Monday, 20 April 2015

Friday....Noon 'til Five....

 It had been sunny and warm the whole drive on Friday....

When we reached the Lake...

We could not believe our eyes!!!

Pea Soup Fog!!!

And much chillier than we expected...

Oh well...

Made lunch...and then we got busy...raking!!!

Boyfriend got a new flag installed...

You can see how windy it was...

And foggy...

And lots of icebergs floating on the Lake...

Made for a rather chilly South breeze...

That big aluminum steps and handrails was still there...

It had floated in , in the Fall...

And stayed all winter...

One of our neightbours came over on Saturday...

And he and my boyfriend got it dismantled and moved...

It was soooo heavy!!


 As the afternoon progressed...

the sun melted some ice on the treetops...

which fell in huge drops onto our heads, while we worked...

my hair was soaked...

and kinda furry...


The fog started to lift around 5pm...

And the sun came out... then...we were cold and tired...

So we went inside around 6pm...

As we were eating dinner...

Around 7:30...

The sky turned shades of blue and pink...

Fantastic way to end the day...


But of course...

A fire....♥️ 

Hope you are all having a great day...

Lots of rain here...and darn chilly!

We have Miss V for the afternoon...

She is sleeping right now...she already got a short walk in with her Papa, after lunch...between the periods of rain!!

We are having filet of sole, fried rice and fresh yellow beans for dinner...

Hope you all had a great weekend...

Saturday was day at a time!! hahaha!

More later.....

Enjoy the rest of your day...

                               Cheers!    :o)


  1. Weekend was lovely! But today back to rain and cold! Love the pic go the fire.

    1. Thanks Linda!
      Enjoy your week....

  2. Lots of weather to experience! I guess that's what spring is most of the time - fluctuations. Love the purply-pinky sky - how beautiful. You and the bf must be tired from all your efforts! Love the photo of you... taking a photo! And your hair looks great - not furry at all. :-) Dinner sounds good - not sure what I will have yet. Very dull here but no rain yet.

    1. The sunset was beautiful!
      Saturday was gorgeous....more pictures to share!

    2. I really like that one of you taking the photo in the mirror - very artistic and has a certain architectural flair to it as well.

    3. Well thanks Suzanne......
      I was trying to get my furry hair in the pic....without my saggy face!
      I love the ceiling in the living room.....

  3. Take that back... it's pouring now!

    1. Hahaha! Now the sun is shining here!

    2. And now it's bright sun here! Crazy.

    3. And now it's dark again!

  4. It looks pretty dreary there but just think of what's to come. I always like seeing inside your cottage. So homey. Hugs

    1. Yes Deb...must remember what is to come!
      Thanks....still a lot of stuff that goes outside!
      Have a great week.....

  5. Who ever said that weekends were for relaxing?
    Jane x

  6. It has been a rainy Monday with wind making it quite chilly. Hope that nice warm weather returns soon.
    It looked chilly at the cottage, but all that raking would keep you warm.

    1. Well......not really! Hahaha!
      Will be good again next week....just a bump in the road!

  7. My, what a work day! Got so much accomplished. I can't believe ice in the water...yikes that's cold. Your fire looks so romantic and inviting.

    The pool is open here and I hear the kids splashing and laughing after school. I'm enjoying writing an article for the Villa Ramona Newsletter, adding some of my pictures and recipes.
    Good to be home and getting back in our "retired" routine of busyness.

    Always love to come and enjoy your side of the world. Old fashioned meat loaf and scalloped potatoes tonight. Back to my childhood and the smells from mom's kitchen. Love and HUGS

    1. Welcome home Wanda...I have missed your lovely comments!
      Meat loaf and scalloped potatoes.....yummy!

  8. That is some fog! Glad it cleared and gave you such a pretty sky! Aren't you glad you have a fireplace in the cottage? I bet that felt wonderful after your cold work day!

    We got a bit of yard work done, too...hostas, bleeding hearts and peonies divided and transplanted. Still lots to be done out there but it's early yet...and I like to work when it's a bit warmer! Brr. ha.

    1. It was so shocking! Literally came out of nowhere!
      And the drippy trees....unbelievable!
      Your soil must be way warmer than peonies are just tiny red dots! too!

    2. My peonies are shoots about a foot tall! No leaves or anything yet, though...perfect time to transplant.

    3. No way!
      I thought transplanting peonies was pretty risky....
      They have to be planted just right....
      You are a wizard, Betsy!

