Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bits & Bobs.....

 Planter purchased at a Thrift shop...$ pretty...

Last of the Tulip blooms...better get me some more!!

Found these on the beach at the cottage last weekend...I thought they were Poppy seed heads...I "googled"...seems they are Lotus Seed Heads...Like Water strange to find them on the beach...beautiful though...

When I rake the leaves from the beds at the cottage...I drag a tarp over...put the leaves on the tarp...and then the boyfriend and I drag the tarp down to the beach, to the firepit...much easier than filling the wheelbarrow  100 times!!

My boyfriend found another fishing lure on the beach last weekend... he has found 5 so far...and he keeps them on an old basket in the,eh??

Purchased these perfect water shoes for Miss V...$1...they will protect her toe toes on the cottage beach...♥️

These next pictures are of my White Kalanchoe, purchased before Christmas. 
The buds that appeared a few weeks ago, have starting opening...and they are the most lovely shade of pale yellow!!!  how cool is that??


But certainly not least...

Miss V dressed on Monday, for The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball team opening game in Toronto!

Her Mom attended the game, while we had the pleasure of babysitting!!


Hope you are all having a great day...

Another beautiful sunny one today...

Went up and picked out some new frames...getting my eye test tomorrow... that I am 65, it is free!!

The test....not the glasses! hahaha!

Will be leaving shortly to pick up Miss V...

She will be having her favorite dinner with us...

Vegetable pasta...

The sauce is simmering right now...

Ceasar Salad with that...but will pass on the bread tonight!!

I really should get back to fitness...getting lumpy here!

Perhaps next week won't be so hectic, and I can join the gals...{right Hester?}

Enjoy the rest of your day...

Anything exciting going on in your neck of the woods??

                              Cheers!   :o)


  1. I like your leaf collecting method! We have to haul ours to the bin! Make sure to show us in your new glasses - you take great selfies! xx

    1. Will do Amy......and......thanks!

  2. Look at that face. So flippin' cute. Greats shoes too. Love a deal like that.

    Smart cookie with the tarp.

    1. I know! I wish I could be that darn happy!
      Yes.....the tarp was an excellent idea of mine!

  3. We do that too.. blow the leaves and rake onto the tarp and drag to the secret garden..we have so many:( leaves etc..We do a huge job in fall..several days..and in spring we need to do it again for the late faling Nov. and Dec.

    Maintenance is easier..and more pleasant.
    I love that little planter you bought..
    A shame Miss V looks so unhappy though:)♥What a cutie patootie.
    I think I wear leggings and big swaeters all that when I put my real pants on..everything feels tight..
    A figment of our imaginations..I think;)
    Beautiful color for that Kolanchoe..
    Ginas Skinny Taste Chicken Milanese w/ Arugula and tomato salad tnight.I love that recipe.
    You know you do when you make it again and again..

    Have a great evening!

    1. Oh yes! We do a ton in the Fall....,and then by some mystery, there are a ton more in the Spring!
      What's up with that? Hahaha!
      I wear leggings too....and stretchy them!
      Your dinner sounds delish!
      Have a great evening too, Monique!

  4. Little Miss V . . . growing up so fast . . . such a happy little face . . . .:)
    Great to be working again in the garden and clearing the leaves . . .
    Interesting fishing lures . . . does your b/f fish . . . I expect there are loads in the lake . . .
    Poppy seed head looks very interesting and love your plant photos . . .
    I can sense you are really happy again being at the cottage . . . . with it's almost magical charms . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie.....
      Yes....she is growing too fast for me!
      Nope....boyfriend hates fishing.....a lot of people do fish though.....Lake Erie Bass is quite nice.
      It is not a Poppy seed head....they are Lotus seed heads.....come on Eddie!
      I am always happy to be at....or going to.....the cottage♥️

    2. . . .ahh yes . . . just re-read it . . .yes, at first you thought that but see what you write about the Lotus seed head . . .
      I am writing 50 lines, "I must pay more attention to what Linda writes but I am sure she will understand that I am only a man!" . . lol

    3. Oh....believe me.....I understand!

  5. I'm sure the fish don't find the lures attractive once they see the hook!
    We put the leaves in the trailer and let the tractor do the hauling.
    Miss V...could she be any cuter? ..NO!
    Jane x

  6. I love that idea for the leaves on the tarp and may just use it when we have to collect them. Fun collection of fishing lures. Where to you get free eye testing for 65 and over? I have gone to the same opthalmologist (I know I didn't spell it right!) for 40 years except he passed away suddenly last fall before he turned 65! That was very sad. A new one has taken over so I'm wondering if this is for eye docs in general or perhaps Vogue Optical or something. I will be 65 in July and it sure would be nice not to have to pay next year when I go. It's been another nice day here but I hear the s**w word being passed around for the weekend. At least it won't last long. Our snow is going SO fast! Incredible. Have a nice evening.

