Monday, 9 December 2013

Three & A Half Toques.......

I have been missing my daily posts....

It seems that life sometimes gets in the way!


Here I am....

Back again....

And ready to visit all of you.♥

 I have been keeping myself busy crocheting....

Along with...



Looking after Miss V♥

Visiting all my children...

And the usual routine of daily housework...

So......I am back to say......

"This toque pattern is so darn easy...."

"I could make toques for the world!" 



These 3 1/2 toques are the latest creations...

I have plans for a few more....

They are Christmas presents....OBVIOUSLY!!


I have a few weeks left....

This grey one is now finished....

I will start another one tonight....

The ones for Miss V only take one night!!! 

This one was finished a couple of weeks ago...

And yesterday...

We took Miss V out to visit  her Uncle Ryan and Auntie Anna...

And she was so tuckered out...

That she fell asleep...

About 2 minutes into the drive home♥♥♥ 
how cute is this♥♥♥
Hope you all had a great weekend...

The weather overnite was snowy...

And today was COLD.......and WINDY!!!!!

I did not go anywhere....stayed inside...with Miss V♥


What were you all up to????

I must get out of here tomorrow...and try and get a few gifts....

Most of mine are handmade this year...and I like that!


Had a lovely evening with friends on Saturday night...

Thanks for all your kind wishes...


On the menu this cold blustery Monday night...


         Beef Stew and Mashed potatoes....side salad...

                        pretty darn tasty....if I may say so myself!

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                       Cheers!  :o)


  1. Aw. I love her profile! :)

    Nice gifts....and beautiful handiwork!

    1. Thanks Betsy....she is a sweetie♥
      I think the hats turned out pretty good!

  2. Your crocheted hats are sweet Linda and so is the cutie patootie modeling one. :) It's a busy season. I am only posting and visiting when I have time and I'm missing some great 'house decorating parties' on here. Oh well. Snowing here this evening and it's cold enough it might just stick for a few days. Take care.

    1. Thanks too! Hard to find the time...perhaps a few garden shots are in order♥

  3. Love your toques! Such pretty colors.
    I have been busy working on my snowman collection and baking cookies.
    I found a horse shaped cookie cutter and am looking forward to decorating them.

    1. Horse shaped??? Very to see those♥

  4. Nice work! Everyone will love them. I'm glad you're enjoying some time with the hook. :)

    1. and the "hook" are best friends lately!

  5. Hi Linda. The toques are darling! I have never made one! I need to get going on a nice easy one though. I too am doing mostly homemade gifts.
    Stay warm my friend.
    XO Kris

    1. This is easy.....really easy....just one piece...and folded!
      Will visit soon!♥

  6. Hi Linda, stopping by from Betsy's blog. Your toques are just darling, and the colors perfect. Love those tassels. Homemade gifts are the best. Since I love baking....most of my gifts this year are from the Kitchen. I enjoy reading your comments on Betsy's blog and decided it was time I met you.

    1. Hi there Wanda....glad you came by!
      Love getting home baked goodies!

  7. Nice toques indeed! You can never have enough toques in Canada.

    1. That's for sure, Debra! hahaha!
      You have been really crazy cold out there this fall!!

  8. Ha ha! So we both had a crochet TA DA! on the same day!! Your hats are so lovely, Miss V looks just divine in hers! Hope that you are enjoying your preparations for Christmas. xx

    1. Forgot to say! Great header photo Linda!! xx

    2. Thanks Amy....
      Enjoy your week♥

  9. Hi Linda
    I have just discovered your blog through the comment you left on my blog - don't you just love this world of blogging !!
    LOVE your blog.
    So funny , I was at a wreath making afternoon yesterday run by a Canadian guy and he kept talking about this thing called a toque - I really couldn't understand what he meant because he was referring to what we call a bobble hat !! is a toque the same thing ? Would love the pattern if you have one.
    Thank you for dropping by,
    Kate x

    1. HI Kate....I just had to comment on your wee cute!
      I guess a toque is the any case...they are for cold weather! hahaha!
      Email me if you would like the pattern, Kate.....

  10. I love the toques - especially mine!

  11. The toques are great ... love all the different colours. Pompoms are fun to make, aren't they?
    We had snow most of yesterday morning and then rain in the afternoon. We stayed home all day, though did go out to clear away some snow from the deck and paths. All the shopping is done, all the gifts are wrapped, now we can just enjoy ourselves when we go out ... walking and watching frantic shoppers!

    1. Actually....I HATE making pom-poms!!!!
      I think I need some heavier cardboard for the circle part...:o(
      You are lucky to be all finished...wrapping will be the next step...
      Enjoy your people watching!

  12. LOVE your hats! Is it an easy pattern? On Ravelry?? I need something simple to crochet and this might be the ticket ~ always look forward to your blog ... thanks for keeping us in your life ;-) Linda


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