Monday, 16 December 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...... new mouse...isn't he adorable?! requested!
Hope you all had a great day....
Nice and sunny here.....but cold! brrrrrrrr....
Got out and did a wee bit of shopping, and then picked up Miss V for the afternoon!
She had a short nap....and we looked at books and did a few crafts!

A few of you may know...
I like to make my own cards....Christmas, birthdays, any-time cards...
The store where I used to buy my card stock, went out of business a while back...
Believe it or not....I actually got some card stock & envelopes at the $ store!!!
They were pretty good...nice thick paper...nice!
I should have bought everything they have, 'cause my search for more, was futile!
Staples has dis-continued their small 5X7 card stock...arrrrgh!
I bought some at Wal-MArt...and let me tell was a disaster!!
I use a glue stick to affix my prints...and the cards went all wrinkly and shrivelled..


When our company was here last weekend, my friend is a fabulous photographer, and actually prints her own cards...with great detail!
She told me she has an excellent program in her computer....
I was telling her how Loomis & Tolles had gone out of business...
She told me the most fabulous news...
There is a new the same spot.....called De Serres....
I made the trip this am....
I was in heaven....
Got my same old nice cards...some coloured cards.....and some coloured enveleopes...
It is a craft is AWESOME!!!!
They also sell WOOL.......the chunky Paton's that I love!!!!
I got a paint-by-numbers.......of........CHICK-A- DEES!!!!!
Well.....I am a happy camper....let me tell you!!!
I am sooooo happy...I feel giddy!! hahaha!!! tee hee hee!!!


Ok.....I am calm now......YIPPEE!!!!!!

Hope you enjoy the rest of your day....

What trouble did you all get into???


On the menu this fabulous... wonderful.... exciting..... Monday....   

                       Boneless skinless chicken breast...soaked in Buttermilk...
                               Rolled in Panko crumbs
                          Roasted taters...roasted parmesan zucchini...
                                 Fresh tomatoes,goats cheese and avacado...

Hope you all have a wonderful evening...
More snow on the way for us tonight....and tomorrow....geesh!!!
Would love to get out to the cottage and take some pics...

I'll have to sweet talk my boyfriend♥♥♥    

Check out Miss V last year at this time... quickly they grow up!!!

Cheers!   :o)


  1. Oh, so much to say - again!!! Thank you for the tree, it looks beautiful!! I love a good tree picture. I can't believe that is Miss V in the photo just 1 year ago, she has changed so much when you show pictures of her now. Amazing how fast she is growing and changing, but how great that you have kept a record of her with your photos, I am sure that she will be amazed when she grows up and looks back at your pictures. Horrid about the not good cardstock, but hey, way to go on the new shop that you found - it sounds like a great place! It sounds as though you are feeling more chipper and Lindaish again, so I am glad about that. Happy Christmas Decorating!! xx

    (I hate to advertise, but if you haven't read my post today, pop by, I hope that you will be amazed - at my secret keeping if nothing else!)

    1. Miss V has changed a lot....she just keeps getting prettier every day!
      I am glad I got my new card stock....thanks goodness!

  2. Loving your snow pictures. Looks like here, and yes! it is cold!!!
    Hannah and I went out shopping too.
    I think I am pretty good at spending a dollar to save a dime...
    But sometimes the DIY projects are just too fun to pass up.
    Tomorrow we are doing graham cracker houses with the grandkids.

    1. Can't wait to see pictures of the house!
      You better post the entire process!
      Enjoy your evening♥

  3. I almost did a post with the same title tonight! haha...great minds. Mine will come a little later this week.
    Don't you hate it when your favorite stores close up? That has happened to me so many times! Glad the new one is wonderful, though. Sounds like you'll be visiting again and again! :)

    Your tree looks bee-uuu-tiful. :)

    1. We seem to have a lot of the same thoughts, eh Betsy?
      I am sooooo glad I found that store♥
      Thanks....I like the tree as well...

  4. I love to see pretty Christmas trees. The white lights are perfect. I added white ones to ours this year, too. I shopped today in the town of Perth which is 25 minutes from home. I love it there and always come home with some great gifts. Not before I had the best vegetarian chili and tea biscuits ever. :) I like to make my own cards, too. I get my stock at Michael's or at a stationary shop in our town. Glad you found what you needed and maybe you'll show us some of your cards. That would be nice. Have a good evening Linda. Hugs, Deb

    1. Glad you got some shopping done, Deb...
      I have featured my cards from time to time here...
      I did not know that Michaels had card stock...problem is...there isn't one very close to me...
      But....I will check it out...for sure!
      Enjoy your evening♥

  5. Your little mouse is so cute! I love your ornaments and tree. Very pretty. I buy my card stock at Michael's and the last time I bought some it was half price so I bought 2 packages. ($5.99 each for 50 with envelopes) I also bought a small box of double sided square stickers to affix my photos to the cards. No messy glue. (Canson Photo Mount Squares) That's nice that the new store carries some favourite things for you. A paint by number would be so fun to do.

    1. I will definitely look into those square stickers, Pam....thanks for the tip!
      You got a great deal on the cards...I paid more than that!
      I thought the paint by number would be fun for the cottage!
      Something everyone could work on♥

  6. Your tree and window box are so beautiful. When I do my watercolor cards, Aaron Brothers, and Michaels have the nice watercolor heavy weight stock. Amazing what a year will do with those babies. Miss V was adorable them and cute as a bug now. You and Betsy, have that beautiful snow. It was in the 80's today, and I had to shed some clothes, and grab my sandals. Dinner sounds wonderful too.

    1. Wanda....I would rather be wearing my sandals...believe me!

  7. Ooohhh, love the mouse, love the tree, love the snow, love Miss V!!!!
    XO Kris

  8. It would be hard to pick a favorite among your photos today. Such beauties. I do like the first one a lot. That would make a nice card for you.

    So glad you finally found a place to get your cardstock. Sounds like a really nice store. I'd love to see some of your cards sometime.

    1. I have shown some a few times on the blog, Kathy...
      Perhaps at Valentines Day♥

  9. We have more snow coming down this morning ... about 5 cm.
    Lovely to see your afghans under the tree. I have a hard time getting card stock too ... it is either way to expensive or way to cheap. What a lovely discovery of a new store that sells what you want and yarn and crafty stuff too. Have a great day.

    1. We are snowing here a new topping overnite!
      Probably have a day in, today!

  10. oh how i love adorable new mice! and old mice! and snow people!
    and your tree.
    and to hear how excited you are about the new store . . . well. music to my ears! LOL.
    never apologize for being HAPPY!!!
    your own photography continues to be spectacular. xoxo

    1. Thanks Tammy...I remembered that you are a Mice lover!
      I was VERY happy....still am...lots more snow would love it!

  11. I love the new little mouse!

    How many containers of Christmas decorations do you have?

  12. It looks lovely and festive there. I like this cardstock I bought on Amazon. I don't remember the name right now but it's in my purchase history if you want me to look. I can't get over how much Miss V has grown in a year! Wow, she's getting to be a big girl now.

    1. Thanks Jennifer....I'm ok for now!
      She is getting bigger....every day♥


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