Friday, 24 April 2015

What's On Your Kitchen Table?

My kitchen table is always covered with something!!

Not messy, mind you...

Just full of things basking in the sunshine...when there IS sunshine!

The plum tomatoes and garlic, will go into a sauce for Mussels for my boyfriend for dinner tonight...

The bigger tomato and avacados, will go into a Greek salad for us to share...

I will be having a small homemade pizza with my salad!!

Do you write notes to yourself???

I do that constantly...especially for going to the cottage...I must write down everything I need to take for a specific dish or salad...Until it gets fully stocked...which usually takes at least a remember all the little condiments etc to take...

So....that is what is on my kitchen table this chilly Friday...

Peeks of sunshine...but still brisk winds...cold!!

We are staying home tonight...will get to the cottage tomorrow...

If the winds co-operate...a bonfire...gotta burn those leaves!!

And a sleepover...we will be toasty inside...with the furnace and a fire♥️

We will be driving to our sons place on Sunday...from the cottage...

For the birthday celebrations!!

Everything is ready to pack up...

Have a great weekend...see you all later!!

                   Cheers!  :o)


  1. Yours is the table of a good cook and food-lover . I love to see flowers on a kitchen table, too. Is there anything better than a big juicy tomato? What is that white and yellow flower? I should probably know that. My table has wild-flowers sprouting in a pot, my lap-top and a basket full of cat. I keep my fruit and veggie bowl on the kitchen counter. No cat there. It was cold here, too, today. Back to double digits tomorrow.I had Gwynn here all morning and I'm still picking up stuff. haha! She can do a number on the mouse-house. Have a great time at your beautiful cottage. Just enjoy. Hugs

    1. Hahaha!
      Kalanchoe Deb.....I feature her a lot!

  2. Lots of beautiful goodies on your table ~ far more nutritious and picturesque than mine . . .
    Yes I do write notes to myself to jog my memory but sometimes lose the notes , , , lol
    Glad you are visiting Cottage tomorrow . . . :)

  3. Organic bananas, local maple syrup, a cuppa, and the last of the onions.

  4. A decorative stoneware bowl in the center....full of mandarin oranges.

    I'm a list them...and they keep me and the zoo organized!

  5. i'll swear! there's got to be a TECHNICOLOR setting on that camera of yours!
    the color is always so gorgeous and vibrant!
    i hope you find some sunshine at the cottage. you deserve it.
    have a wonderful time sunday! i know you will. XO♥
    and no. i don't do lists.
    well. yes. i do. i carry it with me to the grocery store and then forget it in my purse. :(

  6. Have a great time at the cottage, Linda. Yes, I write notes for myself EVERY DAY! Your tomatoes look so red and delicious - Yum!

  7. What gorgeous intensely red tomatoes!

  8. Love the chicken! My table has all the components to build my shades for the two lamps I recently acquired. Yay!

  9. Right now I have several indoor plants on the table that have been trimmed and deflowered. I'm a note and list maker ... just love to cross things off the list when they are completed. I've got several lists right now as we are heading to Niagara Falls for the weekend so must know what to take, what to do before we leaved etc.

  10. I don't have a kitchen table... so nothing on it! Boy, those tomatoes really pop against that white.
    I am not a list maker but I do it for groceries and travel packing otherwise I will inevitably forget something.
    Finally went to Cluny's last night for dinner - was it Hester that mentioned it a while ago in your comments section? Loved it. LOVED it. The meal was absolutely unbelievable. And we had an absinthe fountain! Went with my goddaughter and her fiancé - I just love them. But OMG it was freezing out. I only had a short walk because I live right by the restaurant, but I still froze my tush off.
    You're not a mussels gal? I love them!
    Enjoy your weekend by the roaring fire - I so love the smell of a wood fire. Sigh...

    1. Yes, yes, Suzanne, it was me that raved about "Cluny's." Nice that you enjoyed it so much, you're lucky to live in such an amazing neighbourhood! :)

    2. Maybe when I meet up with should come too Hester!
      I think that would be perfect!

    3. Ok! Either of you savvy diners know a nice lunch place near or at Sherway? and I could meet Suzanne there!

    4. The more, the merrier. I don't know that area at all, but I'm up for anything.

  11. Just recently I put on a tablecloth that was my grandmother's. It was handmade in Mexico and it was one of her favourite possessions. It has a few stains on it from years and years of family dinners but that makes it all the more personal.

  12. You really don't want to know what is on my tables.
    I wish they had pretty center pieces, but they don't today.

  13. Hi Linda. Looks like it is warming up there a bit. How exciting to be getting to stay at the cottage again! We will miss the cabin this summer soooo much!
    Happy weekend, and birthday celebrating! Who's is it?
    xo Kris

  14. Your kitchen table is so pretty and has to bring you joy every time you pass it by! Hope you were able to have your fires (for leaves and for warmth) and have a safe travel to the birthday celebration!! blessings ~ tanna

  15. Your vignettes are lovely and inspiring. I have kind of lost my table for vignettes. since HB has retired he has taken it over with papers and books. He is doing his family tree and has been extremely successful . I do miss setting up little weekly vignettes. Altho I have started using a small corner of the breakfast bar. I'm sure one day I will get it back. In the meantime I live vicariously thru you and others :-)
    Have a terrific Sunday....

  16. Love.these tomatoes!
    Know I have part of the groceries (we were in the morning) and quinces, they waiting I make jam with them:))

  17. I missed this little post..
    Not much on my kitchen table:) A small iron birdbath..w/ fake cherries..that look so real..Noah tried to eat them until he was 4.
    I dust them off..
    Same tomatoes..avos..garlic in my kitchen too:)

  18. Thanks everyone.....your tables all sound very interesting too!
    I am just too darn lazy to answer every comment.....but I do appreciate every single one♥️
    You are the best peeps EVER!

  19. Great handwriting! Did you know that tomatoes are good for your skin. They protect you against too much sunshine.

    1. My skin is horrible.....wrinkly....and I eat TONS of tomatoes....must be TOO much sun!


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