Tuesday, 17 December 2013

She's So Crafty........

She's so crafty♥

We filled a small basket with some stickers...

Paper....crayons...a  coloring book...

She loves crafting!

The picture of her reaching for the small chair???

That is a picture frame....

 With a picture of her and her Grampa

She loves to show it to everybody♥

We had fun that day....

Hope you are all having a great day....

It was snowy this am...then the sun came out....and now it is snowing again!

My friend Devon came for tea, cake and berries...and lots of chit-chat...on my part!! haha!

We watched our small friend "Red" the squirrel, putting on quite a show for us...

He has built a series of tunnels under the snow, that all lead to underneath the various feeders in the yard...

I got a few shots of him...popping up here and there....hilarious!

Will see how they turn out.....


On the menu this Tuesday evening...

        Meatloaf....Mashed potatoes and gravy....fresh brocolli...

                    Spinach salad...


I still have not wrapped one present....the elves are starting to talk behind my back!

If they keep mumbling....I'll have to show them what scotch tape is for!!!


Enjoy your evening...
One week 'til Christmas Eve...

                                      Cheers!  :o)


  1. Now play nice with the elves! You don't want them to tell Santa on you! Looks as though Miss V had great fun with her crafting, sticking stickers all over herself! Looking forward to seeing the squirrel pics - so hope they came out!!

    Hope you are keeping OK with all of that snow - you have to share some with the rest of Canada my dear friend! xx

    1. She sure is crafty!
      Oh...there is plenty of snow for EVERYONE, Amy!

  2. She is adorable!!! What fun you must be having.

  3. She's so adorable. My 3 year old grand-daughter, Riley is the crafter in our family. Loves it, too. Every time I read what's on the menu I want to come for dinner. It's pizza here because I have been wrapping all afternoon and I'm beat. I'll be good, though and throw a salad together. Looking forward to the squirrel photos. I love them and find them very amusing. Deb

    1. Come on over, Deb....there is always plenty to eat here! hahaha!
      At least you got your wrapping done....not sure when I will get to that!!
      Squirrel pictures look pretty good...will figure that out later!

  4. your granddaughter is beautiful ...blessings ! Let those elves talk ....mama says leave the drama it will get done...always does!


    1. Absolutely Marisa....we always get the job done,eh?
      Thanks for visiting...

  5. You're starting her young! Good job, Grandma. My daughter is the more artistic/crafty of my two and she started early with it. Soon Miss V will be crafting right alongside you. :)

    1. That is what I am hoping for!
      I can't wait to teach her to cook!

  6. Wonderful photos ! Oh she is a love ! Getting hit by another snow storm here been going since 4 pm ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Gosh....more snow, Elaine?
      We got a bit this morning...and just a light snow this evening...
      I got out and got a few Moon pics!

  7. Yeah for Vivian and a Grammy who likes to play!
    My mom in law used to do crafts with my kids. Not all of her grandchildren shared her enthusiasm, but all of mine found her ideas fun. We still do. She's coming to stay for a couple weeks after Christmas. I can hardly wait.

    1. Sounds great, Martha....I know you have been wanting her to visit♥

  8. Miss V is just adorable and your pictures are priceless. I love the one reaching for the frame of grandpa. How sweet.

    Your dinner sounds good...meatloaf and mashed potatoes is a all time favorite from childhood. Mom made a sweet sauce of ketchup, mustard and brown sugar on top...I can taste it now. We had rosemary seasoned tilapia, parsley potatoes and candied carrots. Then I had a cookie while I did the dishes.

    1. Thanks Wanda....
      Tilapia is a favorite of ours as well...
      What kind of cookie?!

  9. What cute little lamb booties she has!

    1. Yes......not baaaaaad eh Debra?
      Gosh I am funny!

  10. Sweet pictures of your little crafter. Don't they just love stickers? That lawn chair picture frame is awesome! Snowing here again so I stayed home. No massage for me until January. :( Tomorrow I have to shop as it's going to snow from Friday until Monday. So they say.

  11. Miss V is crafty like her Grandma :)
    I have one of those little chair picture frames too :)

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