Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Pizza For Two...........

Friday nights have been very important around here....

For a very long time...

Time to eat by candlelight...in the dining room...

Listen to music...eat something special!

We have been doing this since our kids were little...

Mom and Dad's time...catching up with the week...discussing plans...

You get the picture!

Even since all of our kids have moved out...

We still reserve Friday nights for....US...time to relax...enjoy...chat...

And....last Friday night was no exception...although we would have rather been at the Cottage!

We had homemade Pizza...well...almost homemade...I bought the crust!

It is from ACE bakeries...lovely and chewy, with herbs and olive oil...

The perfect setting to build one of our custom order Pizzas!


Ingredients are prety darn simple...

Olive oil on the bottom and top of the crust...

Sliced tomatoes...sauteed mushrooms,peppers,onion and some sausage I ahd bbq'd the night before...

Chopped black and green olives...

Sprinkle of Parmesan cheese...

lots of goats cheese...


smoked salmon on my boyfriends half... 

No Mozzarella for us...{boyfriend has cholesterol issues}

Into the oven on a preheated pizza stone...

Maybe 20 minutes...


Drizzle some more olive oil....

Tear some fresh basil...

Slice and enjoy!!

This time...and this was the first time...

I poured a wee bit of Parmesan yogurt dessing over top...


I served this with a grape tomato and avacado salad...forgot to take a pic of that!!

SO...this is for Ivy over at The Happy Whisk...she is a smartie...she makes her own crust!!!  great little blog!!

I will leave you with a slice of Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast cake...

        Smothered in fresh berries and fat free yogurt....



  Hope you all had a great day....

     Hot...Humid and Sunny here....got the A/C on!!! first time this year....

       On the menu this hot, humid sunny Tuesday...

       Well....I spent most of the day in the kitchen...

                   { even when my friend Devon came for a catch up, chit chat and a cuppa tea...
                              also had some cake and berries....tee hee hee}

                Homemade Potato Salad...homemade Pasta salad...homemade 3 bean salad...

                     And an assortment of cold meat...namely Ham, Turkey and Roast beef

                     Enjoy the rest of your day and evening....

                           Cheers!  :o)


  1. The pizza look amazing.
    And you make me laugh because here I fill too the middle is veggie (for esperanza).corn, cheese, tomatos and the other some meat, cheese, bacon or ham . Funny.
    Love your dessert too.

    1. Good thing Pizzas can be made to order, eh Gloria?

    2. Yes sometimes I feel like they believe here is a restaurant lol

  2. Absolutely anazing cooking. Gosh that looks really appetising!

    1. Thanks Eddie...it was quite delicious....and another lovely Friday night!

  3. What a sweet little tradition you two do! I wish we did something like that. I can't drag the mister away from his work (yes, he brings it home!) but a few minutes to eat and then he's back to it. Sigh.

    1. We have done this FOR EVER!
      My boyfriend has worked out of the house for over 15 years!
      We are here ALL DAY! But...it works for us!
      We LOVE our Friday nights!
      Talk to him....or....get him to work out of the house!

    2. He does work out of the house! haha...then he brings it home and works another 4-5 hours! ugh.

    3. No no no.....I meant his office is here....at home!
      He goes out on the road 2 days a week....those are my "free" days!

  4. Your pizza looks great Linda, and what a great idea to make this special time just for the two of you. xx

    1. It is very important to always do that!
      That is why I call him my boyfriend!
      That is how it all started!

  5. Replies
    1. Oh you bet it was Jessica......

  6. do you deliver??????
    Muggy here and the ac is on tonight, had a very brief rain shower with those huge drops ... new kitchen floor tomorrow, everything is moved out and spread throughout the house :)

    1. Hahaha! You have asked me that before Linda!
      Not a drop here...I actually watered the gardens!
      Can't wait to see your kitchen!

  7. that is definitely a grown up pizza, lovely!

    1. Yes....definitely for grownups! Ha!

  8. Hi Linda... what a deliciously looking pizza. I love date nights. Took a nap this afternoon as we are going to friends for "Eat and Pray" ~ something our church does once in a while...a group get together for fellowship, visiting and food, and then a time of prayer for each other and the country. No cooking tonight!

    1. Enjoy your evening Wanda...you have earned it!

  9. I'm so glad you've kept your Friday dates going. Ours is Saturday nights and I look forward to it every week. Your pizza looks delicious! I love the toppings you used, they sound great together.

    1. Yup...me too!
      Makes me feel young....well....youngER!

  10. Well, as good as that pizza looks I like the sound of all those salads you made today. I was out with my girls and Gwyn for lunch today and I went for the buffet which included the best three bean salad. I love that. Nice that you and the BF still have traditions from when you were young parents. Keeps things on a good track. Aren't we having great weather? And more to come. Have a great evening Linda. Deb

    1. So easy to make....can of beans,green onion,celery,yellow peppers and some sundried tomato dressing.....
      The potato and bow tie pasta were great...and....leftovers! Yay!
      Fabulous weather...and a great weekend ahead....

  11. I must have forgotten to finish posting my comment... again.
    I do love a good pizza. Maybe I need to make some on a Friday night when my grandchildren are here, but I think I'll trade the smoked salmon for mozzarella cheese.

    1. I love mozzarella....but the boyfriend can't eat it!
      I could.....but I don't bother....I love the goats cheese ♥️

    get thee behind me satan!

  13. AC on already? Come down here and you'll get cooled off really fast. Honestly, Monday it was 7 C in Moncton and Fredericton and cloudy and a blustery northeast wind blowing. Unreal!! Your handcrafted pizza looks delicious and it's nice to maintain a Friday night tradition.

  14. No air on here yet! Too cool. We had only one day of heat so to speak of.
    We eat everyday at the same table at the same time......like your tradition of talking.....lol

  15. Lovely tea time chat! Delish cake, berries and yogurt...yum! Thanks for that!


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