Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The View....Today.....From Inside..

It was a snowy cold day here today....
I stayed put....and watched from inside♥
I had a very rough night, as my miserable Hernia decided to rear it's ugly head....
Had a very difficult time sleeping...and getting going this am...
When I saw the snow coming down...
I grabbed my camera...
And went to work♥
One of my Dracenas is doing so well in the living room window...
SO nice to see some green.....

Hope you all had a great day...
What were up to??
I finally put together a few Christmas cards...
Not sure, why I don't do those in the Summer??
Not a bad idea, eh?


I also put together a big pot of Potato & Leek soup...
Will enjoy that tomorrow♥


On the menu this cold, brisk Wednesday evening....

     A whole chicken has been in the slow cooker since 11am...
          The aroma is filling the house...
            Some rice....bok choy..... and brussell sprouts along side... 

              Took this wacky picture of the Moon last night....It was too windy to
                  go outside....thought this was kind of cool!!

How about this Lily-of-the-Valley in bloom last Spring???? Doesn't this warm you up???

         Hope you all enjoy your evening...
         Perhaps another shot at some Moon photos.....

         Still have to complete those crocheted pillows for my daughter....

         Tomorrow........for sure......trip to Fabricland for some buttons♥


                            Cheers!   :o)



  1. Sorry you had a rough night. I hope that you are feeling a little better by now. Horrid when that happens. It looks INCREDIBLY cold out there, so I would be staying in too. It is amazing how the little birds and animals manage to keep themselves warm and alive in the winter isn't it. Take care, have an easy day and enjoy your button shopping tomorrow - you know we will need to see what they look like right! xx

    1. Better....but not 100%....
      Will get the pillows finished ...and share!

  2. Those grasses look so lovely in the snow.
    Hope you have a better night.. look after yourself. Jx

  3. Looks like you had a bird's eye view of the snow falling, Linda. Great shots! I don't have much green inside except for Pineapple plant which still hasn't borne any fruit but just keeps growing more and more leaves. It actually looks much like your Dracena. It's humongous and I love it!!!

    I checked on the birds today and they seem to be quite content. I really should make them some feed presents:) So sorry to hear about that darn hernia. It seems like you just had a bout of that not so long ago. Try and get some rest:) I'm not much of a seamstress as you well know but, I LOVE buttons! I have quite the collection:) Can't wait to see the finished gift for your daughter.

    Thank you so much for sharing, Linda. I do hope you feel better real soon...

    1. Thanks flared up a couple of months an idiot, I stopped taking the medications! Silly me! Will get back on it!

  4. It looks like a great day to stay inside with the snow flying about outside. Your dracaena looks beautiful in the window. It must be a south or westerly exposure for it to enjoy the sun and heat. I have a geranium blooming down in the office window still. Such a nice pop of colour. I tried to get a moon shot last night too. No go. :( Love the lily of the valley photo. Only another 6 months until be see it blooming here. Enjoy your evening, Linda. Hope you sleep better tonight.

    1. Only 6 months.......not so bad, eh Pam?
      The moon is beautiful tonight...too cold to go out!

  5. You have the extremes...from loving a sunny day to these stunning shots of your winter wonderland. That capture of the diamond....lovely. And your touches of green, feels warmer.
    Your soup sounds so good on a chilly night. We will grab a scarf and gloves and joining a group from our Church to go Christmas Caroling. La La La. Joy to the World. Thoughts and Hugs

    1. Have a wonderful time out caroling, Wanda!

  6. Lovely photos Linda ! It snowed here during the afternoon , it was pretty though . I hope you feel better soon ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. Thanks Elaine!
      Pretty darn cold here....I think lots of snow on Saturday1

  7. I hope you're feeling better soon. I've never had a hernia but I've heard a lot about the pain. Stay warm and sleep better tonight.

  8. Hope you had a better night. We didn't get any snow yesterday, but were under snow squall warning. It's really cold this morning but we will head into town for a few errands ... perhaps have some hot chocolate at Timmy's. Snow coming for the weekend so we'll probably be staying inside then.

  9. That darn hernia. Hope you are able to sleep better! Should would be nice to see you at the Centre sometime soon! Great pictures~


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