Monday, 6 October 2014

Wet & Windy Weather.....

This is what greeted us at the cottage last Friday...YIKES!

It had been sunny all the way there...

But...that soon came to an end...

I went right down to the beach to get a few shots of the waves...

The wind was gusting to 50kmhs/hr....VERY WINDY INDEED!

There was no outside time at all...

The weatherman promised it would be sunny and warm til at least 7pm...

But...guess what???  HE WAS WRONG.....AGAIN!

My boyfriend was good enough to chop some wood up...

I got the kindling all together...and ready on the kitchen porch... started to about 1:30pm....way ahead of schedule!



 At this point...we headed for we had a few boxes to drop at our favorite thrift...

We picked up a few new things as well!! know how it is...once you get inside the thrift shop...

You HAVE to buy something!!

We returned to the cottage around 4pm...still raining...and blustery...

After we got settled in...

Dinner in the oven...

Our handyman Lloyd dropped by...

To chat about the new furnace...YAY!

So.....we had a beer with him...hahaha!

While watching the evening news...

Around 6:15...

I spied something out the that the SUN????? was!!!

Boyfriend went out for a closer look...but still windy...and too darn wet to sit out...  :o(


And just look at that happy sunset...

Who would have imagined the day would end so nicely...

But...alas...the rain returned all night...and into the morning....


Next morning was really foggy....damp...dark...windy...rainy...

We actually slept quite late...

Had a bagel and cream cheese...

Got cleaned up...

And left for home around 3:30...

It was chilly...

So glad I packed a warm sweater...

My nice white scarf...


Of course...

My smile... :o)

There will be many more weekends at the cottage this Fall...

I am sure of that!

Hope you all had a great day....some sun...some cloud...some rain...

Managed to squeeze a walk in...and a visit with Miss V...

Man oh man....she loves my cake and berries ♥️

Think it will be breakfast for dinner tonight...

Scrambled egg whites...fried ham...home fries with green onion and red pepper...

Enjoy the rest of your day...

How was your Monday?    Good??   Excellent.....

                           Cheers!  :o)


  1. The weekend was a bit of a wet kipper wasn't it (don't worry,Eddie will translate!).
    Jane x

    1. He didn't even comment Jane!
      Strange for Eddie......

  2. Yes it was a wet one. Not ready for the cold just yet!

  3. Gosh, that really was wild weather wasn't it!! I hope that your next visit is a little calmer! Great sunset and how lovely that you had the fire going! xx

    1. Nothing like a fire Amy....
      Makes everything ok!

  4. I think we'll be having breakfast for dinner, too...something tasty I can do on the stove.

    I do the exact same thing at the thrift store...drop stuff off and bring stuff home. haha.

    1. Yes...I guess you have been eating out of the freezer for a week!
      Good luck with that!
      Kinda silly eh....later up space....put more stuff in! Ha!

  5. We like having breakfast for supper some times to . It was sunny here for a bit on Sunday and today but mostly rainy and windy I was able to get out yesterday and today and do some garden clean up . Lake Erie is the roughest lakes we have here in Ontario with out high winds lol ! Thanks for sharing lovely photos ! Have a good week !

    1. It was delicious!
      More time for me and my IPad! Hahaha!
      Yes.....Lake Erie is VERY windy......geesh!

  6. Very 'grotty' weather . . . . those waves are amazing for something which is not the sea.
    But loved the sunset shots even though it was not very inviting outside.
    I think it was much nicer being near that lovely open fire - do you like chestnuts?
    Hope the weather is better for you next visit . . . . :)

    1. Wet kipper?
      If that means "crappy".....I get it!
      The sunset was nice....if not brief!
      How was your birthday? Piccies? chestnuts roasting over this open fire....hahaha!

    2. Kept the birthday very low key this year ~ not quite the same without Maria.
      But enjoyed it with the family of course - no piccies though this time.
      Yes . . . I hate the wind (both varieties lol)
      Speak soon . . . . :)
      Yes grotty means crabby.
      Shame about the Chestnuts . . . . lol

    3. I understand....not the same :o(
      CRAPPY. Not crabby.....hahaha!

    4. yes . . . another typo . . . lol

  7. The lake photos say it all .. Windy, wet and chilly. The sunset made up for the day.
    Will a new furnace mean winter visits to the cottage?

    1. Not really we draw our water from the Lake...
      What it will inside......but the water still has to be shut off. :o(
      We sometimes make it into December, as it is warmer down in Niagara....
      Fingers crossed for better weather....

  8. Always fun to keep track of you on your blog. Sweet photo of you in your white scarf, wishing you nicer weather ahead. Not much fun for my Monday, dental visit and car repairs. But there's always a brighter day tomorrow. :)

    1. Oh dear....I dread the dentist!
      You are positive Hester...I like that!

  9. Now that's a different look to the lake!

    1. HI Furry...
      Yes...I think angry sums it up!

  10. It looks very cold there with the waves and wind blowing. We love breakfast for supper. I should buy some bacon.

    1. Yes some bacon!
      We eat peameal bacon, as the other kind isn't good for my boyfriends cholesterol!

  11. Ohhhh, that looks cold!! But how cozy it must have been to be battened down inside with a roaring fire, while the rain fell. So perfect!
    We had breakfast for dinner tonight too. Scrambled eggs with some goodies added, bagel and bacon! Yum.
    Have a great rest of your week Linda!
    xo Kris

    1. Oh you too Kris!
      I am sure you will be as busy as a bee!

  12. So much weather variety, all in one day, Linda. It looks cold and windy, but then it provides some really good photos! I like the sound of the ham and egg supper - yum. :)

    1. It seems everyone loves breakfast for dinner!

  13. even in a storm your photos are breath taking maybe even more so,,,,

  14. Similar weather here Linda but over night which is very nice of it! Love the sea pics. x

    1. Can you believe it is a lake, Rosemary!
      Never a dull moment!

  15. So glad you could smile at the end.
    The weather sure has been fickle. Rains when it's supposed to shine, shines when they call for a day of rain. Not that I mind the shining, mind you.
    I'm ready to go out for an autumn drive.

    1. Ha! Better than crying!
      Today was just as crazy....a mix of everything! Geesh!
      Oh...a drive....lovely♥️

  16. Replies
    1. All in a days work.....

    2. Today was a perfect day for outside photos so I took a bunch of fall produce shots. Tomorrow I'll crop them but boy, it was nice outside today.

      Hope you have a great one.

    3. Crappy here....glad you had a nice day!
      Look forward to your photos!

  17. Love a choppy, wild lake. Lots of drama! And I love brekkie for dinner too. Easy and comforting.

  18. We both like a lot of the same things!


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