Saturday, 5 January 2013

Friday... Snowy, Blowy Day at The Lake...

My boyfriend took a drive to the cottage yesterday....I armed him with one of my "older" cameras....He tends to want to push a lot of buttons, so the simpler the better...I am not criticising....just saying...that I take all the if something goes wrong with the will be my fault....anyway....enough of me bashing my boyfriends photography skills....At the end of the day......I think he did a pretty darn good job...:o)
Upon reaching the certainly was a scary day out there...Apparently The Niagara Region recorded the highest winds that all of Ontario...and his pictures certainly attest to that....
This was from inside the living room....and then he went upstairs to take one out of the window....He said the beach was all the way up to where we have our may remember from previous photos...right in the upper part of the the waves were breaking way up there..
I love the way the sun is trying to break thru the heavy clouds...He was just about to go down to the deck, and get some shots from there....but....the battery went dead!!!!  hahaha...Sorry about that!!!!!

        Kidding aside.....

         I think he did a pretty darn good job...

          Too bad he didn't think to use his Blackberry camera....tee hee hee...I am bad.

              Hope you all enjoyed your day...

               I am feeling a bit "coldish"...sore throatey....

                   Having friends for dinner tonight...

  On the menu.....

Succulent fall of the bone ribs....dry rub on one....saucy on the other...

        Onion soup Roasted Potatoes...

         Roast Zucchini with Parmesan Cheese...

          Dessert is a Mapley frozen Yogurt with a Fresh fruit Compote...

                        raspberries,blueberries,blackberries and some fresh Plums..
                           I simmered with Maple Syrup...OMG...delish...yummy...fabulous...

        Here's to a great Saturday night....

                              Cheers!   :o)



  1. Your BF did a great job with the photography assignment. He has learned from being around you! Hope your sore throat doesn't amount to anything....

  2. What are you doing reading my blog!!!!
    Get your party clothes on...and get over here!!!!

  3. Your fella did a wonderful job with the pictures!! Looks so cold and blustery!! I hope you can kick the cold before it gets ya! Dinner sounds awfully good! We are up at the cabin with both doggins' and two of our kids along with drew girlfriend and two of Eri's friends. Hubby just went to town for firewood.
    Have fun tonight
    XO Kris

  4. Well, those photos are gorgeous! I love the third one! Looks very windy and I feel cold just looking at them!

    Feel better! Hope dinner is fun tonight! :)

    1. Thanks Betsy...I do feel better, and we had a great time!!

  5. Pergaps you should start a cooking! Thanks for the new years and birthday wishes! Stay warm!

    Sandy xox

    1. Hi Sandy...hope you are well...I will think about the cooking blog..hahaha..

  6. whoa!!! i'd say you have some serious competition in the photography department! LOL.
    seriously. these were great.
    i'm just glad he got back safely. looked like almost whiteout conditions.
    hope there's not much damage to your deck when you can get on it this summer!
    i'm going to try the onion soup roasted potatoes. they sound delicious. as does everything you cook. and i'm even a vegetarian! LOL. the maple fruity sauce - WOW!
    tammy j
    ps... i hadn't heard of the os roasted taters til here - if i can't find a recipe i'll be back. i'm obviously not the chef you are. i'm sure they're simple?

    1. Deck looks is the beach we worry is far less damaging when the lake is frozen...but not cold enough yet to freeze...I have emailed you the onion soup "recipe"...enjoy!!!

  7. Your boyfriend got some great shots. it does look blustery and cold there at the lake with the water and waves crashing. I hope you don't lose your beach. Your dinner sounds so yummy. I hope you have a lovely week ahead.


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