Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Feathers & Flowers...From Last Weekends Cottage Visit......♥️

With a lot more blooming in my gardens last weekend...

I was able to put together my first weekend arrangement of the year...

This was for the kitchen porch, as the shutters are still on the sun porch...

Daffodils were the stars...well...they were pretty much all that was blooming!

I did see some Tulips getting ready...

Hopefully will feature them soon...

My beach is FULL of LUNARIA plants...SILVER DOLLAR PLANTS... I like to call them...


They are a bi-ennial, and I guess a lot of the seeds blew down to the beach!

I would like to transplant a few...perhaps this coming weekend...

Aren't they a beautiful PURPLE ?

These beautiful Red Breasted Merganser Ducks are plentiful this Spring...

The Male is in the one on the right...Female to the left...

They spend a lot of time sunning themselves on the beach...

Diving for food...I hope they stay around with their young ones!!

This handsome fella must have some eggs high up in the Maples...

He was chasing the squirrels who were getting too close...

I had to zoom from inside to capture him...not a very clear shot!

The Mourning Dove was easy to capture...

In the morning, after a rainy Friday night...

Love all the raindrops on the grass...


This my friends...

Was the best...

While on the beach deck...

Boyfriend and I could see a large bird in a tree way down the beach...

We thought it was a Turkey Vulture...

I zoomed in as close as I could...

While looking at my photos in the camera, I really thought it was a Bald Eagle...

Boy....was I surprised to see this when I downloaded my photos at home!!!

In our 20 years at the cottage...we have NEVER seen one of these!!

How fantastic!! Hope to see him again....

Hope you are all having a great week so far...

Weather is up and down...

Horrible Forest Fire going on in our Western Province of Alberta...

The town of Fort McMurray has been evacuated because of the raging fire...

They have had unseasonably warm temps out the 30C's...HOT!!

And dry...

My boyfriend is in that province on business...but about 500 miles from the fire...

Holding good thoughts for the town...and its people...♥️


On my way to scoop up my Miss V...

I have a few things planned for the day...

They include gardening...baking and crafting!!

Wish us luck!

Her Mommy will join her and I for a Pizza night!

Think I'll put together a Greek salad for Mommy and I...on the side!

             Enjoy the rest of your day...

                    What have you been up to??? 

                           Cheers!   :o)

                               linda ♥️


  1. What an incredible post. You are such a talented photographer. I hope you enter some in contests or for other types of publication, besides here! That's amazing with the Bald Eagle. I have Red-shouldered Hawks and Screech Owls.

    I'm into baking lately and sewing some. It's difficult with the limited use of my left hand, but I keep going. My yard has so many flowers. I too, have been collecting some to fill vases for the dining room table and my studio!

    Hope you have fun with Miss V.

    1. Oh gosh Dixie...I am blushing!
      I do make cards with my photos,but that is many talented people out there...
      I do hope you are on the mend...and are feeling 100% soon..
      We had a ball!!

  2. beautiful beautiful photos! you are one busy woman,, hoe the boyfriends has a safe journey,, scary fire!!

    1. Very scary fire Laurie...I feel so sad for all those people...and all the trees!

  3. So glad you take time in your busy life to capture the most wonderful pictures of your cottage area. Marvelous. Have fun with Miss V and all your fun Grandma activities. What a lucky little Miss.
    Safe travels for your boyfriend. Our grandson, wife and 2 great grandsons leave tonight for Toronto. Going to see the Dodgers play Toronto this weekend and spend a few days in your neck of the woods.

    1. I do like to stop and smell the roses wonderful!
      I know your grandson and family will love is quite a city!!
      I hope they go to our Aquarium!!

  4. I love that cottage and the kitchen porch..everthing is greening up much more than here!
    The bald eagle..what a capture Linda..
    I had Lunaria one hundred yrs ago..I used to love rubbing the dollars to get to the French the common name is: la monnaie du pape...the pope's change..

    Pizza night here too..some grilled mini aubergines on it..

    Enjoy those girls of yours...

    1. I love that!! The Popes change!!! I must tell my boyfriend that one! hahaha1
      We had a great day...I am pooped!!

  5. I blame the Alberta wildfire destruction on the Royal Family. About 5 years ago when Slave Lake burned down, who was in Canada? William and Kate. Now Fort McMurray is burning down. Who is in Canada right now? Prince Harry. I rest my case.

    1. Well said...not sure if I agree...but, well said! you are too funny Debra!

  6. Wow, amazing sighting of the bald eagle, thank goodness for zoom lenses so you could get up close.

    1. I was so excited!!! I wonder if we will see him again!

  7. Fantastic shot of the Bald Eagle ~ maybe you could crop it to get some more detail . . :)
    Love all your photos, Linda. Very often with ducks it is the male who has the attractive plumage . . . seems funny to me . . . I expect he spends hours in front of the mirror preening himself . . . lol
    I can see why you like the money plants . .
    I've been building my steps at The Rectory and just finished cutting the pillar caps mad out of a half paver cut in two halves. I'll put up a photo when I have finished it . . . Earlier this morning was busy moving barrows of compost and did a little lawn edge trimming with a half moon spade and a plank secured by two forks. LOL . . well you did ask !!! haha
    Have a very lovely evening. . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      I think he did spend hours, cause he is very handsome!
      The money plants are pretty...I will show you how they progress into will be amazed!
      Yes I did ask..........geesh! hahaha!
      Glad you had a nice Peter??

