Friday, 13 May 2016

Gardening Buddy........💚

The planter that Miss V and I did last week...

Is looking glorious!!

Thank goodness she is such a thoughtful and careful gardener...

The few Scillia and Daffodils I had, are long gone...

And...this planter is reviving our gardening spirits...

Such beautiful colourful Flowers...

Such an abundance of new buds and blooms...

Lets hear it for The Greenhouse!! {aka the flower store}

Miss V and I have decided that next week...

We shall visit again...and...bring home some more loveliness...

To adorn our fulfilling!

And...I must say...Those RUSTY..PINKY...MAUVEY Osteospermum...

Are simply divine!!

Those darn COSMOS aren't too shabby either!!

Miss V's pot of White Cosmos are doing great...

And...she gave them a big drink...and filled the birdbath as well...

Unfortunately I think her Sunflowers are toast...:o(

But....her Pumpkins are looking outstanding!

Will grab a photo of those to show you....

I think we will put some more Sunflower seeds in the pots...

And hope for the best!!


And...not to disappoint...

The obligatory Dandelion blow....♥️♥️♥️  {look at that face♥️}  {and lipstick}


Hope you are all having a great day...

    Very nice day here...sunny and warm...

      Started a new crochet project...loving it so far...



             Packed for the cottage...

                  Not going to be a very good weekend weatherwise...but...

                          We will take what we can get,eh??

                              Enjoy your evening and weekend...

                                      Cheers!  :o)

                                           linda ♥️


  1. It's great how you are helping to instill a love of gardening in Miss V!

  2. The lipstick:)
    I find things are taking a long time to pretty up here.still brown patches in the full leaves yet:(
    I am always anticipating..
    Make a wish of my favorite photos of the Oli blowing on a's on my fireplace :)
    Have a perfectly cottagey weekend!

    1. She found this one! Not sure how she spotted it!
      Home from the cottage....crazy winds and crazy cold!
      It was very green and lush out there....

  3. Good that Miss V shares your love of plants and you are giving her a real and lasting grounding in matters botanical. No doubt you are teaching her the names as well . . . :)
    Hope the weather improves for you at the cottage . . . and have a lovely weekend . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie...
      She truly enjoys it!
      Gonna get some more plants this week...
      Home from the cottage...brrrrr!

  4. Beautiful pictures. I love that you are showing her a love of nature. (Nice touch with the coloured font!!) Have a lovely weekend. -Jenn

  5. I love that you are teaching her to enjoy gardening and being outdoors. And making such wonderful memories with her.

  6. Many, many years from now when Miss Vivian is grown up and had grandchildren of her own she will tell them about how *you* taught her to garden. ;-)

    1. That is the nicest thing Barbara...thank you...I could not hope for more than that ♥️

  7. That is what I should be doing with those crazy grandkids of mine!
    Maybe when I come home I'll put them to work in the dirt.

  8. Linda what great memories you are creating with Miss V.
    I think cosmos give so much bang for the buck. So many seeds to keep for the next year. So easy to care for.
    A trip to a "flower store" is so therapeutic I think. Well maybe not for my bank account but for me personally!!!!

    1. Love Cosmos!! Did not get any last year...and I missed them!
      thanks for stopping by!

  9. Oh, Linda, such lively color! Look at how mush Miss V has grown!

    1. Growing too fast for me Dixie!

  10. So pretty Linda . . .
    And Miss V makes my day!
    Love her helpful little spirit and LOVE her stylish "look!"

    1. She sure does have her own style,eh Lynne?
      She just gets cuter and funnier every time I see her!

  11. Linda, that Osteospermum is gorgeous! I bought 2 yellow ones last week and they've been in the garage and I forgot to put them outside the past 3 days when it was warm. DUH! Miss V looks so sweet watering the plants and blowing the dandelion. I hope the weather isn't too off at the cottage. I know we have rain coming for the next few days. xo Pam

    1. I love that flower!! I must get a few for the cottage baskets...
      Weather was ridiculous at the cottage!! Came home Saturday evening...

  12. Sweet "gardening buddy." We visited your favourite gardening centre last week, thanks for the recommendation. Love Miss V.'s pigtails, she's a cutie. Hope you didn't freeze at the cottage. Meeting friends at a film fest this afternoon, good place to be in this cool weather. Have a good week...

    1. Isn't the Greenhouse awesome?? Erika worked there...and continued in the floral afterwards...
      Have a wonderful afternoon Hester...
      Home last night...cottage weather was nasty...
      expecting Erika and Miss V later ♥️

  13. What beautiful blooms, and a darling little garden helper!!!
    xo Kris

    1. thanks Kris...hope you are well...

  14. Sweet, sweet pictures, Linda! You have a wonderful little helper there and I am absolutely sure that Miss V is going to be an avid gardener all her life! Cosmos are one of my very favorite blowzy!!

    I really hope you had good weekend at your cottage. We are very cold here (40's) and the sun teases. I bought some flowers Friday, planted a few pots before the back said, "Enough!", and now I pray the bit I have left will not wilt or die. Warming up thankfully.

    Have a wonderful week, Linda!!!


    1. Love Cosmos...gonna get some more!!
      Soon Elsie will be able to help you in the much fun!!
      It better warm up!

  15. Hope you had a great weekend! You have a wonderful helper who is developing great green fingers and thumbs already!!

    1. Not so great Amy...hideous weather!!!
      Hope your knee is better...:o(

  16. Sweet gardening pal. Love the osteospermum - gorgeous shades. I see I missed some posts... how did that happen? Must catch up! :-)


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