Monday, 7 October 2013

I Was Happy To Oblige......

This is that lonely LimeLight Hydrangea...from my back yard...

The bush I rescued from under the Day Lilies..

Last Thursday...

While daydreaming...

I spied her once again..

Out my kitchen window...

She actually leaned toward me...

In the rain...

And whispered...

"Linda...bring me in...I promise to look beautiful up on your know you spend a LOT of time up there...trying to write interesting humourous me be part of can look over at me...proud and my milk glass bud vase...and I'll say..."morning look very glamorous today...what's for dinner?"

 So of course.......I had to oblige....I am such a sucker for compliments!!!ha!


She did not disappoint......she delivered all that...and more!!


Another dark...gloomy...wet day here....:o(

But....wait....I see a bright spot...

My boyfriend has left to go and pick up Sweet Cheeks!!!!

She is sure to brighten anyone's day!!!!


I am washing 2 down filled pillows in the washing machine...
I read all about it on the internet...
Check for any rips in the seams...√
Pick off any feathers sticking thru...√
Cold water...√
little bit of soap...√
delicate cycle..√

When they come out of the washer...
Into the dryer....on low heat..with tennis balls or sneakers...
Frequently check them...and beat them keep the feathers loosened up!
I sure hope this works...and I don't end up with a laundry room full of feathers!!! 

Will let you know how they turn out...
But....I am sure..
 You smart ladies already know how to do this!!!


Gonna do some baking this afternoon...
Couple of banana blueberry loaves...
Perhaps even that Apple Pie is way more work!!!
But.......I'll see how my day goes....:o)


Hope you are having a great day...

Stay warm and cosy!!!!

What are yo up to today????

Perhaps Swiss Chalet tonight...

I am cooked out!!!!

                                        Cheers!  :o)


  1. Of course now I have an image in my crazy head of you surrounded by feathers from the pillow with the hydrangea in the vase telling you off, just as your boyfriend and Miss V come in the door!

    What do you mean I am mad.

    You knew that some time ago.

    Bear in mind, I am not the one who has plants paying them compliments!!

    I love reading your blogs Linda, they always cheer me. Happy day. xx

    1. Thanks Amy! Glad you enjoy my ramblings!!
      The pillows cam out great...didn't even use tennis balls or anything...
      I am very happy with the results!!

  2. I've never washed feather pillows so I'll have to learn all about it from you. You were very kind to let the hydrangea in to remind you how glamorous you are. Haha. I could use one of those myself... :)

    1. hahaha! It is all just imagining...and that makes it so!!
      Pillows came out great!

  3. You Miss Limelight hydrangea bloom is pretty. She sure sweet talked you didn't she? Let us know how your feather pillows survive their washing okay? I've never washed mine but don't use them now anyway. Enjoy the day.

    1. These were throw pillows...came out great...must do my bed pillows now!

  4. Very pretty! (And humorous too.)
    I hope your down filled pillows survive better than the batch of Koosh pillows I washed several years back. My washing machine was a mess! Much to my regret, I was too afraid of what might be the result that I failed to take a picture of the washer before I cleaned it out. Sky Watch Friday

    1. hahaha! I checked out the link...too bad no photos!!!

  5. I love that things talk to you...I thought I was the only one! haha.

    If you have a washer or dryer full of feathers, you know we want to see it! lol.....

    1. are not alone, in that one Betsy!
      I talk to everyone....and everything...keeps me on my toes! hahaha!
      No feathers...just lovely clean fluffy pillows! YAY!!!!

  6. The rain has finally stopped and the sun is shining. But Fall weather has definitely set in.
    Hope those pillow turn out okay. I've never washed them but have fluffed them in the dryer.

    1. We had a downpour while in Swiss Chalet...and huge black clouds...wish I had my camera!!!


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