Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Short Garden Update......

 Feeling a bit better this morning....thanks for all your kind words and remedies♥️
The sun was shining...
I had Potato Leek soup on the stove...
So I thought....linda...get your camera...go visit your garden♥️
So...without further adieu...
Housecoat and slippers...
Out I went...

The Daffodils are not plentiful...
But...they are spectacular...
So bright and perky...
And I was surprised to see...
White Hyacinth blooming...
I could smell it before I saw it!

My beautiful Hydrangea is still blooming...
Took him outside about a week ago...
Will take him to the cottage to plant...
As per one of my resolutions...
More Hydrangeas....

 Back in the house...thru to the front door...
My Easter planter is doing fabulous!
The Pussy Willows are going to seed...
Don't they look incredible?
Don't see any leaves yet...as I am hoping they will root...
For transplant at the cottage...

Pansies and Daffodils and Tulips all doing just fine!
Guess the cool weather is good for something, eh?
These are still in their pots, and I will plant them in the garden...
Once they are done their show...

Pretty blue Scillia blooming...
Just a small patch...
But..so pretty..

Plenty of day lilies sprouting...
Nestled beside my ceramic Lamb...

 I also have quite a bit of bloomin' going on inside!
Will show you that tomorrow...

Hope you are all having a great day...
Still sunny here...and...no...wind!!!
I am heading out to do a wee bit of shopping...
Feel like I have been stuck in here for days!!

The wee fellow to the right is my latest project...
I started him last night...and got this far...
What do you think???
Isn't he the cutest thing???

Enjoy the rest of your day...
Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods?
How are your gardens coming along....how's the weather...
We are in Sprinter...according to my friend Nancy!
I think that is a perfect name for this season...

                      On the menu tonight...
                         Leek & Potato soup...
                          Peameal bacon and tomato sandwiches...

                    Cheers!  :o)


  1. Your garden is looking very colourful, much more than mine. You have made me crave potato and leek soup!

    1. You should make some Tracey!
      More colour to come......

  2. I'm glad that you are starting to feel better. Your little crochet fellow is a cutie isn't he!!! Great to see all that is blooming in your garden, the hydrangea will love life at the cottage no doubt! xx

    1. I WAS feeling better...then I kind of faded after the grocery shopping. :o(
      Isn't that the cutest face? I did his body tonight!

  3. Such a lot of nice bright color! Thanks! Glad to hear you are feeling better.

    1. Thanks Barbara.....better...not best

  4. Glad it was a sunny day for you and not too cold in those slippers!
    Beautiful shots of your impressive array of garden flora (that's a posh Brit name for flowers! lol)
    You must have a good camera, Linda, the definition and deatil captured is magnificent.
    Hope the coughing is going away!
    (You did not reply to my message last night ROFL)
    . . . . . and you are highly conspicuous by your absence at my place, sob sob! I feel neglected ROFL.
    Your ceramic lamb looks as though it has been in a fight! Another lamb must have hit him in the lamb chops! Get it? hahaha

    Oh and don't let Betsy's cats see you mouse - all 15 are bound to eat it and maybe Nugget might attack it too!

    1. I have a wonderful camera that my boyfriend gave me about 1 1/2 years ago....
      It has an extra ZOOM....he knows I like closeups!
      Coughing has returned a bit....taking it easy....that is why I have not been around....
      Perhaps tomorrow....:o)

    2. Hope the cough is better today, Linda

    3. Not much...sadly :o(

  5. Isn't seeing colour in the garden FAB?!
    I planted sweet peas today...what do think are my chances of them actually growing before autumn?
    Jane x

    1. Might be a wee bit early for seeds......I have Perennial sweet peas at the cottage....
      Perhaps you should look for one at your nursery.....

  6. Beautiful blooms!

    Love the mouse! That is really going to be adorable!

  7. What pretty flowers! I have daffodils...
    One pretty tulip is blooming. She's always the first and the prettiest.
    The others aren't far behind, and the trees are starting to turn green too!
    Cute little mouse head.

