Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Thanksgiving Dinner.....In A Soup Bowl....Yummy...

After the Thanksgiving meal...

After the leftovers for dinner the next night...

After the Turkey/Tomato sandwiches...

There is only one thing to have...

MY delightful take on turkey soup...

I use my leftover gravy...

Leftover carrots...

Frozen mixed veggies...

Chopped celery...

Chunks of leftover turkey...

Leftover veggie broth and chicken broth...

A bay leaf...

A handful of rice...


And VOILA!!!!


                               Thanksgiving Dinner in a Soup Bowl....

                                      For Lunch!!!

                                        It was delicious!!!


Hope you all had a great day...

Same crummy weather here....damp...dark...dribbly...YUCK!

I did get out to the yard...took a few pics...

Sure hope the sun comes out.....SOON!

My boyfriend and I are having Cajun Catfish on the BBQ...

                                             French fries...brocolli...brussel sprouts

                  So........Fish & Chips!....sort of...

                     What's cookin' at your place?

Enjoy the rest of your day...oh...before I forget...I can't believe I have 98 followers!!!

Some of them have never left a comment...not like you sweet peeps♥️

But.....I guess some are too shy....or just like to look...that's fine! each their own!!

                        Cheers!  :o)
                          linda friend DEB over at JUST CATS, asked for the lowdown on my root vegetable roast...
I added it to her comment on the previous post...if you are interested!   see 'ya!


  1. That Thanksgiving meal looks absolutely divine . . .
    You do feed them well Linda . . . :)
    Crummy weather here too . . .

  2. Hi Eddie.....
    You know this was soup made from leftovers.......right?
    Of course you do......
    Hopefully some sun....but doesn't look good....
    Enjoy tomorrow with young Peter....
    When are you going to post again?

    1. I have posted . . . . get your glasses on lass!! . . something wrong with blogger . . . it does not show your latest post and I don't think it heralds the existence of mine either in places . . . . lol

    2. I have been.....and commented......good? Hahaha!

    3. Yes . . .thanks
      Little Peter was amazing all day ~ so lively and happy and greedy and inquisitive.
      He was squealing with joy and the dear little lad was cuddled to sleep in 2 minutes flat ~ grandpa has not lost any baby techniques . . . lol
      He might say Papa soon ~ he is really trying . . .but 4 dirty nappies ~ that's pushing it a bit . . . lol

    4. Awesome!
      We also had a great day with Miss V...
      Went for a long walk/ride on her "bike"...gathered!
      The sun actually came out!...for a while...
      Just gonna put dinner on..
      Enjoy your evening...

  3. Now that is a hardy soup. It looks just like the way my mom made it many moons ago. She did the same, added most of the meal to it. It was unforgettable, too. Bay leaves always add some class to any dish.

    1. You mean the Basil?
      That was for the photo shoot! Hahaha!
      My Mom used to boil the carcass! Not gonna do that.....ever!

    2. Oh, ya...the basil. I like to use them just to fancy up a dish. Now that you mentioned it, I remember the carcass boiling for the soup, too. Ewwwww...I've never done that either. It was amazing soup, though.

    3. Yes it sure was.....I do remember those days.....I think the carcass was then strained....ewwwwww!
      Mom used the "Inerds" too.....I was NEVER an organ eater......ewwwwww!

  4. Your soup is making me drool. ha ha!
    Turkey soup always comes after Thanksgiving here too.
    My carcass goes directly into the crock pot after dinner.

    1. My turkey carcass, that is.

    2. Oh you are hilarious it!
      No carcass cooking going on over here.....
      How is the new wee one?♥️

  5. Bad, bad, bad, me, I missed your Thanksgiving!!! Oh where oh where have I been?

    Your Thanksgiving in a bowl looks indiscribably good Linda. I'm sure it was delicious!!!

    1. Hi ~~Louise~~....
      Yes it sure was....
      Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Your turkey soup looks delicious. Our sun is gone for a couple of days so 'your' rain can move in. Maybe there will be sunshine for you tomorrow? Hugs. Pam

    1. sun tomorrow :o(.....maybe Friday?

  7. Same weather here...great soup weather, although I'd love to see some sunshine! Your soup looks so hearty and yummy!

  8. great minds think alike, I made almost the same soup!!

  9. Delicious! Warms the cockles of your heart, as they say. I could use some right now - so grey/green today. Weirdest colour outside.

    1. Will send you some!
      Yes indeedy....crazy awful weather....some bare trees....some full of leaves!

  10. OH! what a gorgeous thanksgiving post i just read. the table the beloved faces... and YUM!
    and now this post with the thanksgiving soup!!!
    and you're not going to believe this from someone like me... you know... the NON cook! LOLOL.
    but i make almost the exact soup. only i don't use rice. don't like rice so much.
    but everything else ... the same! and YES! it's so super easy and delicious!!! xoxo♥

    1. Delicious...with or without rice!

  11. that looks really yummy and so easy :)

  12. I love, love, love turkey soup and make as much as I can and freeze batches for later. Yours looks so delicious

  13. That is a great way to use up your leftovers. Since I am never home for Thanksgiving I never have leftovers. AND I hate turkey so never eat it. But I think I will do it with my next chicken dinner. YUM! The catfish sounds good too. Since it is my late night at work I am making chicken salad before I go in and have sandwiches for dinner.

    1. Really? Hate turkey? I find that surprising Kathy....
      Works great with chicken too....

  14. We've done the very same thing - turkey, then leftovers, then more leftovers, then sandwiches, then soup! Ah, Thanksgiving!

  15. 98 followers, oh, my goodness. Well, maybe it's a positive thing that not all comment because you would be spending lots more time replying. Because you're kind enough to write well thought out comments. Okay, that's enough with the compliments. �� Love your soup photos and the recipe. Have a nice Thursday and take care...

    1. Hi Hester....
      I do try and comment...that is the best part! Get a conversation going! Cause you know how I love to talk!
      Thanks for being one of my faithful followers.....and commenters!
      You are a follower....right? hahaha!

  16. Oh that soup look delicious. I'm making soup tomorrow, but it won't be left over Turkey until our Thanksgiving. Making chicken noodle veggie.
    So nice to be home....I'm touched you missed me.!!


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