  9. Some of the pictures from the cottage are so pretty and some are downright chilly looking. I wonder where the metal steps floated in from. The US? :) We got some yard work done too but it's still wet in some spots to do anything. I have 2 flower beds cleaned out though, and the rhubarb which is starting to come up. Rain coming tonight and a mixed bag the rest of the week. Have a good one Linda!

    1. Hi Pam...
      No idea where it came from....but we hope it is gone!
      We still had snow on one side...hopefully next weekend...more raking!
      I think we should hire a gardener! Hahaha!

  10. Those Lakes do like to cause trouble. I only wish those warm breezes from the south were good for your weather as well as ours.
    I know too well how cold a lake breeze can feel, especially when the lake is sporting ice bergs.
    Love the pink sky.
    Pink sky at night,
    sailors delight....

    1. Yes Martha.....the south wind, coming off the lake, was bitter!
      On Saturday, it switched to the NE, and it was much better!
      The sky was the highlight for Friday......for sure!
      How are you making out?

    2. I am trying to share the wind with you. As long as it keeps changing directions, we'll both get some warm winds.
      My daffodils popped and the crocus have melted. I guess that means we're making progress.
      PS. I love the photo of you in the mirror.

    3. You are so sweet to share....I would not have expected anything less of you....
      I have a few daffodils here at home....their heads are still hanging down.....they need some sun!

  11. The weather around the cottage and lake sure keeps you guessing !!!
    Never a dull moment there . . .
    Glad it brightened up and you enjoyed your stay . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie.....
      Yup....every trip is an adventure!
      We did enjoy the rest of the weekend....even slept in Saturday morning....after a very busy week....
      Hopefully you are even better today.......right?

    2. Hi Linda ~ a little better ~ however my leg will take a couple of months at least to heal ~ and that is quick.
      It looks absolutely awful . . . but I am a bit more mobile and pain is a little reduced. I wish I could shout from the rooftop of the world I am healed . . . but it will take time. I am beginning to think Leprosy might be easier to heal . . . lol

      Nice photo of you taking a photo . . . :)

    3. Oh gosh.....good thing you got that treatment at the hospital!
      Better stick to long pants! No shorts for a while.....
      You like that pic eh?

    4. Well I can only see one eye, camera in the way . . . I was thinking of calling you Polythemus . . . . lol
      Yes I shall certainly wear long trousers for a while . . .
      . . . and yes . . .I was lucky to get into hospital for I/V treatment . . . it was very serious . . . thank God they stopped it . . . :)

    5. I only have one eye! Hahaha!

  12. Does look like a chilly day! But a nice fire!

    1. Hi Furry.....
      Yes....with a fire, it always makes things nice!

  13. Icebergs? Pea soup fog? As you probably know, our Saturday here was lovely and warm enough to do some yard work. Not Sunday, though. And today poured and poured on our drive back and forth to Stayner for a sad occasion, funeral for my BF's cousin. I look forward to your blog about the rest of your weekend. Nice that you had little Miss Cutie today. :)

    1. Oh...our Saturday was beautiful! I had my Flipflops on! And.....I have the pictures to prove it!
      Sunday, was the time we hit Burlington, it was 8!
      Should have stayed at the cottage!
      Sorry about boyfriends cousin....
      Miss Cutie was hilarious!

  14. Love your cottage..tongue and groove..fireplace ..water etc..Spring and fall always a lot of work..
    How long have you had the cottage?
    I love the flag too..
    Lucas was here this aft..Miss V there..
    Lucky we are!

    1. Hi Monique...
      It is actually bead board...I had our handyman do the living room and tv room....and the shelving above....
      It was very dark panelling....tried to paint it.....the breadboard is much better!
      My boyfriend puts up a new flag, whenever needed! It takes quite a beating!
      This will be our 18th summer....can hardly believe it!
      We are very lucky, indeed!
      We danced....laughed.....made birthday cards for her aunt and uncle....such fun!

  15. Just the thought of the lake must be warming your heart Linda, even with that "messy" weather:) I finally got to some serious garden work on Saturday. What a mess out there! A little at a time, just like the days:) Thank goodness the evening settled in nicely...

    P.S. Thank you so much for the lovely note. I'm not back to blogging yet and things are still very hectic around here. I'll be doing a post update on Sunday. Missing everyone soooooo much. Love that one-eye shot, lol...enjoy every single moment Linda...

    1. Hi ~~Louise~~...good of you to drop by!!
      Looking forward to your return!!

  16. Love your robin in the header!


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