    1. Funny.....I have one like that at the cottage! I tried to get a picture of her last weekend, but it was no good....
      Whatever happened to your wee felt bear?

    2. I haven't looked at my wee felts since my mom passed, but I have been thinking about it lately.
      Actually, there has been a considerable amount of stress around here lately. (My daughter has a boyfriend... There aren't any problems with him, per say, it's the daddy who is really stressed and so far has refused to meet him. It's not bloggable yet.... *sigh*)
      I have a bazillion different varieties of daffodil here. They're all pretty.

  8. I have to see if I can take a decent photo of my daffodils. I picked a couple today because they are just so sweet ! I have daffodils that are ordinary , I have white petals with a yellow center and I have yellow ruffled ones !! those smell a little sweet also.
    One red tulip opened, it is in my kitchen now. I am just waiting, everything is going to burst open any day now, being this far north and so much cold weather, I think everything is cautious about actually blooming :)
    besos ! oh .. we have huge trees and they are all opening now . so wonderful. get the benadryl !

    1. I am sure it would make a sweet bouquet♥️
      I do believe I might be further north than you....and YES....brutal winter!
      Grab the Kleenex!

  9. Oh my sweet girlfriend....I have been SO ABSENT! I tried to comment last night, and couldn't for some reason! So sorry to hear you and the bf have been feeling puney. My whole house, all but me, has been sick. I am PRAYING I don't get it, because then I cannot be with my Mom. She began chemo on Friday.
    What a crazy, busy time!

    1. Yes you have....bad girl! Hahaha!
      Best wishes to your Mom♥️

  10. Nice mouse project. Glad you're feeling
    better. That is good news.

    Love the flowers.

    1. Now the boyfriend has it.....MUCH worse than me....if you know what I mean....

  11. You have some beautiful flowers blooming there Linda. I noticed that my daffodils don't have near as many blooms as usual this year. I wonder why. Pussy willows gone to seed are really pretty. I see them growing in my neighbour's front field/swamp after wondering if there are any nearby to cut but they're gone to see now. :( Your little mouse head is too cute!

    1. I agree about the daffodils....lots of green but few blooms...
      Why not ask to snip a few, and root them!
      I love the mouse!

  12. how i love a mouse! she's a keeper! i hope you name her. ask miss v what the mouse's name should be.
    do you know what a give a green thumb is? WOW.
    hope your sprinter turns soon into full blown spring! xo

    1. How about I make a girl and a boy!
      Think I'll do that!

  13. You've got some beautiful things blooming now. I love all the color. The mousey is adorable! I can't wait to see more.

    1. I will keep going....pretty quick, just kinda fiddly!

  14. Oh Linda, your garden is just bursting with color and beauty. Just got back today from our trip, and it seems a lot longer than 10 days. Sorry you were sick while I was gone, but good to hear you're doing better. Love the mouse....adorable. Hugs and smiles.

  15. Oh my ur blog is ADORABLE!!! I look forward to reading ur past blogs.

    1. Why thanks Miss Marples....welcome!
      I have seen you over at the Grumpster!

    2. The Grumpster... Who's that?

  16. The gardens are a bit slow this year. You have some lovely spring blooms.
    Good to hear you are feeling better and went out for a little while ... any thrifty bargains?

    1. Got a few a couple of weeks ago.....haven't taken any pics!
      Got a gorgeous hand knitted sweater coat for Miss V......$1.50!

  17. Were you ill? How come I wasn't informed by bluemail? Hope you're doing much better now. Love those flowers.

    That said, allow me to retire and take a nap. I'm tired. :(

    1. Awwwww...thanks Blue♥️

    2. Ah there it is... Your sweet little mouse. You bet I like it, and a whole lot too. You're so creative :

    3. I know....VERY creative...

  18. Lovely spring flowers! And the soup... I shall make it as well :)

    1. Hi Aga...the recipe is in my search box....delish!


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