Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Another Thanksgiving For The Archives.....

 Table set the day before...

I always like to do that...

Gives me time to switch things up...

If I am not happy with the way it looks...

Had wanted Orange flowers...

But...was not to be!


Roast Turkey

Mashed parsnips and potatoes with goats cheese


Root vegetable roast
  pink turnips
  small round potatoes
  brussel sprouts

  gluten free gravy

  gluten free apple pie

 Went with very simple decor...

A few white pumpkins...

My giant Acorn from last year...


Of course...

My wee birds♥️

 My 3 BIG kids had a ball on our bed with Miss V!!!

Playing "Night Night"...so cute! 


I was told to serve myself first...

so I did.....

But was quickly joined by the others! 


 We ate early this year...so it was still light! Nice for a change! All ready for dessert!

And the next morning...

All the clean dishes put away...

Placemats and napkins in the wash...

Fall table all set for a few more weeks!!

Hope you all had a great Holiday weekend...

This week is shaping up to be pretty busy already!

And the weather....YIKES!...kinda humid...dull...spitting rain...and rain tomorrow too!!

Thought I would get out in the garden today...

Opted for some indoor chores instead...

Turkey soup is bubbling away on the stove...smells heavenly!!

Think we'll have some spaghetti tonight...took some sauce out of the freezer...

Caesar Salad along with that...sounds good!!!

How's the weather...and what's cooking in your kitchen???

Enjoy the rest of your day...

              Cheers!  :o)


  1. I LOVE the giant acorn! Cooking tonight? Cashew and mushroom roast,baked potato,cauliflower in mustard and veganaise sauce,and 'yet to be decided' additional veg.
    Jane x

    1. Cool,eh?
      Oh...sounds very interesting, Jane
      I must ask everyday!

  2. Your dining-room table looks divine. I love photos of family dinners. And would you look at those place-mats...:)) You have such a beautiful home, Linda. Dinner here tonight is veggie lasagna, garlic bread and a kale salad. Hugs, Deb

    1. Thanks Deb.....like you, I love to set the table!
      The placemats are OLD.....first time for Thanksgiving....thought they looked good!
      Oh....yummy....Bon appetite!

  3. You dinner table looks lovely!
    I got "oh so much closer" to a Canadian Thanksgiving this year. The invitation to eat with James' cousin in Niagara Falls was so tempting. If only we'd not already had so much time off and needed a roof portion put on. |
    I couldn't get it out of my mind that yesterday was not Saturday. I wanted it to be Saturday all day long and long into the night. I think perhaps I have a very bad case of "brain fog".
    Next year. Maybe next year I will get my Canadian Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Martha!
      You'll get there next year....for sure!
      Enjoy your newest grandson♥️

  4. Such a welcoming home and a beautiful table setting. Looks like everyone enjoyed the day. Love the acorn - how cute is that?! Also those colourful veggies look divine - and autumnal to boot. I have no appetite yet, but these photos are helping. xx

    1. Thanks Suza....we do have fun!
      Glad you are feeling a bit better....on the mend!

  5. It is just clouding over now with rain moving in later on. It was a wonderful day, warm, a bit muggy but I got the hosta leaves all cut off and the bits of the garden underneath show where I didn't get the mulch down ... not sure if the weather will co-operate for tomorrow on that job. I did a big dish of roasted squash and carrots ... yummy. Daughter did one for Thanksgiving dinner and we really loved it. No turkey soup on the stove yet, but perhaps in a day or so. I love that big acorn.

    1. Well...you sure got a lot done! Bravo!
      Oh...I love it too!

  6. Great for you to have all the family with you for Thanksgiving . . .
    wonderful food ~ love those veggies ~ . . . . :)

    1. Hi Eddie....
      It was a pretty good day....good food....loved ones!
      Can't get much better,eh?
      How is Peter?

    2. Yes, I had the entire family with me a week earlier for my birthday which was the best birthday pressie I could wish for . . .

