Saturday, 17 March 2012

Top O' The Mornin' To Ya!!!!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!!

from our favorite "Irish" elf!!

My husband's Father was from Ireland, so we come by the celebration honestly!!!

Most people like to be "Irish" for a day.....any excuse to get drunk and disorderly!! 

This cute Leprechaun Garden Elf was a gift from my son...

Received a cute card from my daughter, and made a "green"arrangement in my green bowl given to me by my other daughter....

Having dinner guests this evening...

Table set appropriately...

Gifts for everyone!!!!
Not as sunny and bright as forecast....but it isn't snowing!!!

Enjoy your day..........Raise a Guinness......Cheers...:o)


  1. I hope it was a great time!

    You asked about the photos. I just added 2 photos on one blank 8x10 background :)

  2. How lovely,
    enjoy the celebrations Linda!


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