Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter.....

 Easter Greetings...

Hope you are all having a great weekend....

My daughter Erika brought me these beautiful Gerbera Daisies...

Aren't they just fabulous??? 

Two different species...

One more frilly that the other, and a tighter Flower...

The other....very large...soft Peach...

Just love these!!!

We also had an unexpected visit from The Easter Bunny Herself!!!

How cute is that? 

She arrived with her ears...and a sweet onesie and bunny pants...

Complete with fluffy tail...

And ears on her toes!!!!  

She spent a lot of time with her Auntie Lissa  [my oldest...isn't she beautiful?]

She even let her borrow her Bunny ears!!!

My son's girlfriend Anna...looking on...she was recovering from a bad cold, so didn't want to get too close to Vivian...

She even got a basket of goodies from the "Easter Bunny"...[aka...gramma and grampa!!! ]

She had some mashed potatoes with gravy...

And some roasted Yam...

She loves Yams!!! 

We had a great day...

Vivian enjoyed herself immensely!!

Good food....

Great Family....

Great memories of Vivian's First Easter with all of us!!!  

    Enjoy this Easter Sunday...

      We are home from our sleepover at the lake.....BRRRRRRR!!!!!

               Will fill you in later...:o)

       On the menu tonight...

        LEFTOVERS!!!!!   YAY!!!!!

                         Cheers!  :o)


  1. has there ever been a more cherished little easter bunny!
    so glad a great time was had by all.
    love the pictures.
    you did good cc girl. you did good.

  2. Thanks Tammy...We had a great time...Vivian was an angel...with bunny ears!!hahaha!
    But...I tell 'ya...I was pooped!!

  3. Awww! Babies are a wonderful reason to celebrate Easter!


    I am waiting for the Nuthatch to come back. If I can get a hold of her I will tie a message to her foot for you.

    1. OK....I'll do the same!! hahaha!!!

  4. Gorgeous flowers and baby girl! Vivian is so adorable. I'm glad you had a nice Easter!

    1. Thanks Jennifer...hopefully you did as well!!

  5. Looks like lots of fun! I'm just loving the soft pink of those geberas!

    we're having leftovers, too! Best part of the holidays! :)

    1. I know!!!! Aren't they gorgeous!!!
      We had turkey,stuffing,gravy,corn and fries!!!
      I am stuffed!!!

  6. Linda, your little Easter bunny is so adorable! Lucky you to spend time with her. I'm glad you had a great Easter weekend.

    1. Yes....we are lucky...she lives 5 minutes away!!!

  7. Haha so that's what the Eater bunny really looks like. That's so cute. Certainly cuter than my Easter Beaver. I know I'm craaaazy but the beaver-glands-in-vanilla story is true. It's not even forbidden. Ew. I love those flowers, Linda. :)

    1. Yes...this Easter Bunny is are lovely....and yes, blue grumpster you are craaaazy!!! hahaha!

  8. Beautiful blooms. And that is the cutest Easter bunny I've seen, well except for my little cuties.

    Yikes, 3 tries at the word verification ... if it doesn't go through this time, I guess you won't be reading this comment.

    1. Had to put it back on to stop the spam..
      Hope you had a great weekend...

  9. Dear I was sure you had beautiful photos about Easter and of course like always she is soooooo cute love the pictures.
    Im happy you had a wonderful Easter!xo


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