Thursday, 19 September 2013

If Only Today Were As Pleasant As Yesterday....


My friend D came for a cup of tea...

She brought her own lunch...

As she says. she has been eating all summer...

And needs to lose some weight!!


She is a fitness instructor..

Tall and lean...

NO reason to lose weight!!!

We usually have one of my banana-blueberry loaves...

BUt..she said...NO!

Allright already...relax!


She brought a spinach salad...

And I had some chicken salad...

Made from that slow-cooked chicken the other night...{gosh...that was a great idea}

And a 1/2 sliced tomato...

Along with a cup of tea.....and  nice big glass of ice water with a lemon slice...

She did agree to some strawberries....raspberries...bananas...and no-fat vanilla yogurt...

Topped off with one of Miss V's Arrowroot cookies! 

We chatted from 12:30 'til 3:30!!!

Non-stop gab fest...mostly me...of course!!! I don't get out much! hahaha!

It was a lovely relaxing day...sitting in the sun in the kitchen...

 Ahhhhhhhh...that was so nice and relaxing...

Whereas today...

Guess where I went AGAIN?!


Drove to the better one...guess what???

"We should be getting that chunky wool in very soon....perhaps tomorrow"

 I was so disappointed...but I did pick up a couple of other things...

I got some white cotton 4 crochet a pillow...will share shortly!! 

SO......I drove over to MY I had some pictures printed...

And I happened to go back to the wool aisle there...and...

Lo...and....Behold....they had a scruffy ball of the Chunky that I was looking 

for!!!! Looks like some body had opened the bag...they had the regular price 

on it...sooooooo...I found the Mgr of that dept...and got it reduced to 1/2 

price!!!                       YAY!!!!!!!!!!

I can now finish the afghan...and I have enough of other stuff to do a nice edging......

                          WHAT A DAY!!!!!!!!
 The best part, was when I picked up Miss V...and brought her for a visit with Nana and Papa...{that is what she calls us!!!}

Got this shot of the Harvest Moon last night.....Fantastic,eh??


Hope you all had a great day...

How do you like my new header???

Started out cloudy and damp...the sun came out around 3pm...

Turned into a beautiful day!

On the menu tonight...

          Summer fresh pasta...Ceasar Salad....Fresh Bread...

Enjoy the rest of your evening....

                                  Cheers!   :o)


  1. You had a really great day Linda. Your lunch looks yummy and healthy. Love the little cat and pumpkin salt and pepper shakers. And your header photo is gorgeous by the way! Glad you found your yarn. A good day all around. The moon rise and sunset were very pretty tonight. Did you catch it?

    1. I have S&P for every occasion!!!
      I do like the header myself...I have to do a post on those Hydrangeas, that I "borrowed" from the office building! ha!
      Sorry I missed the sunset and moon at the same time...must have been doing this post!!

  2. LOVE the new header! So bright and cheery!
    What a lovely lunch we had, didn't we? So nice to have a nice long chat, without any interruptions! Thanks for the yummy low fat dessert. It was delish, as always!

    1. was nice...thoroughly enjoyed it!
      Sorry if I talked too much! are such a good listener!

  3. Glad you scored half-price wool -- way to go!

    1. I'll tell you Debra...when I am on a mission...LOOK OUT!!!!

  4. Your yesterday sounds perfect! I can't wait until I can come and listen to you gab. :0)

    Good job with the sheep shearing!

    1. How nice of you to say that...:o)

  5. Your lunch looks delicious and it must have been so nice to see your friend. You made me laugh, alright already...relax! HA!!! You're hilarious. Oh, it does snow here, it actually gets very cold in the winter. We've had days that didn't get over zero degrees! I think we have all the worst of every world here! :P

    1. was a lovely chat fest!!!
      We have days when it doesn't get over -25!!!
      I think your world is beautiful!

  6. Nothing better than a good old fashioned gab fest!!! So glad you got the yarn to finish! Love the new header!!
    xo Kris

    1. Yes.....yes.....and thanks!
      thinking of you this weekend!

  7. I love your new header! :-)

    Nana and Papa is so nice. It is much more hip than Grandma and Grandpa. That is for old people, which you are not.

    1. Oh....we're old, Birdie.....believe me...WE ARE OLD!!! hahaha!
      But...we think we are young! ha!

  8. So much to say!! Love the moon, the half price wool, the lunch, the little china pumpkin. Really really love the new header though and all the hydrangea pics - and I need to know what this is about "borrowing" them from the office building!!! Have a great weekend. Amy xx

    1. That is the pepper to the cat's salt!!! My halloween S&P's!!
      Watch for a future post!!!

  9. Good news you finally got the yarn ... and a reduced price. My theory is it never hurts to ask as the worst they can say is no.
    The moon has been awesome this week ... so many photos. I'm sure my computer memory is overloaded with photos. If I didn't have such a slow internet connection I'd use icloud. But I must be happy with what I have :)

    1. Absolutely,Linda...
      The moon was awesome...I just hope we can see it tonight at the lake!!!
      Enjoy your weekend!


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