Saturday, 3 March 2012

A Few Signs Of Spring At The Lake

 At first glance, it looks like any other late winter, early spring vista at the lake.

But as you get closer to the beach, you can see that it must have been very windy, with large waves...It looks like my "Beach Garden" will need a complete over-haul....have to look for some new containers for my small crop of tomatoes and assorted veggies...:o(

One of my "travelling gardens" blew a rear axel!!! will have to have a closer look, so see if I can repair it... perennials still intact!!
This poor chair looks like it got stretched apart...another project for the "handy man"....
Greg tries to gather up some of what washed in....we are going to have a heck of a bonfire with all this stuff!!! will all be gone next time we go!!!  you never know....

There is lots of sand on the you like my new booties????  different from flip-flops...that's for sure!

This is the tarp that we had around our firewood, up by the wall, under the deck!!! our neighbour manged to save the wood for us, but the tarp is a tangled mess amongst the rocks..

 My Yuccas are looking good for blooming this summer...I have 4 large ones, and they all have "hairs"on them, so that means they will bloom....right Honor????  :o)
The daffodils are coming, but, it looks like the the ground was pretty "windswept"....leaving little soil around them..If time permits, I will try and top it up..
Hyacinth bulbs look the same..almost right out of the ground...but STILL sprouting...
These daffodil look better anchored...and accompanied by some fresh green moss..

Hopefully....well maybe...I will be greeted by some of these beauties on my next visit to the lake....we also got some thrifting in as well....:o)   

After the windy night last night....the horrible tornadoes in the U.S.....we had just travelled thru many of those counties on our way home....hopefull they will pull through...they sure are a resilient bunch....I must say...

                       Cheers to my American Bloggers!!!



  1. So sorry for the bit of damage, but thankful it wasn't worse for you. Your house looks SO wonderful and I love that you have yuccas there. So surprising to see the daffodils coming up- love it!
    It's nice to meet you and I would be honored to be on your favorites list!!


  2. Yup,lots of wind here so there must have been massive winds at your cottage. Can only imagine what it was like. Glad there was no damage to the cottage!

  3. I hope everything will survive the extreme temperature drops now! You must be in a little secluded area at the cottage.


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