Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Come On In....There's Blooms In Here!

Thought I would share a few of my Indoor blooms with you today...
This Violet had bloomed back in March...
And surprised me last week with a few more...
She must have known that her friends outside..
Were shivering in the cold temps...
And wanted to brighten my day...

Next up is my faithful waxy pink begonia...
This is her third winter indoors...
She really needs a pat on the back for her profuse flowering...
I think I have neglected her...
She needs to be cut back, as she is kinda leggy...
Good for us...but not for a plant♥️
I think that she should already be outside..
But..I am is too chilly yet...
Perhaps next week...

This is my Pink Geranium...
I showed you her bud last week...
She is beaming this week...
Can I put her out yet???
Has anyone bought annuals yet??

This is the kookiest thing...
I bought a turnip for Easter...and forgot to cook it!
It was in the cupboard...and much to my sprouted!
I have never seen anything like this before!!
I don't know what to do with it???
Plant it?
Cut the top off and plant it??
But I do love the purple stems on the leaves....

This wee fella has been here all week...
Feeding his face...
Must have his eye on a cute chick...
Getting his strength up! hahaha!
They really are the sweetest little birds...
Could I ever put too many pics up?

Hope you all had a great day...
Started out Sunny....but now it is cloudy...
Rain expected overnight...
Was out today...chilly with the East wind...
Me and the boyfriend are punky...

Think we'll curl up and watch the tube...
I will crochet...of course!
Just need to make 2 legs for my Mouse...
Everything else completed...
Ready to assemble...

             Enjoy your evening...
                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. Neat that the turnip is growing ... looks like it will be a neat plant. Perhaps cut off the bottom and pot it up and see how it does.
    I bought a couple of fuchsia yesterday ... keeping them in the garage overnight. Haven't got any annuals yet still a bit risky with frost. We had a light covering on the windscreen this morning. Maybe you can put your geranium out during the day to harden it off a bit and give it protection overnight.

    1. I think I'll try that, Linda!
      Nothing to lose right?
      I was thinking I might slide them out for the weekend....and the RAIN!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are still coughing and sneezing - not fair for you! Well, that turnip is pretty amazing! I have never seen anything like that before, I have no earthly idea what you might do with it though...... Lovely to see your little flowers all blooming away, you can't beat a geranium for cheering you up can you. Take care and here's hoping for sunny flowery days soon. xx

    1. The turnip makes me laugh...and such interesting leaves!
      Love geraniums!

  3. Beautiful photos Linda. I, too, was wondering if it was time to put the geraniums on the deck. I'm tired of looking at them waiting at the deck door to get outside. My violets are blooming again, too. I have a beautiful white one right now that is gorgeous. What is the flower in your header? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. The only problem is...I have about 6 plants...and it is a pain in the ass taking them out, and then trying to get them back in...if you know what I mean!
      The header is a jolly-jump-up.....kind of like a wild violet.....sweet eh?

  4. such pretty blossoms, its that in between stage yet, nice but still cold at night isn't it, the graden centers are just starting to set up in our area, there is still a bit of snow left here!!!!Thank you for the kind words today,

  5. oh I also forgot to say how much I love your header photo, I love wild violets, they are very abundant here too,

    1. You are very welcome Laurie...I really enjoy your blog♥️
      The violets are nice,eh?

  6. Your indoor blooms are doing so beautifully. I think I'd wait a bit before I put the begonia out or bring it in every night, which is a nuisance. If there is still a risk of frost at night then it's best to wait. It's going down to 0 here tonight but it was 18 today! And sunny! Yay.

    1. I will wait...great that you had sun!

  7. Love all the plants and great shot of the bird.
    It's been raining all day here.

    1. Thanks Eddie...we are getting rain overnite...good for the garden!

  8. With little miss Kitten in the house, I gave up the idea of having house plants for now. But those that you have are so pretty ! I was sitting out in the conservatory and looking out at the HUMMINGBIRD !!! in the garden. Yep .. a tiny hummingbird, zipping around a shrub with red berries.
    Your violets are beautiful .. besos, C

    1. Oh...I love hummingbirds!
      You are enjoying your garden, eh Candice?

  9. Only two legs left, you are moving along
    at a pretty good clip. Good on you.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

    1. Ha! Why did I say "2" legs? How many would there be? Hahaha!
      Boogie boogie !

    2. Have you ever tried frog's legs? I haven't but I
      would be interested to see how they taste.

    3. Never...but I hear they taste like chicken...
      but isn't that what they say about everything unusual!!

    4. Yeah, I think they do.

      I'm still trying not to be afraid of
      sardines in a can. That's another
      on my to try list.

  10. I'm holding out for the May 24 weekend (and beyond, looking at the forecast)before any plants go out.
    We need warmth!
    Jane x

    1.'re right......seems so long though.....

  11. Beautiful blooms, as always!

    Can't believe the turnip! I have onions that do that occasionally. ha.

    Feel better!

    1. Isn't that crazy!
      I should try and plant it!

  12. Pretty flowers! And I love the turnip!
    Last year I tried rooting romaine. It got leafy but never made it into the ground.
    Oh my! I should hang up my finch feeder too!

    1. The turnip is a hit!
      Yes.....get that finch feeder out Martha!
      They are hungry!

  13. Beautiful blooms!! My Auntie used to always have a sweet potato in her window sill. It would grow so long and lush and pretty. As I think your turnip will too!!!
    Sorry you and your bf are still feeling crummy! My hubby is still down too! Nasty stuff!

    1. DO you think I should plant it or just put it in water???
      You are the garden!

  14. I live that wee fella. I bet he's in love with you :) tweet tweet!

    (No, I'm not tweeting... You know I hate Twitter...)

    1. And facebook....I know....but you LOVE blogging! And leaving very interesting comments!

  15. Begonia's remind me of my Gran.....long gone, so thank you. x

  16. Although I am quite good at gardening, I have to confess to being hopeless with indoor plants, so I am in awe. Beautiful pictures, and the bird is so pretty.

    1. Thanks Tracey....I love having indoor plants...especially in the long winter!
      Have a great weekend!

  17. NO!
    you can never have too many pics of your enchanting world.
    and I love the turnip LIVING! blooming its little heart out with leaves and purple stems! i would leave it.
    you can always buy another turnip to eat. LOL.
    can't wait to see mousie.

    1. Yes...the turnip! How hilarious is that!
      Still workin' on him....soon!

  18. pretty flowers, I wonder what you did with the turnip?


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