Thursday, 19 May 2016

Home Garden Walk-About.......

Things are finally starting to come to life around here....

Our long range forecast is for nice temps and sunshine!

The long weekend has arrived...a bit early for us...but we are lucky!

Off to the cottage for a few days...

Family joining us for a sunny filled Sunday...

Hope the wind co-operates...and stays calm...

Hope the beach has some sand...

I have Chili made for all...veggie and beef...:o)

Miss V will be spending her first sleepover with us at the cottage...{with her mom}

Fingers crossed all goes well...

Will be visiting the local nursery, and loading up the truck with beauties...

Hopefully getting a few baskets built for the Summer season... is good,eh???

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend...

And to my Canadian peeps..."HAPPY VICTORIA DAY"...

Cheers to lots of fireworks...and happy family times...

See you all next week...I will be loaded with pictures...

SOOOOO.........get ready! hahaha!!

                Cheers!   :o)

                   linda ♥️


  1. Yay! It's the May two-four long weekend!

  2. your life is very good indeed!
    i never tire of your pretty toes and your walkabouts.
    and for fun...
    you might check out 'pumpkin the raccoon' !!! SO adorable!
    it's on instagram too. a rescued baby that is now a member of the household! ♥

  3. Have fun..our fun day will be Saturday at our daughters..everyone..supposed to be nice here also..that!

  4. Enjoy the long weekend, weather looks good. What a fun sleepover with Miss V. It's amazing how quick we go from nothing in the garden to blooms. Good photo of the racoon, even though it is a pest.

  5. Lucky you with a holiday weekend! Ours is later in the month. Gorgeous here today but still a bit chilly! Had to shut the window I had open and put my slippers and a sweater on! Lovely sunshine, though.
    I love that little speckled flower in the second photo! What is that? I want some!

  6. I forgot all about it being a long weekend! No matter. I have to work anyway.

    That sneaky raccoon. What is she doing out during the day?

  7. such beautiful photos, that is a cheeky raccoon!
    I love your flip flop toes, do you know I have never owned a pair of flip flops in my life! I cannot stand that part between my toes,, lol,,but I love the look of them,,

  8. Great little tour, Linda. The raccoon made me laugh. Have a fun wknd and if you can find the time next week could you post your veggie chili for us? Much appreciated.

  9. Lovely photos. It's so nice to see color in our yards again. I had to laugh at that racoon!

  10. Love your flowers and those pink toes are too cute. Well, that racoon is just a little thief, no? And, how did you get that effect in the picture above the racoon? That's neat!

  11. Love the "peaks at your peeps . . ."
    I'd say spring is happening in your land . . .
    Happy Victoria weekend . . .

  12. Everything is coming to life!
    Love that little speckled bloom in the second photo.
    Beautiful walkabout and cute toes.
    Hope you have a wonderful Victoria Day weekend, Linda.
    Yay for chili! But hope it's not chilly!

  13. Enjoy your holiday weekend and hope the weather is nice and warm and calm . . enjoy little Miss V as well.
    Walkabout was lovely with all the plants and flowers . . . :)

  14. Lovely post. I want those pink flip flops!

  15. just checking on you,, hope you're enjoying the weather!!

  16. Lovely garden Linda! I saw, and loved the photo of Miss V at her sleep over. Tucked in so cozy at the cottage!!
    You have Victory Day and we have Memorial Day. Very cool for our norm! We are usually hot by now.
    I can wait though.

  17. That raccoon sure is stretching to get his snack! Your flowers are looking very nice. Things are really blooming and growing here as we had a gorgeous weekend - 5 days of sun and warm temperatures! Very summery. Glad you had a good weekend at the cottage.
    Hugs, Pam

  18. They are so fast growing that a few can be popped in wherever space opens up.


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