Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Greetings From The Garden......

Another sunny day here....

Although a bit breezy...

Took a few minutes to visit the yard here at home...

And ...

I found...

A few...



Come along for the stroll...

I guarantee...

It will be...


Worth it!!


These gals will all be coming the ones I brought from the cottage....

We still like to enjoy the sun...even if the pool is closed...

Hope you all had a great day...

My boyfriend and I had a ball...

We picked up Miss V..and treated her to lunch at Swiss Chalet...

Then....back here for some play time...and of course...a nap...

Took a few hilarious pics of her....with a new hat...will share soon!!!


On the menu this fine Friday night...

        Mussels steamed in Tomatoes, Onions and spices...{for my boyfriend}

                       With a side of crusty bread for the sauce...

                       Pizza for me...&....Ceasar Salad for 2....


Enjoy your evening...

Perhaps a drive to the cottage tomorrow...

Very windy and wet down new roof as of yet...why????

Need to contact the roof guy...had been away "Moose Hunting"....:o)

                                 Cheers!   :o)



  1. Love your photos . Oh and header photo is great . Looks like things are still going strong in your garden as are some here as well . It has turned chilly and windy but no rain for us today so far ! Sounds like you had a good day to. Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. I like the new header...gonna try and do more!!!
      Wet all day yesterday...sunny today!

  2. Oh what great shots Linda! I noticed the turtle statue sitting next to that pumpkin, (love that shot:) I think I have his/her pal hanging out by the fountain. We must introduce them next year, lol...

    Can't wait to see Miss V's new hat:) Thanks for sharing, Linda. Have a GREAt weekend. I'm headed Punkin Chunkin'

    1. Yes....we will!!! Hope the frogs don't get jealous! hahaha!
      What is Punkin Chunkin'????

    2. Heck, we'll introduce them too! Punkin Chunkin is the act of hurling pumpkins via catapults! I just posted about my adventure:)

  3. There is always something beautiful outside just waiting to be discovered.
    My "cilantro" afghan is done, but I dropped quite a few stitches along the way.
    I must be more careful to count or recheck my rows next time.
    Oh, well, good practice and who's ever going to try folding it up anyway.

    1. So true Martha....and I love wandering to find it!!
      I also loose stitches...very often...and my pieces are never even!!!
      That is the beauty of hand-made......special!!!
      I want to see it!!!

  4. I love your photos, Linda. The cabbage is gorgeous! I would love to be able to grow that here but I think it's too dry. I'm glad you had a nice afternoon with the little Miss. :)

    1. Thanks Jennifer....I usually just buy 2-3 small cabbages in the add to my containers...I cheat!!!
      Do they offer them at the nurseries...along with the fall mums???

  5. Your gardens must be spectacular in person! Such pretty things you grow!! Sounds like a lovely day with the baby!!!
    Have fun at the cottage! No lake for me. Tomorrow a baby shower, and Sunday a funeral. Greg is going to fish tomorrow though. Boo!
    xo Kris

    1. The cottage was wet, damp, dark...did I mention wet???hahaha!

  6. Your garden is still looking great Linda, you will have quite a group of friends to bring indoors for the winter by the look of it. You will have to hunt down that Hunter and get him up on your roof!! Perhaps he hasn't got his moose yet..... we get some interesting excuses from builders over here but we never get builders going off moose hunting. Hope you have a great weekend. xx

    1. Ha!!!
      He is not returning my boyfriends calls...guess we'll have to find somebody else!
      Probably bring my lady friends in this week...temps are starting to slide....downwards!!

  7. lovely new fall header ... your garden still looks wonderful ... a bit cloudy here today with rain moving in later this afternoon ... hope you got to enjoy some time at the cottage

    1. Thanks Linda....I like making headers...but, sometimes hard to get the right size, eh?
      Sunny and breezy here today...perhaps some yard work......or.......some crochet!!!

  8. Worried about your cottage with the rain we have been having. Hope everything is okay out there! Love the pumpkin on the doorstep!

    1. Don't worry Devon...we went yesterday, and all was dry upstairs...even though it was raining!!

  9. What a beautiful garden you have, so colourful. I love the green chairs too!

    1. Thanks Jay....Hope the color lasts for a wee bit longer...turning cool here..:o(


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