Saturday, 12 January 2013

The Sunporch be continued...

The re-building of our Sunporch has begun. It required more work than expected. They had to tear down the ceiling, as water had gotten in under there, and rotted a few of the beams. Luckily.....nothing that can't be fixed.

We drove out on Thursday, and had a chance to speak with Dustin, the young chap who is doing the reno. He comes highly recommended by our handy-man that is good enough for us.
The new wood has arrived...for the beams, posts and floor joists..As you can see.....the snow is all but gone...I am sure that Friday's and todays high temps will melt anything left over...

Remnants of the old ceiling...

He already had the support posts in place...You can see the water damage at the end of the floor beams...The cottage was built in for an eighty year old...she is still in pretty good shape!!!! Since purchasing 16 years ago, we have made it a practice to replace or repair any and all things that require our attention....well worth it, I think!! BUt....I am [once again] biased...I love the old girl!!
The one huge thing that keeps us going back...for more..

The Lake is so beautiful...

No matter what time of year...

No matter what needs to be fixed....

It is worth every penny.....[or in this case...every$..hahaha...tee hee hee]

Good thing I haven't lost my sense of humor!!!  

What would I do without that???

Hope for those of you lucky enough to be enjoying this Spring-like weather..

   Are doing something fun....even crazy...or at least productive!!!!

    As I have been doing this post, my boyfriend has managed to sweep the front
            and back....which I wanted to do....tee hee hee...there is a metod to my madness!!

     On the menu tonight...

BBQ'D Loin Lamb Chops...marinated in Rosemary and Dijon mustard..

  Potatoes on the BBQ....Fresh Yellow Beans...sauteed mushrooms

     And a tomato, avacado Greek salad....

   Enjoy your day....

                          Cheers!   :o)



  1. How great to have this January thaw for a few days so the work could get started on the porch. We have a bit more snow left than you do, but it is still going down at a steady rate.

    1. will be getting much colder in a few days...

  2. Love the last photo of the lake. I can't believe that it looks like spring there. I just saw on the news people were golfing and out jogging in shorts. It's going to be 6 here tomorrow. Is any of that old wood salvageable to make something out of it? So many people on blogs are building things out of old wood. Don't toss it all yet if you like to construct. :)

    1. It got to 15 degrees here...very balmy...not sure about the old boyfriend and I are not handy that way!!!

  3. Yes the weather is gorgeous!! Love the views. Your porch is
    going to look amazing!!

    1. Fingers crossed that all goes well...

  4. How nice that they had warm weather to work in! It's going to look fantastic when it's finished! I don't blame you one bit for loving that cottage! What a wonderful little place to be able to escape to so often!

    1. Exactly Betsy...our very own little getaway...and so cute!!

  5. Hi Linda. What a nice warm place that will be to sit and relax, and look at the lake!!! I wish I could come see it in person!!
    I have come down with a rotten bug today. Boo
    xo Kris

    1. Hope you feel better soon,Kris..

  6. Hey Linda, I am so envious that you are off to Florida for a month. At least it felt like Spring here over the!

    1. Yes it is dark and rainy...can't wait to leave!!!


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