Friday, 23 May 2014

The Week That Was......

Here are a few pictures...
Of my week at home....
So excited...
One of my Pussywillow branches...that I put in my planter....has leaves!!!
that means...
It has roots!!!
I will leave it for a while...
Transplant into a pot...
Plant in the Fall at the cottage!!
So happy about this!

A few more Tulips opened up at the front...
These were from my front planter last year!
So happy they made it!
GOSH...I am sounding really happy... tell you the truth...not so happy...
Only because I am still at home...
And not at the cottage..due to crappy weather...
Oh well...
We will go tomorrow...

Ok...back to the week that was!!

  Front Ferns and Hostas looking good...

  Lots more Hostas to come....and Lily Of The Valley...

  Perhaps next week.... 

  Ok....back to being happy...I thought my Forget-me-nots forgot to come up!!!
  Found a small patch at the front....seems to have some pink in there as well...


  Did a little bit more clean-up...lots of needles from the big old Pine tree... boyfriend and I got the pool cover off....water looks pretty scuzzy eh???

  After some sweeping,vacuuming, more sweeping...chlorine...and a day later...

  TA DA!!    Looks a 1000 times better!   {that is just me folding laundry...2 more loads to go}

  Tomatoes and avacadoes sunning themselves...amde them into a Greek salad that night...

                Very juicy! 

   The backyard yielded a small patch of forget-me-nots as well...

   These were a deeper blue than at the front...

   Wonder if there are any at the cottage....{will have to wait to see}

   Kalanchoe out for the summer...tiny Hens and Chicks looking a bit grim...

   Hopefullly they will pick up... 


   While digging out a few stray bamboo shoots...

   I discovered this lovely yellow Tulip...completely hidden....lovely!

   And...the ants...are loving the Peonies!!! 

  Earlier in the week...

  I mentioned some sweet   cantaloupe...


  Not to disappoint...

  Here are a few pics!

  You can see how juicy it was...

          I bought another one...

       It is cut and ready to go to the   
         supposed to be warmer this weekend...
                  .fingers crossed...


   Hope you all had a great day...

   Had a real downpour earlier....while I was out...of course!!

   Picked up 2 gigantic ferns at Walmart....$9.88 each!!!    Fantastic....

   They are for the I will get a pic this weekend!!


      On the menu this Friday....

          Home made Pizza...with sliced tomatoes,black olives,sauteed mushrooms,goats cheese...

                  And....of course.....smoked salmon on my boyfriends portion...:o)

                         I think Ceasar Salad with the rest of those juicy grape tomatoes...


         Enjoy your weekend...

                 Cheers!   :o)


  1. Our tulips forgot to flower this year.
    I think I will pick up a cantaloupe tomorrow...yours looks scrumptious.
    Jane x

    1. I buy the ones that are already halved..that way, you can see and feel the ripeness!
      Good luck!

  2. Very nice, homemade dough too?

    I don't know what's in the Club House? Do tell, do tell.

    Happy Weekend. We are about to start our eight day staycation!

    PS: Will you snap photos of the pizzas?

    1. No homemade are the bread maker Ivy!
      Club house...3 layers of bread with turkey,tomato,lettuce, bacon and mayo...
      All stacked..cut into triangles and stabbed with a frilly toothpick...
      Try one!
      Enjoy your staycation!
      Yes...I took a few photos....just for you!

    2. You took photos? I'm so excited. Thanks!

      I would love to try that sandwich, it sounds light and yummy. And I love bacon and turkey together, I dunno why but boy, they pair well.

      Just made some dough and now it's on it's first fermentation. Just some small dinner rolls for throughout the day. But we do have turkey and bacon ... mmm .....

    3. Pictures later in the week Ivy...😜

  3. oh my your pool looks heavenly, wow, we are having home made pizza tonight too!

  4. Nice pool. Is it warm enough yet for a swim?
    Loved the tulips and plantsl
    There's a banana for you at my place? LOL

    1. Gosh it's difficult to get into your place - the security codes are nigh impossible - do you live in Fort Knox"? LOL

    2. LINDA, ooops the key got stuck!

      You are cordally invited to my blog to dance with ne to some beautifully romantic music and read some romantic prose which shows yet another side of Eddie LOL
      It's my new post . . . . bring the b/f if you like because you WILL need a chaperone. I'll try to hide all the other ladies!! LOL

    3. Hi Eddie....
      Pool heater not on yet..will keep you posted!
      Sorry about the word verification. :o(
      Will visit yours when I get back from the cottage...
      Just wanted to answer these comments before I go....
      See 'ya!

  5. oh... the last two posts have been glorious!
    and this one... i would have thought you'd have to drain all the dark green water!
    shows what i know about pool maintenance!
    even when you DON'T go to the cottage...
    still beautiful shots to swoon over. thanks cc girl.
    hey. it's totally cloudy. C'MON RAIN! lol. i know... not there. not for you. just here. ♥

  6. What beautiful pictures. You live in a wonderland.

    The pool is sparkling now...I would be a tad jealous, but the complex we hope to move in to has a pool!!! teehee. Were you folding clothes as you enjoyed the pool view?

