...all in all got it done and got home safe and sound. Made some White Chicken Enchiladas and it really hit the spot.

  2. The only thing I can grow inside is jade plants, because they need so little water.
    I have managed to keep my spider plant alive for two years. The first thing to die on it is always the babies. :(
    I also have a Moses in the Cradle that I am struggling to keep alive. So far it still has about 4 or 5 leaves.
    Your plants are gorgeous. You must have a green thumb.

  3. Your indoor garden is just lovely. Tell Santa he owes you extra gifts this year for having such beautiful plants.

  4. That is some mustache Santa has! ha! :)

    Lovely indoor blooms! My plants I brought in are doing well, leaves, happy looking....yay!

  5. Well that was nice of Santa to check on your flowers. They are all looking good. Betsy is right, quite some moustache that Santa has there. Looking forward to seeing the cottage pictures, I hope that it weather's the storm alright. Happy weekend. xx

  6. Beautiful indoor garden indeed!!! How far is cottage from your home? I will wrap this weekend.
    Been super busy!!
    xo Kris

  7. Lovely indoor garden! My begonias are doing well too. Merry Christmas to you xx

  8. We need our indoor gardens on days like today ... snow, ice pellets, rain, ice rain and more snow ... it just can't make up its mind. Luckily for us we can stay home and enjoy it through the windows. A good day for reading, crochet, and relaxing. Stay warm and cozy.

  9. Your plants are beautiful, you are a very talented gardener. Stay safe in the ice! Have a good weekend.

  10. It looks like summer in your house. You have a really green thumb!


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