Friday, 20 September 2013

Presenting.......The Furry Acrobat!!

The other morning..

I was admiring my Miscanthus grass from inside my kitchen...

This is only it's second year...

And it is performing wonderfully...

I have a secret passion for growing grasses...

I even cut tall stalks from my cottage grasses...

To bring home, for the winter season...

To decorate the yard...

I am just a sucker for those big plumes!!! 

Do you grow any large grasses in your garden?

The cottage ones are HUGE...

Tall and silky... 


While daydreaming about Grasses...

Something Furry entered my sightline...

I had put a handful of bird seed into the feeder...

And of course...

Within what seemed like seconds...

The Furry Acrobat appeared...

He put on quite a show for me..

Stnding in my housecoat...

In the kitchen!!!

"Thanks Linda....nice housecoat!!!"



I hope you are all having a great day....

We are off to the cottage...

Enjoy your weekend....see you all later!

                                  Cheers!  :o)


  1. Cute! I love to watch squirrels. We don't have very many of them here so it's a fun treat to see one in the yard. We have some grasses too, mostly hair-type grass and another type I don't know the name of, it's short and clumpy.

    1. I will gladly send you some!!!
      They can be so annoying!
      Empty the feeders in 5 minutes!
      Love grasses!!

  2. Loving the miscanthus Linda, and this little furry fellow looks as though he is much nicer than the ones at the cottage!!

    1. I am becoming very suspicious of WHO is actually eating all my melons...
      There is a small dog...that has access to our beach...and I am beginning to wonder if he is the culprit! I think a raccoon would eat the whole thing, not just take bites out of them!!!

    2. Well in that case I think that doggy is going to be in big trouble when you catch him!!!!!

  3. The only tall grass we grew this year, aside from when the lawn mower conked out, was corn, but I do find them lovely. Maybe I'll grow some tall grass next year.

    1. They will be on sale soon...I like to plant in the Fall...ground is easier to work with..

  4. Replies
    1. Very fine....indeed!
      It would make a great hat!!! hahaha!

  5. Oh those squirrels sure are great acrobats! They'll try anything for food. Enjoy your weekend at the cottage!

    1. Tried...came home...torrential rain...and a big DRIP above OUR bed!!!
      More $ to fix that......

  6. We don't have squirrels here and I haven't seen Miscanthus either. I would love to view this scene from my kitchen...I'd probably stand there all day. Have a wonderful Friday!

    1. Thanks Cutie!
      You are lucky there are no squirrels!!!

  7. Those little acrobats put on quite the show don't they ... great for us that love to take photos.
    Enjoy the cottage. Weather is glorious today ... maybe rain overnight and tomorrow.
    My grasses didn't do too well this year, we just put in a year ago and they look rather spindly (if there is such a word). Hoping for better results next year.

    1. Came home it was pouring...and our roof is leaking!!!
      The never-ending story....
      The grasses will be bigger and better next year...

  8. LOVE grasses, but alas, don't have enough sun in my backyard to grow them. I do enjoy seeing them in other peoples yards, though. Yours are lovely!

    1. No sun at the front???
      They don't have to go in the back...they would look lovely thru your living room window!
      Probably 1/2 price right now!

  9. We have grasses! I'm amazed at how tall they grow in one season!

    that squirrel is hilarious...good grief!

    1. I know...the hardest part, is chopping them down in the spring...a very big task...but....well worth the effort!

  10. I don't have any grasses but next year we are going to plant purple fountain grass.

    Did you name the squirrel?

    1. Fountain grass is an annual...Miscanthus and such are perennials...
      I have 2 fountain grass here at the front...and 2 at the cottage for the sunporch...
      Yes I did....The Ungrateful Bastard!!! hahaha!

  11. Love my grasses and LOVE your grasses too, Linda. There's just something about the whole "dancing in the wind" thing that intrigues me. As for your furry acrobat, I much rather watch someone else's because me and those furry acrobats do not get along. (they like to "play" too much in the garden:)

    Thank you so much for sharing, Linda...


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