    1. The Government pays for your eye tests, once you are 65. Not sure if that is just in Ontario.....
      The "s" word? You gotta be kidding!

  7. I always thought lost fishing lures just sunk to the bottom!

    1. You would not believe what washes up on the beach......

  8. That porcelain basket with the roses is incredible.
    I love water shoes.
    Still doing A-Z challenge - ready to hide.

    1. The shoes will be great for the cottage for her...
      How did you get trapped into that challenge? hahaha!

  9. We move large amounts of leaves on a tarp too, but lately I've been burning small amounts in the driveway instead.
    You always find great things at Thrift shops. Very pretty.
    And the child is delightful, as always.

    1. Yes...we burn them down on the beach....
      Delightful is a great word....I like that, Martha!!

  10. Hi Linda - I'm on day 3 of raking and now I wish I'd thought of that. Great idea for the future. There are 30 years of leaves here. Argggh!
    I painted the old well pump white today and cleaned up some paths through the apple trees. And, surprise, surprise, I hung a new feeder. haha!
    I am seeing different birds arriving and need to learn what they are. It's an exciting time during the migration. That Vivian is really growing up
    fast. I bet you love your chats with her. :) Hugs

    1. Raking is a way of life, when you have a big property!!
      The pump must look very pretty, Deb...
      Love our chats♥️

  11. Love those Lotus seed heads - how cool. I can imagine they would add something special to any kind of arrangement - flowers, stones, shells, mixed in with ornaments... lots of neat things.
    I want some hot pink water shoes! Perfect for the stones at the cottage I visit.
    The lures on the basket look great - what a good idea.
    And that Miss V is an imp! Look how tall she is getting - amazing. I like the "before" shot you took of her that you had on FB - sweet.

    1. Now you have me wondering...did I put them somewhwere???? OR ...leave them on the beach???
      I must get them when I go on Friday....thanks for the idea!!
      I imagine you go up to Muskoka to a cottage??? Beautiful up there....
      I love those 2 "Miss V"!!!

  12. We had cold grey wind today.....haven't been back out to work in the yard since that first day 2 weeks ago! ha.

    Great thrift store buys! I went to ours yesterday...always a fun adventure!

    Love the kalenchoe! That yellow was a nice surprise!

    1. Wonder why your weather is so poor?
      We have had a pretty nice week up here...nice again coats!!! Gonna be 19*c!!
      Did you buy anything?????

  13. I love this picture of miss V she look sooo cute with this jeans:)
    (I have a jeans like these lol)

    1. Oh make me laugh!!!
      You probably look just as cute in your jeans as Miss V!!

    2. Oh no dear ! Remember she is the most cute of all:)))

  14. You gave me a big giggle, so sorry that I guilted you into getting back to fitness, well, maybe not too sorry, ha, ha. Loved your kalanchoe photos, the great water shoes for Miss. V., the planter, even the tarp photo! Enjoy your little houseguest and take care...

    1. But you haven't...I NEED to go...just get busy with other things...funny, I USED to make the time...hmmmmmm
      Had a ball with her yesterday...

    2. Well, I'm certainly not perfect, ha, ha, I didn't get to S. Common today. Checked out the AGO instead. Glad you had a fun day with the little cutie yesterday. You take care....

    3. You are so cultured....I should hang around with you.....

  15. Lots of goodies you show us today, Linda. The pink planter is lovely and I'd have bought it too. And I love those fishing lures - great finds on the beach! Love Miss V in her Blue Jays shirt - HB had one, wore it around Australia for years until it died of old age :)

    1. You should pick him up another when you are up here!!
      My family are all Blue Jays fans....
      ME?.......I can tolerate baseball...especially if I have some crochet to work on!!

  16. Love your find, so pretty! Another cute find were the little shoes for Miss V. She's a doll and I love that photo. I'll bet she is a lot of fun to have around!

    1. Thanks Cheryl! She is innocent at this age....questions about everything!!
      Enjoy your weekend...


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