Tuesday, 24 September 2013

A Flurry of Feathery FInches....

While relaxing on the deck last Friday...

I noticed a lot of activity at one of my Finch feeders...

I had put some fresh Nyger seed in, as I  heard the Finches singing, while setting up the sunporch... 

If you look really closely...

Right beside my initials...

To the left...

They are at the feeder...


With my handy dandy ZOOM lens..

I went in for a few close-ups!!!

 Aren't they awesome!!!

I have noticed in previous years...that the Finches go really crazy in the Fall..

I feel privileged to be part of their gaiety!!

And now for a cottage update...

Unfortunately we need a whole new roof...:o(

The one we put on...altho' it is supposed to be a 20 year roof...only lasted 16 years...Not bad , I guess....It has endured a lot of hard weather out there...


We wil probably meet with somebody this weekend, to get the job started...

On a brighter note...

There was a lovely surprise waiting for us.......

My favorite Handyman...got the new ceiling in the sunporch finished!!!

It looks amazing!!!

We settled on a pine...with a very light stain and varathane...

WE    JUST   LOVE   IT!!!

Hope you all had a great day....isn't this lovely weather we are having???

Perhaps tomorrow, I can get outside...and have a peek at the garden...

Spent today, cleaning the house...even a few windows...grocery shopping...and dusting!

My boyfriend is not feeling well...and poor wee Miss V is suffering with tonsillitis!!!!

My daughter Lissa and her husband came for dinner...as my SIL was going to help close the pool, but my boyfriend is not well enough!! :o(
It can wait a few days....

Also....."""Happy Birthday""" to my daughter Erika...

34 years young today...my youngest...:o) 

I visited with her yesterday....and she dropped in today with Miss V...


On the menu tonight...

Grilled Sea Bass...with Olive oil,S&P,lemon juice and a slice of lemon...

I did them in a foil packet...GLUTEN-FREE of course!!!

                        Home fries and fresh green & yellow beans...

Enjoy the rest of your evening!!

                               Cheers!  :o)


  1. Replies
    1. Oh yes...we LOVE it!!
      Fits right into the decor...

  2. Gorgeous ceiling!!!

    Sorry for the sick ones....hope they feel better soon!

    Love the finches! Had to laugh...it's like a drive-in and all the spots are taken!

    1. Ha!
      They were very vocal as well...sometimes I think they mate in the Fall...
      Actually...the seagulls were very noisy as well!!

  3. I think I love your cottage. One day I am going to take a long drive and find you out there.
    Maybe I should fill up my finch feeder again too.
    And finally, Happy Birthday to Erika!

    1. I bet you will do that!
      Perhaps that should go on your list!!!
      Fill up that feeder...they are crazy!! I even heard them here today!

  4. Happy birthday to your daughter! Your ceiling looks gorgeous. Good luck with the new roof. I have a few finches from time to time, I just love seeing their bright color.

    1. They certainly have a way of cheering you up,eh?
      So bright and cheerful!

  5. The goldfinches have been feeding at the nyger seed feeder for the last month. They fight and squawk and chase each other off. Fun to watch right outside my kitchen window. That's too bad you have to get a new roof. I like the inside roof of your screen porch. It looks really nice. I'm off to bed. Good night.

    1. Well then...goodnight to you as well!!!

  6. The finches are gorgeous! How wonderful to have them visit your garden.

  7. Yikes a new roof ... bet that wasn't in the plans. The sunroom roof looks very nice and finishes that room off beautifully.
    The finches are having a party at our feeders too and you can start to see the dulling down of the feathers for the winter.
    Hope that Vivian is on the mend soon and how nice of her to share it with Grandpa.
    It is the start of a gorgeous day here, got some more work to do in the front garden.

    1. Nope...it sure wasn't! But...you gotta do what you gotta do!!!

  8. I just love to sit outside and watch the Finches. You got some really good shots, Linda. They are so entertaining. I could gaze all day but of course, I can't. I'll switch with you. You go outside and watch, while I finally tend to some Fall cleaning in the house, lol...

    I'm still working on getting a new roof. Too bad about yours. That's one thing I've been questioning, the guarantee. Seems to me 20 years should be at least 20 years. Oh my:)

    The ceiling is way cool. I LOVE it as I'm sure you do too.

    Thanks for sharing, Linda. Grilled Sea Bass sounds mighty good for dinner! I bet it was delicious!

    1. Apparently not!!! But...it does sit all winter, with no heat and very harsh weather...so...another task to be done!
      The Sea Bass was scrumptious!!

  9. How come I've never read your blog before?! I love the way you write and tell your story, a woman after my own heart! Shame about the roof. I used to live in a thatched cottage and was told they last for 50 years, it certainly did! I love the ceiling too. Great photos. xx

  10. What a lovely flurry of fluffy feathery finches - sorry, I couldn't help myself!! Sorry about the roof, I have to say if they sold you a 20 year roof and it has only been 16 they should honour that guarantee. What do I know though! I am cross and upset on your behalf. Hope that your sickies are feeling better by now. xxx


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