Thursday, 22 March 2012

Five things I did yesterday

1.        Went to the Gym and did an Aerobics class. Enough said...

                                      2.      Went to Wal-Mart and bought 2 Areca Palms for $9.99 each
                                                What a steal!!! They are actually going to go outside, when
                                                 the weather permits....they look fabulous on the patio..  :o)

                                       3.     Went back to the backyard to check what was up..
                                                Found a fresh new Holly Hock..Forget-me-nots,
                                                some money plants...and some more Jolly Jump Ups
                                                                      jolly jump ups     jolly jump ups

                                      4.      Fed the birds....and of course RED our favorite squirrel
                                        5.     Went around to the side of the house...
                                                 Daylilies growing thru gravel
                                                 Climbing Hydrangea budding
                                                 Lilac budding
                                                 Tulips coming up in the pine cones
                                        6.    Went grocery shopping
                                                Bought cornstarch...who knew the packaging had changed
                                                Tells you how long it has been since I replaced that...
                                               I actually use cornstarch quite a bit...I had 2 boxes in my
                                               pantry for the longest time....and then... none.. it took me
                                               a while to find this at the store, as the packaging was
                                               so different.........I prefer the container...guess it will stay

                                       7. Bought the fixins for chicken /rice/veggie soup
                                           2 skinless bone-in the chicken
                                           off the bone....chicken broth....any veggies in the fridge,
                                           got to use up the baby bok choy!
                                                                                     Can I get you a bowlful??

                                         8. Also made Pepper  Steak for dinner
                                              Beef marinating in  soy sauce, "cajun" seasoning and 
                                              freshly ground black pepper.
                                              Brown the beef in butter...add beef broth...simmer, covered 
                                              for 20 minutes...
                                              After simmering in beef broth, add freshly chopped
                                              green onions, green peppers, and sliced tomatoes.
                                              Thicken with soy sauce and corn starch.
                                              No finished product pic.....TOO HUNGRY!!

                                           Serve over "No Yolks" Noodles.....yummy....


                                           9.    Made Greek Avocado  Salad, with calamari olives, goat's cheese,
                                                  fresh basil, red onion, olive oil and fresh ground black pepper
                                                  Also yummy.............yummy     yummy    yummy

                                         10.    AND I put together this post!!
                                                   Went for an after dinner walk...

                     Guess I better change the title to "10 Things I Did Yesterday"...or is that 11??
                      naaaaahhhhh...If I did that, no one would read it!!!

                      Hope you all did a FEW things yesterday....were you as busy as me??!! 

                                                           as busy as a little bee....

                                                        Cheers          :o)


  1. Well. I did 3 of those things, and then I had to have a NAP!

  2. First of all, there was A LOT more you could have said about the first thing you did - go to exercise class! Come on! Sheesh :)
    Can I come to dinner tomorrow??

  3. Oh dear - those shoes don't look worn much - what's with that? Get your butt off to workout girl!! P.S. I have "Red's" cousin in my backyard. Just don't let him in the house. They can do hidious things to your undergarments!! I know I had them in the cottage. Beautiful nature isn't it....I also have some lovely pop-ups in my garden - OH JOY! What is going to happen when the snowstorm hits!!!YIKES!!


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