Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Feast Your Eyes On These Beauties!!!

Every Fall...

I visit a small office complex...

And "Borrow"...

A "Few" Hydrangea blooms...

From their surrounding gardens...

I made my annual trek...

About 2 weeks ago...

They are so beautiful...

I used one of my pics...

For my new header...

I cut enough...

For a lot of decorating...

I fill with water for a couple of weeks...

And then I just let them air-dry..

Still in their receptacles...

This year...

I got them when there were still some Pink ones...

Mixed amongst the green ones...



I do believe I see another header or 2 in there!!!


Hope you are all having a great day...

Finally got my jam made today...will share later..{pics...not the actual jam!!!haha}

I have some chicken marinating in buttermilk...and I have everything ready to slap another blueberry-buttermilk breakfast cake into the oven...

Still some under-the-weather going on...hope I don't get it!

Enjoy the rest of your day....and evening...another gorgeous day!!

                                 Cheers!  :o)


  1. Might of known you would be like me and 'borrow' blooms or seed pods from public places.
    Nice arrangements.

    1. i feel it is my duty, a dedicated gardener!! hahaha!

  2. Lovely arrangements and photos . Our Hydrangeas bit the dust early this year ! Home made jam YUMMY and blueberry buttermilk breakfast cake that sounds delish we love blueberry anything here lol . The weather has been wonderful , sunny and warm with cool breezes in the day and refreshingly chilly in the evenings , nights and mornings I love this time of year . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

    1. You can find recipes in my search bar, Elaine...
      The blueberry buttermilk cake is AWESOME!!!

  3. Tish,Tish, taking other peoples blooms. They are gorgeous! There is a flu bug going around hope you don't get it.

    1. Just keeping things trimmed and tidy,Linda...{wink,wink} ha!

  4. The hydrangeas are gorgeous. I love the green ones. I can't wait to hear all about your jam! :)

    1. Have to get that post together...did one last can check out!

  5. Looks beautiful and so full! I'd like to borrow some pretty flowers for my home too. Have a g.reat day

  6. You always make everything look so pretty.

    1. And you...always say the nicest things!

  7. Don't get sick, don't get sick!!
    The hydrangea blooms are beautiful and I still can't believe you take them in broad daylight!! Next time, take some for me, wouldja?!

    1. I have a sore throat...but you know me...the martyr...
      Next year, you can join me in the thievery!!! hahaha!
      There are still LOTS there....hmmmmmmm

  8. Call me when you and Devon are arrested, secateurs in hand. I wonder how much it will take to bail you both out of the clink! I think about you every time I pass that hedge. Actually, I could be convinced to "keep quiet" if you also got me some :)

    1. How about you drive the get-away car?!
      We could be Thelma and Louise and Miss Leslie...

  9. I'm behind today so you get a twofer. These hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous! What a colour they are! And your peach jam and blueberry cake looks so yummy. There. A twofer. :) Have a great weekend. We're off to the Maine coast. :) We'll both be seeing water.

  10. Aha, so that is where they were "borrowed" from! They are beautiful and I am sure that you will appreciate them more than the office walls will!!


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