Thursday, 26 December 2013


When I came down to the kitchen on Christmas morning...
Look who greeted me♥
There was a light snow falling...and plenty of seed from the day before....
I had been sick for 2 days, and didn't get all the last minute things done, that were on my list...
when I saw this lovely couple....
I knew everything would be just right♥
My boyfriend and I had spent the first Christmas Eve without our children in 39 years!
I was not well enough...and did not want them to get sick as well...
Unfortunately Miss V and her Mom were already sick...
So....we had a fire.....had some soup....and watched Alastair Sim as Scrooge....
My favorite movie EVER!!!

  I had made my stuffing the night I set about getting the turkey ready for the oven...
Vegetables ready...
All set....

Poached eggs,juice and some peameal bacon...



What about a pie?
I had gluten-free desserts coming with the kids...

But no pie!!!

Into the fridge...
I spy...
Strawberries...1 pkg
Blackberries.....1 pkg

Can I make a Strawberry...


Of course I can.......just watch me!
This is Christmas noon.....boyfriend at church....I can do it!
Let me tell was magnificent!!!!

sliced apples...1/2 'd strawberries...whole blackberries...3tbsp flour....1/4 cup white sugar....
1/2 cup brown sugar....shake of cinnamon....few blobs of butter....delish!

Served with a couple of scoops of butterscotch praline ice cream...
What could be better???


 I must tell you....

Miss V and her Mom were still under the weather yesterday...
They put on a brave face...but they just weren't up to par....
My son took pics of the day....
I  took this  shot...

Of the tree...

After all arrived....
arms loaded...with gifts for their sweet Miss V....
Wonderful.....loving.....caring Aunts and in love with Miss V♥♥♥

 There were toys and clothes and pictures and books and blocks and chairs...phew!
It was all a blur....
We ate....reminisced....laughed....cried....and everything in between...
Our nephew joined us late in the evening...and had some pie♥
And shared some memories with 2 of his cousins♥

I hope you all had a wonderful day with your loved ones....
We did...........

                                          Cheers!  :o)


  1. Hope you are on the mend ... being sick isn't fun at anytime of the year, let alone Christmas. LOVE the pie idea ... but how do you make gluten free crust?? I'm new to this way of eating. Happy Boxing Day and hope you're New Year is full of all the blessings and graces that God has to bestow. Linda

    1. Hi Linda....
      My pie crust was not gluten-free....that is out of my daughter brought gluten-free cupcakes, and my son's GF brought a gluten free yule log...I just wanted to have something for us non-celiac dessert lovers♥

  2. Glad you are feeling better and didn't have to hide out over Christmas. That's just not fun. Oh great, now I want pie. :)

    1. I am better....did not enjoy that at all :o(
      I will send you some pie....hahaha!

  3. Sounds like it all turned out wonderful! Love the pie...that's the best thing about can throw just about anything in it and it's wonderful! Sorry you were sick! I had a migraine Christmas Eve and still on Christmas Day! Ugh! I just had to put on a brave face and press on. I think everyone enjoyed the two days but I was pretty miserable. Oh just never know what's going to happen! ha. I tell myself that every year when I start never know what's going to happen at the last minute so get it done now! haha.

    1. Never had a migraine...hear they are pretty awful...sorry if you felt miserable :o(
      I should have done the things that I missed...kept putting it off....but...all ended up well...
      I am sad that my daughter is still so ill....I fear pnuemonia..

  4. I hope you are feeling much better now Linda. It looks like you had a great Christmas anyway. Your last minute left over fruit pie looks delicious! What a cook you are!! We had a great Christmas but sure missed our grandsons. And we got more snow. It's non stop it seems.

    1. Thanks Pam....I am better...
      Still snowing here as well...and Toronto is in terrible shape...
      You know what??? I am a good cook!
      I know how you must feel...missing those wee boys....did you skyoe???

