Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Beachy Facts....Yes, More!!

I have learned so much about Beach inhabitants, since my last trip. The small shell to the right are actually called "Mottled purse Crab"..still in one piece..
My husband kept the 2 following Corals. The top one is called "Dead Mans Fingers"...if you look at it...it kinda looks like that....reminds me of something out of "Pirates of the Caribbean"...

 Couldn't identify these other 2...but the black one almost looks like real coral...who knows???

This one I found in the infamous book at the condo..."Tulip Snail Eggs"...how beautiful is that?

This is a male "Moon Jelly"...I would have guessed a jelly fish....guess they are all related...

These pre-historic  ones are the "Horseshoe Crab"...they were all empty, but in perfect condition...the book says they date back millions of years...

I am nearly at the end of my "Beach" posts....PROMISE!!!!

Hope you have enjoyed learning a bit more about the beach, as I know I have.....

Have a great sunny, windy, Springy day....think I will head out to Fabricland....have a small ottoman to recover

                              Cheers         :o)


  1. Oh I love your pictures. YOu are talented with that camera of yours.

    The little piggy is Olivia. Google Olivia the Pig and you will find lots of stuff. The one in my picture is an Olivia Zoobie. There is a blanket that comes out of a pouch in the back of her. My little one loves her!

  2. This is perhaps why I rarely go IN the water. Yikes.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Thank-you for your encouragement, it is great to hear from you. Having just purchased a sit on top kayak and getting ready for the summer season, I will most certainly be taking a greater look at what is out there so to speak, that's if I dare!
    Stunning photography and a wonderful blog. Keep me posted**

  4. Love your wonderful beach pictures!

  5. Love those 'deadman's fingers' and the 'tulip snail eggs'!! Great pics, as always. Better to see them in pictures than beside ones 'floatee' in the water!

  6. That's awesome! I have a nice shell collection from spending my childhood summers in Florida. Have a great day!

    Sandy xox


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