Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Saturday thru Sunday.....

By Saturday afternoon...

The sun was shining...

The wind shifted to the NE...

The ice flows started to melt...

It was a gorgeous day...

Made chili...

Sat and watched the world go by!! 

By Sunday...all the ice flows were gone...bright blue skies...fabulous!

When we left the cottage at 3pm, it was 17*c...

As we got closer to home...

The temps dropped to 8*c...quite chilly and windy at home...

My boyfriend was quite the beach glass collector this weekend...

All 5 pieces!!!

When he moved that huge staircase off the beach...

Good job!!

And the Swallows have returned...

Checking out a few of my birdhouses...

Not sure if we will put the Purple Martin House up this year...

Residency has been on the decline...and a lot of work to install...

We will see...

My boyfriend took this shot of me...

I was a happy camper...

In my flipflops...

Sitting on the beach deck...

Doesn't get much better...

Oh..except...it could get a wee bit warmer! Hahahaha!

Hope you are all having a great day...

I was going to go out...but right now it is pouring rain and gusting very high winds...

Think I'll stay toasty and warm inside...

Curl up with some crochet...and a cup of tea..

I have 2 birthdays coming up...daughter and son...

Some of you might remember the longest afghan in the world???

Well...my son really likes it...they are his living room colours...so...I am going to get busy with that, and bring it to an end...and give it to him! I have already made his cat...Buddy...a cat bed, from the same colours...so, that will make a great gift for the man who has everything !

Grilled pork tenderloin medallions...
mashed potatoes...
sauteed peppers...

How does that sound for dinner...on this cold damp windy rainy day in April!!

Hoping for better weather....soon!! 

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                    Cheers!   :o)


  1. That is great you had a couple of nice days at the cottage. It is sunny here today but really windy which is making it cool. I'm not doing much outside as it was grocery shop day. Not sure what else I'll do today, perhaps read a bit but probably not sitting outside.

    1. Yes....they were much better than the foggy Friday!
      No....no sitting outside here, either!
      We have had rain....hail.....snow......crappy day!

  2. So nice you got to the cottage. I always know it is getting warm when I see pictures of your place. Enjoy the nice weather. It's lovely here.

    1. Oh thanks Kathy....such a nice thing to say!
      Enjoy your week.....

  3. Now I know where spring went..it's at the lake!
    The snow in the top shot looks like spume...that's a horrid word isn't it,for such a pretty thing.
    Jane x

    1. It sure ain't here today!
      What a fascinating word that is,Jane!

  4. Beach glass gets scarce quick around here. I guess it's best to find it as soon as the snow melts, long before the hordes of beach combers come out of hiding. A few years ago I had a little friend who brought me a whole bagful!
    I really like the first photo of the seagulls riding ice bergs. Very nice.

    1. Yes...for sure! But...our beach is private....so we get to keep any and all!
      Yes....the Gulls were courting! They were there for over an hour!
      Talking sweet nothings!

  5. LOVE your robin shot, Linda. Flip-flops seem like a long way off with today's weather. Enjoy your dinner. :)

    1. I have not been able to capture any Chickadees yet....
      They were feeding by the kitchen at the cottage, but I could not capture them!
      Today's weather has been garbage.....all day!
      I am glad I stayed in.....
      Miss V tomorrow!

  6. Great place for you today inside crocheting....
    Great pics today Linda!

    1. Yes it was, Linda.....got a lot accomplished on the afghan!
      Enjoy your evening!

  7. Your boyfriend takes really good pics..
    Hope your husband isn't the jealous type..

    Poured here today..cleared up aroud 4..

    Flip flops and snow..is the sign of a true optimist.
    You have a beautiful smile~
    We were in Ontario today:)

    1. Ha! Don't worry Monique! He is very understanding♥️
      Poured.....snowed......hailed......sunny......windy......all in one day!
      I am a true optimist....for sure!
      You were in Ontario? And you didn't stop by for a cup of tea?
      Where were you?

  8. Seems spring is only a few steps away! Stay warm. (smile)

    1. Let's hope Dixie!
      How is your weather down there in the south?

  9. Oh goody the Barn swallows are back ! I will be looking and listening for them now ! Lovely photos ! It is really windy here to today with sun and a little rain snow mix in the dark clouds that are just whizzing by us ! Oh supper sound delish ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

    1. They do have a neat song,eh?
      No Martins yet!

  10. Oh, I love the new header! Gorgeous shot of the robin...and his lovely red breast feathers! Wow!

    The cottage yard is coming to life! Still chilly, though...it is here, too! I froze today while I was out. No flip flops for me! ha. I still need that first pedicure!