  5. your pie sounds and looks wonderful, I'm glad you're feeling better, what a lovely home you have,

    1. Why thanks Laurie....and....the pie was excellent!

  6. Glad you had a nice Christmas despite the illness going around. Gawd, I'd kill for a slice of that pie!

    1. Only a wee bit left, Debra...........

  7. Your Christmas looks beautiful.
    I'm sorry some of you were under the weather. Those Christmases are not so merry.
    Love your cardinals, and the breakfast sounds yummy. I love poached eggs and peameal bacon.
    And the pie? Delish!

    1. It was so lovely to see them first thing in the morning♥
      It is my VERY favorite breakfast! I have been pie was superb!!

  8. Your photos look like beautiful holiday cards! You're so full of cheer despite being under the weather -- that's great! Take care and get well wishes to to your family.

    1. Why thanks wishes to you as well!

  9. Oh Linda, sometimes we just have to endure the good, bad and ugly...and you made the very best of a trying situation. Love the look of your house...just charming... and the birds Oh my goodness, how beautiful to wake up to. That pie is to die for...if it tasted just a bit of how wonderful it looks, you've created a masterpiece.
    We had a marvelous day with our yours, laughing, a few tears, lots of joy and food and only missing 3 of our dozen grandchildren.

    1. Thanks Wanda....the Cardinals really made my day!
      It was a masterpiece!!! hahaha!
      Dozen grandchildren....I can't imagine that!
      Enjoy your weekend, Wanda♥

  10. I hope you feel better soon. I'm glad you were able to enjoy some family time in spite of the illness. Your pie looks wonderful, how resourceful are you? Wow. And those cardinals, how beautiful. I think they might be just like you and your boyfriend. :)

    1. Yup...just like me and the boyfriend! Sharing a few sunflower seeds on Christmas morning!

  11. Yummy pie ... beautiful cardinals ... lovely photos ... sorry to hear you have not been feeling the greatest, hopefully that will all be a thing of the past now. Temperature rising today and tomorrow so perhaps the ice will melt of the poor bent over shrubs and trees and they will stand upright once again.

  12. Thanks for stopping by, linda.....
    Things are good....hopefully a cottage drive today♥️

  13. So sorry you and your family weren't (and aren't) feeling well. At least you were able to enjoy your Christmas even if only somewhat.

    Those cardinal pictures are wonderful! You really should frame those and display them.

    I have made apple and cranberry pie, but never put in strawberries and blackberries. It looks delicious though. Maybe I will try that combination.

    1. I always seem to get great shots of my red feathered friends...they linger at the feeder, and give great photo ops!
      Apple and cranberry sounds great....pies rock!!!!!

  14. I do love your cardinals. I wish we had them over here.
    So glad you're feeling better. Take care.

    1. Thet are beeeeutiful!
      Hope you are safe from the flooding, Jessica...

  15. That is too bad the star of the show wasn't feeling up to par. Hope she and her mom get better really soon. Only you could whip together a pie with whatever you have! It looked delish and probably tasted fantastic!

  16. You have no idea devon.....
    Hope yours was fab with all your men!

  17. tears here.
    it was your greatest gift. both given and received.
    little dynamo cc girl.
    hoping you bounce back real soon. the sunny clime of florida and the blue sea awaits you.
    i loved the total view of the living room. now i can picture all the wonderful gatherings there.
    bless you.

    1. crying allowed!
      Can't wait for Florida.....sun!!

  18. Hope that you enjoyed the day and that Miss V had a ball - sounds as though she was thoroughly spoiled by all!! The pie looks to have been a triumph too. xx

    1. She certainly was spoiled....and the pie was a hit!!

  19. We are staying in for NYE and playing card games ... but ... I couldn't forget your pie recipe so we're having that this evening for dessert ... it's in the oven baking as we speak. Looks like a delicious pie! Happy New Year to you and yours ... thanks for your blog and your inspiration with your garden and camera ... looking forward to more "tea time" with you in 2014! Linda


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