Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"Falling" Back...On A Few Favorites....

I am still feeling "pooped" from the weekend...
With the wedding, and watching Miss V for 2 days...I am tired!!
What I have presented today...
Are a few of my favorite past Fall photos...
Perhaps my new "peeps" have not seen them...
 For those of you who have...
I hope you enjoy them the second time around!!!
Most are from the cottage...but a few from home...

Had a very busy day today...
Grocery shopping...laundry...
Made chicken soup...another perk from the slow-cooked chicken!!
Cleaned up...a wee bit...in the yard..
Got a few plants ready for joining us inside...if the need be!!
We have not had any frost here yet...thank goodness!!
Supposed to warm up again this weekend..
High humidity on Thursday and Friday...
That is just fine with me...
This little cool weather break has been kind of nice...
I am not ready to be forced inside just yet! 

What are you doing these last few days of Summer??


Hope you all had a great day!!

On the menu tonight...

       Roasted Pork Chops in Panko and Dry Onion Soup Mix...
          Scalloped Potatoes...
             Zucchini and Parmesan cheese...

My son will be joining us this evening... :o)


As you have all been asking..
Here is a picture of my Niece Tara and her beautiful daughter Alexandra...
It was a HUGE wedding...and a wonderful time...
No pictures of my family and I...just didn't happen...

Left to right...The Groom, Michael...

The Bride Alexandra...

Mother of the Bride...

My beautiful Niece, Tara..

Aren't they just like twins??!!

She was a flower girl...along with her younger sister...in my wedding..

                           All those 41 years ago!!

                                 Cheers!  :o)



  1. More beauties! You take such great closeup photos. Love the setting sun on the reeds by the water and the pink daisies (?). What a beautiful bride. And yes, she and her mother look alike! We had our first frost last night and a risk again tonight but it was a glorious day and we are getting more of them until Sunday. I don't mind this kind of weather at all.

    1. Those are Mums!!! Thanks Pam...I do like close-ups!
      Oh no...frost??? Nothing here yet...fingers crossed for a nice weekend!

  2. Wow Linda, your niece and her daughter do look like twins, you are right. Lovely to see some of your "old" pics, sometimes it is good to have a look back and compare to how things are now isn't it. The little gnome in the hosta looks like he is a happy chap! Hope that he behaves himself. Hope you are enjoying relaxing after your busy busy busy!!! Amy xx

    1. I have had that gnome for 15 years!!!
      I have some pics of him under the Hosta in full bloom...looks like he is hiding under there!
      My niece and her daughter are both very beautiful!!

  3. And all at once it is Fall. Thanks for the reminder about bringing in plants. My daughter gave me an azalea for Mother's day and I don't want the frost getting it.

    1. Not yet!!! But I enjoyed picking out the older photos...
      Yes...get that Azalea inside!!!

  4. I'm glad I got to see some of your old pics. Your niece and her daughter do look just alike, both beautiful.

  5. I love ornamental cabbage -- its brilliant colour adds such a splash to autumn flower beds! And on a different note -- love the bride's feather "veil" too -- very sophisticated!

    1. I am going to look for a cabbage soon...don't want to rush the fall decor!!!
      Her veil was very interesting...I had never seen anything like that before!

  6. I was hoping to see a wedding picture! Lovely!

    1. You're welcome....glad to oblige!!

  7. Beautiful wedding picture! Lovely photos, as always!

    1. I only took a few shots...this was outside the church...I zoomed in!!

  8. The beach stones and fallen leaf just may be my favorite photo. I might have to put "hit the beach" on my list of fall to-dos.

    The wedding photo is lovely also.


  9. Thanks Martha...glad to have you back!!
    You liked that photo the first time around...as I remember!!

    1. At least I'm consistent. :)

      I am glad to be back.


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