    1. Thanks Betsy! There were a lot out and about!
      I love zooming in on things!
      Yes....a few things up....most still covered in snow....:o(
      I need a pedicure...maybe next week!

  11. I love your header photo of the robin. The sky photos are gorgeous. It's amazing how the wind can blow the ice away just like that. It's been a cold, windy, foggy, rainy day here. Brr. I had to have a nap under a blanket this afternoon. Have a cozy evening.

    1. Hi Pam.....thanks! It is so rewarding when you get a good shot!
      Awful weather here too.....and the winds! Crazy!
      A nap? You devil you! Hahaha!

  12. It's all looking a lot calmer now and garden looking neat and tidy . . .
    I was telling my cousin today about your cottage and he knows someone who bought an island near Lake Eireb for £60 in 1950 and owns a little chalet on it . . . I'll ask him where it is exactly . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      I know you meant Lake Erie.....hahaha!
      Would be interesting to know where the Chalet is.....
      Say hi to your Cousin!

    2. I can see you are much happier now it is flip flop weather again.

      Yes . . . another Eddie typo. Rodney says Hi back . .
      The island is in Georgian Bay and Rodney has visited and swum in Lake Eire around 2003 when he retired from teaching. Two cousins of his wife live in Canada, one in Toronto and one in Ottawa and it is a cottage not a chalet on the island, one of three they build themselves. Family there visit it regularly.

      Like the piccie of you, your b/f took . . .
      Having little Peter tomorrow and Fri ~ Rodney can help with looking after him and it is only for the afternoons . . .
      Feeling a little better but pain comes on sometimes . . . .

      Hope little Miss V is ok . . . :)

    3. You spelled it wrong again, Eddie!!! LAKE ERIE!!!
      Georgian Bay is a few hours north of Toronto...and probably over 4 hours from the cottage...
      Very nice up there....
      Have fun with Peter...just about leaving to go and pick up Miss V...she will be staying for dinner with us ♥️

    4. Silly me with that spelling . . . must be a mental block. . . lol
      I'll write you 50 lines with the right spelling . . . :)

  13. Oh - dinner sounds good! I just had a big bowl of herbed chicken soup with rice. It's a soup-kinda-day. Brrrr... Love the robust robin. And pink toes meet white ice... very cool! No pun intended. :-)

    1. It was good! Soup sounds good too!
      Very cool, indeed!

  14. Did you ever show us the picture of the blanket?

    1. Yes.....February 24...2014.....check in my sidebar!
      How are you feeling?

  15. Love those toes and the snow....what a combination . I just bought a new pair of silver sandals. Now I need to bring spring colors instead of my constant black and grey.
    Dinner sounds great. I did panko crusted chicken breasts, and finished off the scalloped potatoes from last night, and added some broccoli for color....Hugs

    1. Nothing comes between me and my Flipflops!
      You always get great clothes at your thrift shops!
      Scalloped potatoes is one of my very favorites!

  16. Spring must be here . . . the toes have returned!

  17. So glad to see the foot fetish re emerging. :) And the BF certainly took a lovely photo of you! Met a couple of friends for coffee this afternoon, had to dash between the raindrops, not fun. What's with this weather? Enjoy Miss V. tomorrow and take care...

    1. Yes....this weather is kooky! Hopefully today is drier! So much to do!

  18. So glad things are thawing out at the cottage! Love the robin pictures. What a jolly, happy looking bird!

    1. He is happy, isn't he Devon?
      How are things out West?

  19. flipflops and ice, doesn't it get too cold? :)
    We;re well into spring here, with all the flowers in full bloom, lilacs and irises preparing to do so as well.

    1. Hi Dez.....
      It was actually quite warm that day.....just the last of the ice bergs melting away....
      The Lake water is very cold....
      Still waiting for some Spring colour in the garden!

  20. Oh, Linda, I've loved catching up this afternoon! I cannot wait to see your cottage in the warmer weather. It is just so very beautiful there! Love your new flag! But, my favorite photo of all was Miss V in her Toronto Blue tee shirt! Such an expression! Makes a grandmother's heart squinch up in joy! blessings ~ tanna

    1. Gee thanks Tanna.....I noticed you were absent....must visit you!
      Yes....I love that photo too!


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