Sunday, 3 March 2013

Fresh Flowers For Me.......

 While I was at the grocery store yesterday....

I decided the house needed some fresh flowers...

I grabbed 2 bunches....

One yellow Mum...

And one yellowish

I divided them up into one big vase for the Living Room...

And 2 smaller bud vases...

One for the Family Room...

And the sweet bunny bud vase my late brother Tom gave me, for the Dining Room table...   

Ahhhhhhhhhh....that looks MUCH better....:o) 

And look what other sweet flower I brought home!!!!

Gosh...we had fun with her...

VERY busy little girl now...

Always chatting....moving...squirming....busy......busy.......busy.....:o)


Hope you all had a great Sunday....

I have been on the move since 7:30 this morning....


One the menu tonight....

   Grilled Teryaki Pork Tenderloin medallions....

         Fresh yellow and green beans....boiled new potatoes skins on...[yummy]

             Sauteed mushrooms and a nice brown gravy....

Enjoy the rest of your day....

         Weather is supposed to "warm" up....hahaha...

             I see on TV[boyfriend watching blue jay game] that Florida is freezing!!! hahaha...

              I stole all the warmth and dragged it home with me....:o)    

                      I shouldn't laugh....but I can't help it!!!

                   We had a few chilly days ourselves...but mostly...HOT!!!

                         Cheers!    :o)



  1. Gorgeous blooms ... so bright and cheery. Anything on the plus side of 0 is getting warm ... can't wait.
    Vivian is as cute as ever, missed seeing photos of her while you were away.

    1. Don't you just love fresh flowers in the house!!
      I posted a few that my daughter sent me, while I was away....

  2. Gorgeous sunny flowers! They are lovely to bring home during the winter, aren't they? Such a nice bit of color in the house!

    You are getting some great shots with your new camera! Love the header and little sweet Vivian...nice!

    dinner sounds scrumptious! I'm being lazy and putting a DiGiornio pizza in the oven. ha.

    1. Love fresh flowers....the header is a pic from last takes me forever to get the right size...and even this one is not quite wide enough....Is there a size that I should be making it to fit??? Yours always look perfect!! The new camera is still a bit of a challenge, but it was the best for ZOOMING in Florida...Dinner WAS delicious...just finished...the pork was a perfect pink!!!

    2. I think the pixels should be 1230 to be the width of your blog. You can check for sure by going into your template and looking, but I think that is right.

      yes, I thoroughly enjoyed your ZOOMING in florida. hahaha.

      I love pork tenderloin made just like that...a little pink and juicy. yum!

    3. Thanks Betsy...never thought you came back to check replies!!! Great!
      I will try big problem now, is fixing it back the way it was....I tried to change the background, and now I can't get my fonts or colors back...arrrgh!!

  3. Glad you made it home with no incidents! That shy little smile on Vivian is totally adorable. She'll be happy you are home too!

    1. Isn't she awesome!!!! She looked at us when she if...where the heck have you 2 guys been??? hahaha!!! And get me some toys...snap to it!! :o)

  4. Pretty sunny flowers.Vivian is cuter than ever!!

    1. Thanks Linda...The flowers are very nice and bright....and Vivian glows!!!

  5. Love your header photo! Beautiful. Your new bouquets are so pretty and bright and I like the birdies on your coffee table looking up at the pretty flowers. Love the close ups of Vivian. She's so sweet!

    1. thanks daughter gave me those birdies...2 parents and 3 babies!!! Just like our family was at the time...will have to look for another, for Vivian!!

  6. The sweetest flower of all....Vivian!

    1. She sure about "TEA" this week??

  7. Beautiful flowers. Especially the one called Viv!!
    Just home from the mountains for the weekend. I got carsick coming home, and feel rotten.
    : ( Kris

    1. Hope you feel better...I know that feeling.....YUCKY!!

  8. Welcome back home! Doesn't it feel nice to get back into your cuddly spot? I bet you couldn't get enough cuddles with that sweet little gal of yours!!! Sold the house here and now the search begins - oh joy!!! Going out to get myself some nice little blooms to cheer things up. Sure tired of winter...nice to hear you maybe brought home some of that nice warm sunshine!!

  9. Very pleased you are safely returned to your home & family Linda, your fresh flowers are a super welcome for Vivian and her mum. How do you keep your white chairs so clean with little ones visiting ?? Vivian is extremely gorgeous as usual!

  10. lovely new header!
    the eyes on that baby are simply mesmerizing. and in the one where she is just ever so slightly smiling . . . well. just get ready. you have a heart breaker there.
    the fresh flowers in your house make me think of the English who fill their house with casually arranged fresh flowers. so beautiful ... nothing contrived.
    like you.
    hugs and cheers!
    tammy j

  11. Lovely flowers and cute baby. I love beautiful fresh flowers and children. I love this post.


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