Monday, 19 March 2012

New Shoes

As a lot of people know, I am a collector, of sorts. I collect a various array of objects. From glass plates, to glasses, to casserole dishes, to candlesticks, to pyrex, to milkglass, to blue mountain pottery, to baskets.......phewwww..just to name a few...oh yes, and of course....SHOES!!!

One of my daughters was kind enough to pick me up this new pair on her latest "thrifty" visit....

Aren't they fantastic!!!

They almost look like Arabian Slippers...

Love the greeny, aqua tones.... 
Maybe I should click my heels together, and make a wish....any suggestions??

Added the flower buds to give it a look of SPRING....which just happens to be TOMORROW......YAHOO....

Enjoy your day......was supposed to be raining.....but not in my neck of the woods..

What is happening in your neighbourhood today????

                                                  Cheers              :o) 


  1. oooooohh lovely, I collect things too, my children call me Mrs Magpie.
    The color reminds me of the sea and coastal places we have visited....... may be they are travelling shoes ...
    oooohhh I wish they would fit me then I could go to the ball.
    Best wishes from Cinderella .

  2. Wonderful little shoes. Love the colour.

  3. LOVE the shoes! Let's see others you have....please?


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