Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Windsocks and Flags and Chimes...Oh My!

We visited this store in John's Pass in FLorida. It is named "Windworks"..and it is out of this world!

If you are into windsocks, or chimes, or any kind of garden gadgetry, it is the place for you.

When you step inside, the noise is crazy, from all the different wind chimes...they have fans blowing everything...to keep the windsocks and flags going, and keep the chimes chiming..

We purchased a windsock for the cottage, and a bamboo wind chime, with a flamingo on top...very Floridian!!

     These 2 wooden carvings were outside a cigar shop..
You would buy whatever cigar you wanted...with a glass of wine....and sit outside at bistro tables....didn't take any shots of the  patrons.....they looked like they might "rub"me out, if I did... 

                 Can't wait to hang our new windsock at the lake..

                            Come on Summer!!!! :o)


  1. How could you choose what to buy in that fabulous store! I will take one of everything, please!

  2. My neighbour must shop in the same place as you do. I suffer all summer, windows open at night, with his bloody windchimes. He has chosen a particularly annoying sound, and sleeps through it all, while I am awake cursing the clatter! I've heard very melodious chimes..hope you got those :)


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