    The colors of your flowers look like they are freshly painted. Just love them.
    Sending hugs and smiles

    1. Yes...I was!
      It looked so blue, I thought I would take a picture!
      I like folding in the kitchen....I use the counter to fold t shirts nice and smooth!
      Enjoy your long weekend!

  7. Way to go on the pussy willow!! That is a great free plant for the cottage! I see your tomatoes and your avocado enjoying a little sunbathe and feel guilty about mine chilling the in the fridge now! Perhaps I will let them out for little bit of air tomorrow, what do you reckon! The pool looks much happier after its attention, you will be swimming and paddling around the edge before you know it! Happy cottaging. xx

    1. Oh, and great new header - of course!!!

      I had trouble getting in too - security must be tight, you don't want anyone sneaking in for a swim before you get a go! xx

    2. I like the header too! Very soft looking....
      Enjoy your weekend...leaving shortly for the cottage....

  8. OMY I love cantaloupe and I miss them!(in this time)
    look delicious and juicy! Ok is my time to suffer I know a few fruits in Winter and I know in summer is the best time For this I freeze berries lol
    Love all your pictures amazing as well and I love your new header!!
    Have a Nice weekend Linda:)

    1. Oh talk so sweetly!
      Enjoy your weekend too!

  9. I love forget-me-nots! One of my favorites!

    I finally got to the garden center today. Perfect weather, lovely things...I think they had just restocked after Mother's Day and before Memorial Day. I had the best time browsing and buying...I needed a fun, relaxing little chore and that just fit the bill! Now for planting and cleaning up the yard!

    Love the pool...what an improvement! haha.

    1. Glad you got some garden stuff.....annuals? What kind?
      I wish the forget-me-nots would bloom all summer!
      Yes...the pool never fails to please!

  10. It was really chilly today and it poured of rain later this afternoon ... just got back from another garden centre where I bought some plants for my tipsy buckets but didn't get them planted as it was too wet. Then when it stopped raining after dinner there were too many bugs out!! I need some ferns for the front garden. Some hostas are very slow this year, and I don't blame them for wanting to stay tucked up in the ground. Cute little forget me nots. Hope you get to the cottage on Saturday.

    1. Poured here too Linda....
      We are leaving shortly...need to shower!

  11. I love your header photo ! Your yard is lovely with the pool there ! The weather has been chilly and cloudy here since yesterday but the weekend is looking wonderful followed by a summer like week ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

    1. Thanks Elaine...anxious to see what's up at the cottage....lots of rain out there..

  12. When I was growing up we had a pool and I remember taking the cover off for the first time after winter! It made a lovely pond for frogs.

    1. Yes....and it was especially yucky this year, as the cover stayed on longer than usual...
      No problem....all lovely now!

  13. Great pictures...pool looks good so do your toes nothing beats when we can finally wear our sandals :)
    the pizza sounds yummy I make a similar one without the tomatoes and drizzle white truffle oil on top a little bit goes a long way. Have a lovely weekend!!!

    1. I do love my toes!
      Your pizza sounds very interesting....happy weekend!

  14. Hi Linda. Your yard is glorious in bloom! The pool looks like ours! Greg put too much algaecide in it and it turned green. It is slowly coming back now. I was not happy. Triple digits, and we couldn't swim!!
    Have a lovely weekend at the cottage. We have a busy one too. Wedding tonight. Leaving fort lake tomorrow. Erika's birthday, and family bbq. Putting boat in for the season. Woo hoo!!!
    xo Kris

    1. Hey Kris!
      Have a great time at Big Bear!

  15. Linda, I love your header photo! How beautiful. That is quite a difference in your pool after it was cleaned. Amazing! Your yard looks beautiful. The weather is dismal here today but it's a good day to burn brush and junk that has been collecting in the corner of the yard the past few years. It's so nice to have a space to burn stuff now. I hope you got to the cottage. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Pam!
      Cottage was good...still chilly...but good!

  16. Your yard is looking great, Linda. The pool cleaned up really fast! We had an above-ground pool when I was a kid and I'm sure it always took at least a week to look that much better when the cover first came off. I am sure you'll have a great summer in it. I hope you get to the cottage soon.

    1. The pool always clears up quickly....
      We have one of those trampoline type covers, so no leaves or crap gets in!

  17. Your garden looks so pretty and the pool so inviting, I'd love a pool but we'd need much better weather!
    Your meal sounds delicious, as usual
    Have a great rest of the weekend x

    1. Thanks was a great weekend!

  18. I love the laundry. It sneaks into my photos sometimes too.

    1. I like folding...and the fresh scent!


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