Tuesday, 26 March 2013

In My Backyard....Today

A few things I saw in my backyard today....

A bit warmer....


Still darn windy...

SO glad to see my Cardinal back again...

I see Red is munching on the pumpkin seeds, from my last Halloween pumpkin!!!

I have added some Nyger seed today...


I heard the Finches when we were out for our walk...

A few tulips poking thru...

Under the kitchen window...

Where there is lots of sun...

Daffodils as well..

Last year...at this time....they were blooming!!


My Yucca still 1/2 covered in snow...  


Anything new in your gardens????

Any new green shoots????

Any feathered friends sightings??? 

Hope you all had a great day....


     On the menu tonight...

              Baked Filet of Cod...marinated in buttermilk [never done this before]

                  Rolled in panko crumbs and cajun seasoning...

                    Fries and zuchini topped with parmesan cheese....

                           Starter of tomatoes....avacado....

                                 Goats cheese, black olives & red onion...

                                    Drizzled with Olive oil..and slivers of fresh Basil.. 

                 Enjoy the rest of your evening...

                                     Cheers!   :o)




  1. love love love the bird pictures. aren't they just exquisite tiny creatures?
    and little red in the feeder. thank goodness you've made your peace with him and letting him chow down. (with i HOPE no pepper sauce! lol)
    he has to live too ya know.
    i almost hit one with my car this morning. he darted out fast like they do.
    i stopped. got out to check on him. hadn't hit him. he was on the side of the tree trunk glaring out me ~ "what were you trying to do?
    KILL ME???!!!"
    a thousand times no little red.
    or... little grey in this case.

    1. Glad you like my birds....Me too!!!
      I don't really hate squirrels...but RED empties all my feeders...and tried to move in with us!!!

  2. What beautiful cardinals!!
    Yes I have some tulips and daffodils pushing up through the snow.
    Maybe by this weekend we will see some grass!!

    1. That would be nice...still a bit of snow to get rid of!!

  3. Some tulips poking through in the front garden, some day lilies out back, also some garlic chives & Egyptian walking onions. Lots of birds and squirrels visiting the full feeders.

    1. I looked for my chives today, but they are in a spot where there is still snow...I also had some Irises poking thru...

  4. Cold but sunny. It felt a little more like spring again today.

    My daffodils are putting up shoots, and my snowdrops are looking a bit happier today than a few days back. The grass is still brown and wintery looking and the trees far from putting out leaves. Mostly I'm afraid my backyard is full of dog poop. :P

    1. Happy for the green shoots...not so much the "poop"!! hahaha!

    2. I checked my gardens this morning on my way in from the bus stop. The daffodils are not only "shooting", they're pregnant! I see tulips getting ready, and a few little crocus flowers are just putting on their smiles.

      Oh so much better than dog poop!

    3. Fabulous....and yes....waaay better than dog poop!!!
      I am off to Fitness....groan.

  5. Oh, you got some great pictures of the critters in your yard, Linda. I love the cardinal pics! He's so beautiful. I hope in another week or two we will all see more green things growing don't you?

    1. I love the cardinal as well...let's hope for some new green shoots!!

  6. That cardinal is one handsome boy!!! I sure wish we had them here. I am still waiting for my American Gold Finch to come to the thistle/nyger feeder! And I am watching my bluebirds in the yard, but no nest building as of yet.
    I didn't know you were a bird nerd like me?
    Hoping for better weather for you soon!!
    xo Kris

    1. Yup...bird nerd...for sure!!! I envy the different birds that you get...but we do get the Orioles out at the cottage, and I do put the oranges like you!!!
      have a great weekend...

  7. OMG! That chickadee was in my yard just this morning!

    1. Perhaps...but it is a Nuthatch...but I am sure you had a chicka-dee-dee-dee!!!
      The angle makes it look like a chicka-a-dee-dee-dee...but a Nuthatch...nonetheless...:o)

  8. Love the cardinal picture. Gorgeous! I love cardinals...they remind me of my mom, for some reason :)

  9. beautiful cardinal and friends! And I love that glass garden ornament. LOVE. Must have one...adding to wish list right now. :)


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