      Peter very well thanks . . . they dropped in to see me over the weekend and the dear little chap was trying his hardest to say Grandpa . . . :)

    3. Papa is much easier to say♥️

    4. Maybe I shall start teaching him Papa tomorrow (Thursday) . . . . he arrives at 7.15am . . . gosh that is early!! As a good bloggy Southern lady pal says often, "Lordy, Bless My Sanity!" . . . . lol

    5. We always said Grampa to Miss V...but she was determined to call him Papa!
      Even now...she is talking a blue streak...she still refuses the Grampa!!
      Funny, eh?
      I am having Miss V again tomorrow...for a sleepover!

  7. Your dining table looks lovely and so does that bowl of roasted vegetables! We ate early too, about 4:45, but I lit the candles anyway. We had to pull the blind down a bit as the sun was shining in too brightly. Hard on the eyes. It was a gorgeous warm day, as was today and as will be tomorrow. 24 for tomorrow?! I don't mind. Your rain is coming to us on Thursday and Friday. Lots of it. I will be making turkey casserole to freeze and soup to freeze. And we'll be eating turkey as well. xx Pam

    1. My dining room faces West...so...as you can see....it was pretty bright!
      The veggies were delish!
      Not so great here today.....or tomorrow!
      Love Turkey!

  8. Sounds like a wonderful day! Your table is so pretty, the flowers might not have been orange, but they are beautiful as was (and still is!) everything else. The little birds look as though they are going to go for the pumpkin on your white table, or perhaps they are just wondering what on earth it is!! Glad that you had such a great time together. xx

    1. Hi Amy.....I do love to decorate the table for different festivities!
      Just as you like to decorate your mantel!
      The birds do look ready to "peck" don't they? Hahaha!

  9. Dinner sounds fabulous! Veggies are gorgeous. No leftovers the next day? We usually eat leftovers about 3 days. haha...then something italian, which tastes great by then. lol...

    1. Oh yes...of course!
      Sent some home with Lissa & Jeff....and the boyfriend and I had it last night!
      I had a turkey/tomato/mayo sandwich for lunch...
      And....a nice pot of soup!
      And.....we had Italian tonight!

  10. All look lovely ! And what is making miss V in the bed:))))

    1. She is playing "nighty night" with her aunt and uncle!
      She loves you to lay down and she covers you with the blanket!

  11. Love your creativity! Looks like you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving, so glad for you. Finally caught up with the S. Common ladies at coffee this morning. I didn't cook dinner, met some old friends in Toronto for dinner at Il Fornello, had veggie pizza...yumm. The boyfriend fended for himself at home. :) Have a good week.

    1. You certainly are the social butterfly!
      Perhaps I can force myself to do something for myself next week!

  12. Linda..could you give us the instructions for that great looking roasted veggie dish you made. It looks scrumpdillyishus.

    1. Sure!
      Yams,small pink/white turnips,potatoes,brussel sprouts.....and onions if you like
      Cut into uniform pieces...Brussels in half....olive oil....sea salt....freshly ground black pepper....a sprinkle of oregano....toss.....roast for about 45 minutes or until crispy!
      Very delicious.....you can add carrots as well....I had done them seperately as I love the water for my gravy.....enjoy!

    2. Thanks Linda. I made it tonight with white turnip, carrots, brussel sprouts, onion and potatoes. It was great with somosas and steamed yellow and green beans.

  13. It all looks absolutely beautiful. How on earth do you keep that sofa so white??? xx

    1. Ha!
      We only sit in there on Christmas! Hahaha!

  14. Your dining table is lovely and I love the picture of your family seated around it. That is the best way to celebrate Thanksgiving. Your tablescape is so nice and I just love that big acorn. So cute!

    For dinner tonight I am having a ham steak, sweet potatoes and green beans. I have coconut custard pie waiting to be finished up for dessert. Your Thanksgiving meal sounds so good!!!

    1. Gee thanks Kathy....I do love to set a nice table...always have!
      Your dinner sounds perfectly wonderful...yum!

  15. You set a beautiful table! Glad your Thanksgiving was so joyful and delicious!

    1. Thanks Debra....hope yours was good!

  16. Your table setting is gorgeous! Can't say I did the same...although it was cozy with the family visiting from out of town. But the food was great! The company was even better :) Happy day to ya, Linda!

    1. It's just me Martha....part of me always wants to fuss with things...I am sure yours was excellent as well...happy day to you too!!


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