    2. No Peter . . . although his Nanna is still sick, his Mum stayed at home with him. She knows I like to devote Wednesdays to Sue and The Rectory and the work is hard enough without him. I am having him tomorrow and Friday. Hope my legs are not a stiff when I wake up in the morning . . :)

  8. How fun to see an eagle! Amazing. I've only seen one once...very cool!
    Love those purples flowers the best...gorgeous!

    1. I could mail you some seeds in the Fall Betsy, if you like!

  9. Wonderful capture of the eagle, Linda. Murray's mother had oodles of money plant in the garden and I have a bouquet of dried ones still. I love the 'silver' dollars when they are dried. And yes, lots of seeds from them! I've been glued to my laptop and Facebook looking for news of the wildfires in Fort McMurray the past 2 days. The house our daughter used to live in and most of the sub division around it is gone - totally burned to the ground. It is heartbreaking to see the photos and videos of the flames leaping and the heavy smoke. Another young family from here live in the same neighbourhood had their home spared. It's unbelievable. They say the fires still aren't contained although they aren't burning in the city now. They desperately need rain and cool temperatures. My heart and prayers go out to them all. I hope you had a fun day with Miss V. Still cool here. Too cool! But I guess I won't complain as it's also very dry here. xx Pam

    1. It is a horrible disaster Pam...I also weep for all the forests lost...takes a long time to regrow..
      Weather here not bad...had a nice time outside with Miss V today...she wears me out!!

  10. PS Fort McMurray..just watching the latest ..31C..and winds..not helping!:(
    I feel so sorry for the 80,000 plus..if it was us..

    we would be beside I am certain they are:(

    1. boyfriend said it was really hot where he is...and the hotel A/C is very noisy!!
      Yes...I often think that about disasters...I do not think I would be very all...

  11. Lovely pictures. That bald eagle is tremendous. When we were in Prince Edward Island several years ago, we saw many of them, all at once. It was amazing! I get silver dollar plants in my yard, along the edge where things get a little "wild". I think they self seeded from the neighbour's. -Jenn

    1. The Eagle really thrilled me!! Never seen anything like it! I did not even know they were in Southern Ontario!
      I really like the money plants...and very easy to transplant!!

  12. Amazing to see an eagle! And a great pocture of it.

    1. HI sure was! I was very excited!

  13. You got such great photos of the birds and the flowers at the cottage. What a thrill to see the bald eagle though! I hear people of been spotting them more frequently up here as the years go by. I was just catching up on the news on Fort McMurray and it looks like so much of that town has been destroyed. Just a terrible time for the residents. So many of them evacuated last night with nothing but the clothes on their backs. I just can't imagine losing everything like that. The photos of people trying to evacuate and the flames closing in must have been terrifying.

    1. It certainly is a desperate boyfriend is still out there....he is n/w of Fort McMurray, but the fire is heading south...
      I pray het hest on that plane in the morning.....

  14. Beautiful feather and flower pics. Just need some fins... and felines... to round out the "f"s.
    Wow - that eagle is impressive. So stately.

  15. love the picture of the ducks and their little wakes!
    know you had fun on your girls' pizza night! cheers ♥

    1. ME too Tammy....I know you love ducks!
      We had a swell time...Miss V and I were busy bees♥️

  16. So awesome you spotted the eagle and got such a great shot, Linda! Yay! The ducks are very different from ours and beautiful! And I simply love your, we are two peas in a pod with our garden and cooking loves among other things! ;-D

    We've heard about Alberta...very sad. I can't imagine the feeling of being surrounded by fire. My son Kevin was caught in a wildfire when he lived in San Diego. He and his neighbors were told to stay put unless they were instructed to flee to the oceans edge, their only hope. We called him every 15 minutes to make sure he was awake for over 24 hours. So, so scary. Sending prayers.


    1. Two peas in a pod...that's us Jane! Lovely!
      The fire is very scary....thousands have lost their homes...hard to imagine..

  17. What a beautiful post, full of spring time in Ontario. I love it all, especially the daffodils and the ducks. A fantastic sighting of the bald eagle, and an amazing photo. It is rare to see eagles in Australia too. Ours are sea eagles. I'm feeling a little nostalgic because last Mother's Day we were celebrating in Ontario at a Sugar Shack pancake restaurant. Enjoy your little Miss V, sweet days to have fun.

    1. It doesn't seem that long ago are so kind about Canada...I appreciate that....I think some people think it is a frozen tundra!
      Happy Mothers Day to you!

  18. I hope that you have a good summer and that all will be well for all of the people of Canada after this terrible tragedy. xx

    1. Oh, me too Amy....thanks for your kind words...

  19. Good things happening at the cottage! Isn't that bald eagle majestic?


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